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  1. RatRod added a post in a topic MPC Stroker McGurk Ghost of America Flying Car Review   

    I only picked up one of these, but grabbed two of the Stroker and his surf rod kits!!! I only think MPC did the three kits with Stroker,  I'm pretty sure the Tall-T was done before the Carl Casper Phone Booth, and is why we won't see it reissued.
  2. RatRod added a post in a topic ´32 Ford 3-window.   

    WOW!!! That rebuild went well!!!
  3. RatRod added a post in a topic MPC Vending Machine   

    I got one last week, it's just the same kit that was reissued by AMT/Ertl years ago, with the exception of chrome plated rear axle parts. I has the correct tires, but only the rears are tampo printed in white. It also has the correct decals.
  4. RatRod added a post in a topic ROUND2 SUPERBUG GASSER/ 57 FORD ISSUE   

    I picked up both of these yesterday, and was a little disappointed that there are no stock VW headlights in the Bug Gasser kit, the instructions say to use the '40 Ford style headlights! Did the original kit have the correct headlights?
  5. RatRod added a post in a topic Greg's decal graphic   

    It was up not to long ago, I was looking at it! Your right, it is down.
  6. RatRod added a post in a topic K&R Kustoms+Rods '32 Cheese Grator   

    Awesome build, and welcome to the forum Wes, and Jon!!!
  7. RatRod added a post in a topic Homebrew Dealer Displays   

    Wow, very cool!!!
  8. RatRod added a post in a topic What options come in the Little Tee ?   

    I built these last year, the red car is a restored original, the other two were built using the newest reissue, and a few original parts, and other parts from various Monogram kits.

  9. RatRod added a post in a topic thank's R-M.   

    I picked up one of these kits  a week ago, and was a little disappointed in it. First it says right on the box "soft tires" but the tires are molded in a very hard vinyl. The other part is this originally  came with three chrome trees, but Revell only seen fit to plate two of the trees, so now with the unplated tree, which includes the forks, several engine pieces, and other "plated" parts, the builder either has to have the tree plated, or will have to strip all the plating, and Alclad everything. The part that gets me, is I was planning on doing a quick weekend build of this kit, but now is going to be a bunch of work. The good part about this kit, is the fact it's only been popped a couple times, and the parts are flash free, and very crisp! I sent Revell a message on their site, but no response!
  10. RatRod added a post in a topic 1/16 Lindberg (Pyro) "The Serpent" T-based Show Rod   

    Funny you mention this!!! Several years back there was a guy from Atlantis models that came to the Coffin Corner 2 forum asking questions about the chassis. He said that they had the molds for the Laramie Stage Ghost body, and all the other Laramie related parts, but not the chassis. Maybe Round 2 needs to contact Atlantis!
  11. RatRod added a post in a topic 1/16 Lindberg (Pyro) "The Serpent" T-based Show Rod   

    These kits are pretty cool, and look like a shrunken 1/8 Monogram T with a few things different. My only complaint is the two piece tires are awful in the Bullhorn T reissue! If Round 2 could at least give us new tires, I'd say bring 'em all back!!!
  12. RatRod added a post in a topic AMT Silhouette Bill Cushenberry   

    Paul is a great long time friend, and his builds are fantastic!!! I have many of these kits, but have never built one, guess I better get busy!!!
  13. RatRod added a post in a topic 4 for 2016   

    Four is more than I did this past year Roger, and all four are gorgeous, beautiful builds!!! 
  14. RatRod added a post in a topic Deal's Wheels "The Baron"   

    Bravo Bob!!! Love this one!
  15. RatRod added a post in a topic Tom McMullen`s: AEE- Big Twin -On The Workbench 11-5-16   

    More very impressive work John!!! My question is why are you using a 1/12 scale front wheel? Do you need a 1/8 wheel & tire?