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  1. Hey Rob, reconsider the 4 runner. It is a great one-car decision, but It’s as much of a truck as your wife’s pickup. i was there years ago. I loved my 4x4s but always had a sports sedan too for, well, sport ... shared with the family (of course). Nowadays the cars are called suvs and are a great alternate to trucks. Although lately, are more for some kinda metro-mom stylin’ The last few years I’ve been shopping like hell for a replacement for my 07 ford freestyle (can ya believe that) ... Volvo chasis, captain chairs, 3rd row (that never saw daylight), cargo room for an 8 foot Xmas tree with paper ornaments that never got wet in a snowstorm, and a CVT(!) tranny that NEVER slipped in the snow ... I kid you not ... and I found ‘they don’t make em like dat no mo” So, on My list, I got: Toyota Highlander SE (black wheels look cool with contrasting stitchin’ On the leather captain chairs that hopefully fold down for my German shepherd) Subaru Accent (captain chairs, leather, giant moon roof, and an CVT - although they got a standing recall on that 🙂 GMC Acadia ... little tight, but legit black wheels too Honda Pilot ... got it all but I think all the used ones got those soccer family stickers on the back window Chevy traverse ... expensive for a Chevy but seems really good if it ain’t too long for the garage Volkswagon Atlas. BIG car ... I’d consider it for the cargo room ... still not as big inside as the freestyle though ... anyway, all these cars are surprising in the snow and a nice ride on gravel ... none as good as the ole ford but I got an artificial tree that I don’t have to haul around so ... ill let ya know if I pull the trigger before you, but lemme know if you go first
  2. I really like your style Bill. That engine’s coming along fine. For the braided plug wires, have you or your friends any old fly line? Some of that stuff was perfect and could hold craft paint or a sharpie pen for color ... maybe old backing line for 1/8 scale
  3. Great work Chris! Thanks for sharing this beauty with all these amazing pics. I just wanted you to know you have fans out here.
  4. Lol. Thanks Josh. i think I will keep my username with no reserva... well ... you know what I mean ...
  5. R ... is for Running outta letters in less than 5 pages
  6. I’m having second thoughts ... i got back into modeling after I did a tribute to my late father with a model of the Indian chief motorcycle he rode as a Mass. State cop in the 50s. After a lot of research, I became a fan of the Indian motorcycle. The police that were ‘assigned’ to motorcycle duty favored the Indians over the Harleys, although they all rathered the heated cruisers . I found the laughing Indian logo originally taken from the back of a club jacket that the Harley drivers could see from behind. It inspired me at a time when I thought how the Native Americans, as well as the men from my father’s era, woulda laughed at all of us now. But nowadays, I look at my user name and see it derogatory .... or maybe I’m losing my sense of humor ...
  7. Don’t struggle too much Larry. Quitting is easier than they say. i myself quit at least 6 times not counting the week my 9-year-old nephew spent with us.
  8. You’re welcome Pete. I just went through some old photos of my stuff and couldn’t find one pic where there wasn’t a scale problem. I’m doing a Gee Bee R1 in BALSA right now and you would laugh at my cheatin’ on the scale stuff. talk about a whole other animal ...
  9. Lol, ok Pete that was an exaggeration ... some of the most amazing models I ever saw were in the smaller scales. And that engine bay above is amazing ... really ... except for that skinny fan belt ... 😇
  10. I miss it too. I know it’s easier to have less categories (although how many ‘truck’ categories do ya need?) the different scales really are different animals ...more so than subject in modeling, say I i wonder if there’s one of those algorithm thingys that can auto label the post heads with the scale in them ... or mandate by penalty of odorless glue to those who don’t use the scale in their post heads (you can tell I like that smell) i don’t mean to sound like a large scale snob, but as much as I respect 1/24 scale, 2 inch thick spark plug wires really mess stuff up
  11. … Thanks for the show thus far Bruce. Look forward to Part 2!
  12. What a beauty Bruce! The first cobra 427 I ever saw was black. Not as shiny though ? thank you for showing.
  13. Great work Ray! Nice fix on the body but I predict you’ll straighten the front up-sweep so the line continues to the grill. ... meanwhile those rockers literal rock!
  14. Photobucket failed me once again ... and I can’t edit old posts or delete this thread ... sorry folks
  15. Thank you Bruce. And thanks for hangin in there with me. I’m glad you like the dust ... I found scraping Conte crayons (very hard pastel - like Leonardo used) using sienna, black, and white formed a dust that could be fixed with just about any liquid including plain water and a bit of gum Arabic that can be a washed off you probably figured out where I’m going with this ... between your “grime” and my “dust” we could make a mint ?
  16. thanks everyone . I’m glad you enjoyed the pics. It took long because I had retina surgery on a detachment . Then had cataracts as an expected side effect from the recovery process. But I got full eyesight back at the end of January . They say you don’t appreciate stuff until you lose it. I can tell ya how much you really appreciate it when ya get it back!
  17. Thanks again Larry. I never use this “under glass” forum but thought I’d post the final shots here.
  18. Arden who? ... thanks Gary. This is a one-off proto-what-if . OHV finned ala flathead. Centrifugal supercharger ala liberty air engine check the build thread ... it explains some
  19. ... hey ... it coulda happened here’s the build thread
  20. Haha ... Hell, I can do that right now with a few pulls on a good bourbon ... well ... maybe not this morning ... I gotta face the reality of weekend chores
  21. I don’t know ... I’m sorta sad I won’t be around to see the day when I’d be able to order online a specific serial number and have it 3D published as a one-off ... made from the exact specs from the actual car or tank or spaceship ... my pick of scale ... with precision that may require just two drops of non-toxic bonding agent ... I could go on In the meantime ... stay well everyone!
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