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  1. I haven't done to much on the car the last few days but I was able to get the roll cage almost done
  2. I was going back and forth with the style of the rims I found a set for a Acura kit but then I wanted deeper so I took the rim and cut the face of it off with the hobby saw and glued the face to the back of the rim it also give the illusion of a wider wheel
  3. Sorry that the picture size is getting small I have to copy and past the pictures from photobucket and then past them in the reply
  4. Was Abel to get more of the body done today I have the driver side almost done made a rear spoiler that's now done yet made the rear side window scoops and I put on the door and rocker panel extenders on as well as a front chin spoiler
  5. First I mock up part of the factory suspension to see how high it is then I take a see thru bendable that I shaved the ends down to the first line and see how much I can take out and Mark it on the parts for most of the rear I cut I cut the springs and then on the front I usually shave the mounting points then for another kit that I lowers a 49 mercury I had to cut the inner wheel well then on others you may have to make your own parts for
  6. Thank you i took a look at some pictures online for a good reference then drew it out on the body and took a hobby saw and cut a few lines on it and just carfully pulled it out on the outside of the wheel well if a piece comes off just glue it back on ware it looks good with the rest of the flair
  7. Hi so far I have lowered the car and have the driver side flair done and ready for some filler I plane on making a wide body style body kit for it and a rear spoiler as well the rims are from a honda civic kit that I got from a friend a few years ago I'm also thinking of doing some kind of hood scoop
  8. thank you and i wasn't sure on the taillight panel and did not think to look it up until it was already glued
  9. finished under body and it is finally finished
  10. finished the engine interior is finished scratch built the tack wired the starter when i did a test fit with everything i saw that the cut lines that they want you to use for the rear wheel wells were to big so i cut it off the frame and made my own
  11. ya i think i will use the nitrous set up and make fuel regulators and solenoids
  12. some photos of the motor with the fuel line homemade T fitting and fuel filters the rear axle with homemade rotors and caliper with brake lines as well as the body after bare metal foil, just a mock up of the stance.
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