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  1. 1971 Mike Sullivan Fiat

    Awesome car!
  2. Super Comp Dragster

    Just beautiful!
  3. "Frantic Ford" Mustang Funny Car

    Sweet Daddio!
  4. AMT 1940 Wiillys Pickup

    Very nice build! Love it!
  5. Very nice work, but where's the GO pedal?
  6. Lotus 98T John Player Special

    That is one nice build! Great job!!!
  7. What is the width and the height of the body after surgery?
  8. Both red and have 4 wheels.
  9. Rust T phaeton- Built at the weekend.

    Word of advice............don't chew your fingernails.............iron oxide poisioning!
  10. Bills coupe

    Very nice looking coupe. One of my favorites.
  11. Chopped top '68 Chrysler 300 lead slead

    When I saw the year and model of this car on the title of the post I thought, who in their right mind would chop and customize this year and make of car! I clicked on your post only to find WOW! If you aren't in your right mind, stay right where you are. That build is beautiful! Very nice work.
  12. Sorry I forgot, you have to be a member of the forum to view......
  13. http://apr.boards.net/thread/760/2014-april-super-pro-modified I think this link will work.............this is a video of the super pro modifieds......these are the fastest gravity fed cars on the planet! You have to realize this video is in slow motion and the racers use this feature to evalute their cars and make the changes for the next race. This is really how it looks in real time. http://apr.boards.net/thread/799/2014-super-pro-modified
  14. These two are not models, but I am posting them to show you the exteme in the Hobby of Pinewood derby racing. These are the Super Pro Mods or Unlimited cars. They have two flanged minature bearings per wheel. Mine I only run the bearings on the rear wheels and use a .022 diameter needle axle on the DFW. The initials stand for Dominant Front Wheel. This wheel is used to gently steer the front end of the car into the rail thus keeping the two rear drive wheels off the rail so speed is not scrubbed off. The straighter the car runs the faster the time. I know it sounds crazy, but this is how it's done. Wheels weigh .8 grams without bearings and are made from acrylic. A good bearing car will travel the 42' in 2.8 seconds and some change. A door slammer will run around 2.954.......that is the current record held by me. Hope this explains somewhat how this PWD thing works. Cheers, BSB