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  1. RatRod added a post in a topic Revell '57 Ford Gasser   

    I personally don't like this kit at all! Why the wagon, instead of the coupe? The wheel, and tire combo is ridiculous, they look like duplicates of the ones from the '67 Firebird. The fronts look like 13-14", and the rears look like 16-17".....stupid! I know the wheel/tires can be changed, but why? I'm not impressed with the engine options either, C'mon, an injected Y block might have been cool. I'm more into hotrods, vintage drag, and showrods anymore, so to get my money on these kits, it's got to have a "Cool Factor", and this one just doesn't make it.
  2. RatRod added a post in a topic Carl Casper`s : Phonebooth: "On the Workbench" 7-11-16   

    Man, you are an animal when you build John!!! This one is blowing my mind!!!
  3. RatRod added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    AMT's new reissue Lil' Gasser

    Just picked up this new reissue, and I have to say Yayyyyy!!! Round 2 has "New Tooled" the tires!!! This reissue has all new tires that represent the originals in this kit when originally released, the fronts are all new, with a nice tread, and the rears are the exact same size as the original kits had. I compared them with an original set....PERFECT!!! They are tampo'ed on both sides too! The rest of the kit is the same as ever, but has an expanded decal sheet, but R2 says it is an expanded Original sheet, but it's not. It's missing several original decals, like the "Standard" sign, and has been removed from the box art. They have added a cardboard display, and is part of the "Catch the Kat" series.
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  4. RatRod added a post in a topic Monogram 1/8th Scale Drag T   

    I quite honestly love the 1/8 scale kits too, but when they were tooled in 1963, the asking price was a mere $10.98, now they are $104 + new, and grow rapidly as time goes by. These molds are still around, but with the advent of parts packs, some of the "special" parts have been misplaced as per Revell. I ask them all the time on their website! The molds are paid for by a long shot, so why so expensive now?
  5. RatRod added a post in a topic MPC Indianapolis 500 Hall of Fame Set ReRelease question   

    Haven't heard anything about this set being reissued, but I have an original set, so not really worried. The Olsonite Eagle, and STP car w/tractor were reissued 15-20 years ago.
  6. RatRod added a post in a topic Sunbeam Tiger reissue questions   

    I think the tires from the Original Art Piranha would work!!! Those, and a little suspension tweaking would make for a nice little replica!
  7. RatRod added a post in a topic Bob dudek wheels   

    Bob retired some time back.
  8. RatRod added a post in a topic Al Gaby's Golden Rod - Model Car Museum Clone   

    What's not to like?!!! You did great Curt!!!
  9. RatRod added a post in a topic AMT Mod Rod question   

    In the original post about this kit, I did a comparison with an original Mod Rod, and I only seen three parts missing, the grille shell, the clear "bullits" for the grille, and the bed cover. As  Mark mentions above the fender unit was modified in the running board area, and the hump on the cowl has been removed. As a big fan of the original Ala-Kart kit I have every original version of all the kits that have the Ala-kart in them. It's pretty cool that round 2 used the last version of the Mod Rod kit, and the last kit to have the Ala-Kart option. It's kinda sad that R2 didn't see fit to at least go a tad bit further to bring back the last few parts, and fix the body mods, but I was disappointed When the '50 Ford didn't have all the original parts back in it! 
    Update: Today I spent a little more time comparing the new kit, against an original, and found a few more missing pieces. Most, of the A-K side exhaust is missing, I say most because there is about an 1 1/4" of one side still on the tree! The main exhaust is missing a 1/4" section w/ 90 degee bend, and the injectors are gone, the valley cover is still there.   
  10. RatRod added a post in a topic OK, the Revell Model A coupe is on the way, any word on Round2's Model A Roadster ?   

    Picked up one of the Original Art kits yesterday, and did a quick comparison with an original Mod Rod (red version on box side pictured above) I'm surprised at how much of the original Ala-Kart is actually in there!!! I only see that the grille shell, clear insert "bullits" for the grille, and bed cover missing!!! There might be more, but this was a quick look. So close AMT!!! Actually, the body, and fender unit were modified many years ago for the 25th Anniversary issue. Still a great kit to have back.
  11. RatRod added a post in a topic How many Can Am Kits Were There?   

    Can-Am kits are in abundance in 1/43!!!
  12. RatRod added a post in a topic Deuce Days 2016 line up   

    They all look great!!! Can't wait to see more of 'em!!!
  13. RatRod added a post in a topic 1957 Chevy Nomad Custom   

    Great to see a '57 Nomad, that looks so good, that isn't the old Monogram disaster! Great build!!!
  14. RatRod added a post in a topic Deuce Days 2016   

    Great stuff Phil!!! Love this years AMBR!!!
  15. RatRod added a post in a topic Revell T-bone Stake   

    I really wish Revell would repop all five!!!