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  1. jbwelda added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    you better watch out with that ad blocker stuff. most of it is Trojan horse based and soon your system will be at its knees. if you paid for it its probably ok but freeware like that is crawling with viri that you just invited home with you. often you will get a ransom note via email offering to "sell"  you a key that will remove it. that is generally virus loaded as well. its a jungle out there.
  2. jbwelda added a post in a topic 41 Willys...something i am working on   

    now that you brought it up its bugging me. 
    the problem is, if i trim off the bottom of the body then it will need to be channeled pretty much the same amount it is now, which means another 6" or so of channeling (1/4 inch in 1:24). which means, i think, that the rollcage will not fit up inside the cab and THAT isn't going to be easy to fix.
    right now the main problem i have is the rollcage is slightly too wide to fit past the fender recesses i built. i just spent some time filing the outer edges of the rollcage and i think just a little more manhandling, uh, work, and i will be able to slip the cab over the cage. i do believe i have about a quarter inch of headroom in there above the cage and it would actually look better deeper up into the top, so maybe it will work out. sure gives me something to think about tonite! and i think i will visit the car tomorrow with a tape measure and figure out exactly what needs to be done. about time Dennis saw his model anyway.
    thanks again! no, seriously, thanks again!
    oh and thanks for the compliment but the truth is you overestimate me. bodywork is art, doing that chassis stuff is just mechanics. i am much more a mechanic than an artist! getting curves round and lines straight...not my forte!
  3. jbwelda added a post in a topic 41 Willys...something i am working on   

    all those photos are of the same truck, but what you brought up does make me look at the body closer...appears to me maybe not sectioned so much as the part under the bottom door line has been hacked off and the body channeled over the frame (that part is for sure, it is definitely channeled like crazy to get the body down that close to the ground.
    i will have to investigate that...not sure at this point whether i would change horses in midstream, i already told him its not going to be exact, more like an impression of his 1:1, for one thing its going to be a whole lot neater and cleaner! its a race car, not a show car after all. but if i can trim the bottom without messing anything up too much i might do that. the body is still pretty much raw except for my firewall/corner constructions. thanks for pointing that out.
    when i started thinking about this car, i had only seen it from the street while passing by. i figured it was a basic gasser, drop front axle but mostly stock underneath. one or other of the available kits and a little kitbashing and it would be done. was soon to find out otherwise so here i am. for instance, had never done a rollcage like that and just figuring his layout out was a major chore, but like a lot of things, take things one at a time and it comes clear eventually.
    but as a giveaway, I am hoping to not have to make a career out of it, know what i mean? so if its a little off but still presents a decent image from a ways away, I think I will be happy. and i KNOW dennis will be happy, he is already pretty impressed with what he has seen. he started to assemble that Revell kit some years ago to make a kinda replica, but never got very far with it, too busy winning with his 1:1.
  4. jbwelda added a post in a topic 41 Willys...something i am working on   

    >Curious why you went with a risen cab?
    well the cab in the kit was pretty well known for its non-accurate features like the rear window, the grille mouth and maybe the side trim, maybe the roof height, etc, so i bought one of those resin cabs some time ago and it was sitting around waiting to be used. my friends prototype has a glass nose, but a metal stock body and it resembles that more than the kit one did but there is one glaring problem: the resin body has a horizontal character line that isn't on my friends car so i am not sure what i am going to do about that...i might leave it as that is how a stock body should look i think but i am very tempted to shave it off. will see when the bodywork phase gets more serious
  5. jbwelda added a post in a topic 41 Willys...something i am working on   

    heres what i started with:
    two base kits, turns out i am using precious little out of either of them...the starting basis for the chassis and the rear fenders, and the hood with the blower scoop hole filled in:

    and here was the preliminary layout of the parts i planned on using. Note it is a Drag City resin cast cab that i cut the fenders and nose off of, scratched up a firewall and inner panels, and molded the hood from one or the other of those kits onto it after i had filled the original hole for the blower scoop, to resemble my friends prototype...that scoop you see on top of the hood is really just mounted to the top of the hood...i will have to make some holes to feed my scoop once that is all decided. also note i made my own pickup bed, two of em at this point, to replace that kit one and likewise the floorboard. so, essentially, not much of what you see here made it unscathed into the build so far.

