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  1. Ford Deuce GT

    ... for ten bucks I can design a logo ... or a token cut of the take
  2. LHD Gulf Seven

    ... I just started breathing normally again since the “three-piece odometer reset knob” ... please slow down and never finish this seriously Mark, a big part of this wonderful build is how perfect your scaling is (hence “Scale-Master” I know) ... do you convert every measurement or eyeball some, or a lot? ... like the wiring Is your vector program for decals and parts preset with a scaled template or do you size after? the detailing, execution, design, etc is amazing but I’ve never seen such consistent true scaling ...
  3. Ford Deuce GT

    dam you ... I wanted to fix it before anyone noticed ... i saw the same thing about the two exhausts out the manifold I’ve been using tube for the pipes and gave up trying to bend it ... I ordered rods from plastruct ... the tonneau is another work in progress ... I’d like to master it before I hit the Pocher fiat next season ... I hate the kit version thanks for that “grime” recipe Bruce . the addition of the coffee color and acrylic glazing medium really helped ... I like the look over the kit chrome ... in real life it looks like the old nickel plated cadmium from the era ... and yeah, it makes Carmel color look like leather ...
  4. Ford Deuce GT

    I feel like I woke up with a hangover and something laying next to me that isn’t as good lookin’ as it were a few hours ago ... after looking at my own pics, I can see that exhaust still ain’t right ... I gotta redo ‘em
  5. Ford Deuce GT

    I just spent too much time making a tonneau ... I started with 3 ply plastic painted with acrylic polymer . It looked perfect for a week then started flaking ... then while cleaning the shed, I found a scrap roll of landscape and brainstormed making a sandwich of that and the plastic sheeting using locktite Go2 glue ... it failed, but while tearing it all apart, I found the surface of the fabric with glue to be close to what I wanted ... so I took just the fabric, spread the glue using a credit card, put the glued side down on wax paper and used the credit card to burnish the whole mess down ... I cut size 32 dress pins for the “snaps” ... trimmed ... then dullcoted
  6. LHD Gulf Seven

    Thank you for the pics Mark ... this is like going to school ... ‘cept this time I’m enjoying it !
  7. Ferrari 312T4

    LOL ... so tell us the truth Bruce ... did you run after the squirrel or away from those snakes? im waiting to see how you weather those beautiful pure white exhausts ...
  8. Ferrari 312T4

    I know what ya mean Steve ... I cover up my starts in black cloth and go on to something else ... as dementia sets in so goes the many surprises when I uncover ‘em ... it’s like Christmas morning ...
  9. Pocher Testarossa Renovation & Completion

    Thank you ... maybe I’ll let the valet park my ford wagon next time ...
  10. Ferrari 312T4

    ... good thing I used a pencil ... it took me two tries to get through that maze ! Beautiful job Bruce.
  11. Pocher Testarossa Renovation & Completion

    I agree with Dan ... maybe cord of some kind ... that braid looks like the gold chain the guy likely to drive that thing would wear around his neck ...
  12. Ford Deuce GT

    Thank you Tim ... I tend to crack jokes as a distraction away from not knowing what I’m doing please bear with me ... I joke a lot
  13. Ferrari 312T4

    Thanks for the recipe Bruce ... it looks great! i think I’ll try it tonite .
  14. Pocher Testarossa Renovation & Completion

    there was a time when not much got by me ... but I can’t quite remember when that was ... I wanted to be there when you started your move to the Pochers but i just found this Scott ... tough gettin’ old I guess I don’t know why the mats don’t go ... maybe because you did such a nice and neat job on those seats! Great job ...
  15. 1/12 Tamiya Ferrari 312b

    Well done Chris. You should be proud ! i have a lot of respect for you F1 guys ...