    comments or questions or even criticisms encouraged! thanks for looking!
  6. jbwelda added a post in a topic No Photos, No fun,   

    its not really like you (well...I anyway) cannot post photos. I know of two ways. one is to use the choose files option in the lower left under the reply box. that takes you to a window into your file system and you can post pics that way, but they are attached and they are using MCM storage space since you have uploaded them to this site.
    the other way is to use img html tags of the form [ i m g ]  [ / i m g ] (but remove the spaces i put in there). the trick here seems, for me anyway, to assemble a string of the img tags with your url of the photo you want to post in an external editor and then paste the entire string into the reply box. lets see if that still works:

    kind of a pain but it does work. others have better luck but that's what i have found works for me. the actual url feature behind the "insert other media" button below needs to be made to work but evidently the software guys say next release...which is funny because it worked for me last week.
    hope that helps
  7. jbwelda added a post in a topic 41 Willys...something i am working on   

    thanks folks. Bill all those photos were uploaded to this site instead of being linked to an URL, that feature always worked for me, but I am using MCMs space for storage which is going to be a problem sooner or later.
    those photos with the air box, those are kind of old. I have redone the box in thinner material but don't have a photo handy.
    thanks again anyone, comments questions criticisms cheerfully accepted
  8. jbwelda added a post in a topic New Site/Forum Look   

    Bill, they are mangled...
    by the way my apologies to the site police for excessive posting in this thread, as far as I am concerned you can erase my posts at some point but I do think we are doing you a favor by documenting how to use some of the features.
    now I am experiencing a long wait, infinite wait it seems, first time I hit the "edit" button. if I click it again I go right to the editor. has happened a number of times now.
  9. jbwelda added a post in a topic New Site/Forum Look   

    thanks for keeping up with this Bill and Eric.
    so both of you are seeing what I see then, my first attempt is garbled but then when I assembled the entire string elsewhere and pasted it here, it worked. never seen that kind of behavior before but its consistent so there is something to it and it is probably pointing at the root cause in some way.
    now doing what you say Bill, my problem is that imageshack, my photo host, seems to store the photos in a funny format (it says file type is "COM/I/IDMFIYJOJ File") because when I look at the properties I see: https://imageshack.com/i/p5ZcJkiTj   no file extension and kind of hacked up from the true url.  edit: ah now I see, this is a hypertext link to imageshack and my photos there...don't know what happens when someone else goes there but when I click on the link I can see all my photos but maybe that's because it knows this computer. end edit
    but let me try this then, first verbatim and then I will complete the address. I believe I have already done this with no good result but here we go:
    and then:
    https://imageshack.com/i/p5ZcJkiTj.jpg     (I KNOW this aint gonna work)
    some people get paid good money to do this sort of troubleshooting! maybe the software vendor would like to hire some testers!
    result: no go...oh well at least I know of one way to post a photo from a url, that's all I need really. some strange behavior here though. I mean the software!
  10. jbwelda added a post in a topic New Site/Forum Look   

    which picture do you mean Bill? are you seeing a photo I am not? the photo I see is below the line "nope, no love but when I assemble the image with tags in an external editor and paste the whole string here:", but the one above it, done the way you explain, just shows the url with some goofy junk in front of it to me.
    thanks for your help
  11. jbwelda added a post in a topic New Site/Forum Look   

    let me try again doing what Bill just suggested (not all that different from what I have been doing but at this point who knows?):
    nope, no love but when I assemble the image with tags in an external editor and paste the whole string here:

     I guess its better than nothing.
  12. jbwelda added a post in a topic New Site/Forum Look   

    so Bill is that t bird on an Austin Mini chassis?

    maybe its just the camera angle...I looked at the original photo in your link and it looks compressed like that too.
    imageshack does not supply pre-html-ed tags. but let me try assembling the whole thing in an editor and pasting it here:

    well that seemed to work so I guess you cannot use this built in reply to assemble your images with image tags. that is very strange. I declare this unusable at this point
  13. jbwelda added a post in a topic New Site/Forum Look   

    It can't be done!
  14. jbwelda added a post in a topic New Site/Forum Look   

    oh ok, lets see:
    nope, did what you said, put the tags and then pasted the link...same result.
    isn't this some goofy azz stuff. probably just have to wait till the software is "fixed" but I do not see how you did that Tom
    lets try it again:
    this with "direct"
    this with "link" (imageshack's categories, one is secure (https) and the first is not
  15. jbwelda added a post in a topic New Site/Forum Look   

    looks like it don't work for you either Tom.