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  1. jbwelda added a post in a topic Even ''Predicta''kit has accuracy issues   

    >--"It ain't as easy as you think, Boy!"
    is that really how you address grown adults in your "hood" Art?
    because right offhand it sounds to me like you are getting ready to burn a cross on a lawn or something. does that sort of thing still happen in your area?
    speaking of barbarians:
  2. jbwelda added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    wow now THATS funny: someone had the nerve to stand up in front of you at a Counting Crows concert! and someone had the nerve to be DANCING of all things.
    that's what people DO at concerts, old dude, enjoy themselves. maybe you should have tried it instead of being an uptight old codger. when in rome...and all that. what would you have done if those people had lit up a big fat spliff and offered it to your wife (aka "womenfolk" in your neck of the woods)? come all unglued and called for the police?
    and believe me, that internet tough guy stuff don't work so well out here in real life. writing it is one thing, but I wouldn't advise trying it for real. you never know who you are messing with, and that's the truth.
  3. jbwelda added a post in a topic This ever happen to anyone else?   

    Dennis I think with that much damage I would be contacting Testors about the problem. hopefully they will replace all those that spoiled. sounds like a major investment there.
  4. jbwelda added a post in a topic This ever happen to anyone else?   

    so basically they are selling you a ticking time bomb that may spew paint all over the place at some point. there has got to be something wrong with that. I have cans of paint 30 years old and if you put a decent nozzle in them they still spray like the day they were bought. automotive paint as well as old model master cans, though I remember having a can leak like this, I think it was MM gloss clear so I couldn't tell if it was paint leaking or not, and that was many years ago. maybe its not a new problem. on the other hand I have never had one explode or anything like that on its own.
    I do know that the few MM colors I have wanted to keep using, like their Chrome silver and various blacks and clears, have seemed to become more problematic in the past 5 years or so. a lot more nozzles that just spattered from the word "go" and a lot of them that send paint out around the part going into the can, and all over yourself and the walls. the last can of chrome I bought it seemed like it was supercharged as mentioned above, it really had a lot of pressure in it and while that's often a good thing, in this case it just comes spewing out of the nozzle in way too heavy amounts, never used to be like that. now if this can is any indication, I can cross that off my buy list.
  5. jbwelda added a post in a topic Revell '29A CHANNELED Hot Rod Roadster Quick Build Update #3 - Chassis and Interior completion, and photos of completed model...   

    that sounds like much the same problem as software projects: the documentation and manuals are left for the last (and for those who failed to dodge the bullet to develop them) and are often incomplete and/or incorrect because no one ever actually tried to follow and verify them against the actual reality. way too much trouble. be interesting to see how quickly any corrections make it out. they might print up a little "tip in" insert to the directions like I have seen before from someone, possibly Revell
  6. jbwelda added a post in a topic Revell '29A Hot Rod Roadster QuickBuild UPDATE #4 - Final Photos of Completed Kit and My Final Thoughts   

    > the new guy said "no we still don't have anything but the model T's",  
    dollars to donuts he meant the model A. Model A or Model T, no difference and no relevance to those under 30 pretty much.
    and yeah if I had asked them to put one aside for me weeks ago, and now they claim they never arrived despite testimony to the contrary, and one is not waiting for you, that would be my last trip to that shop for quite a while.
  7. jbwelda added a post in a topic Revell '29A Hot Rod Roadster QuickBuild UPDATE #4 - Final Photos of Completed Kit and My Final Thoughts   

    >Otherwise you likely will wait about a month for the general release.
    tower hobbies has them in stock for just under 22$ with free shipping, just fyi. no need to wait a month, you will probably have it in your hands by friday
  8. jbwelda added a post in a topic Tamiya Announcement - 2016 Mazda Roadster (MX-5)   

    >Dunno why, but the first thing that came up in my mind when viewing the pic, was BMW Z3.
    maybe because that front end looks very similar to the BMW especially around the headlamp area. so similar I would call it close if not exact, not having a picture of an actual Z3 at hand to compare.  and from those illustrations, a lot of the rest of the car resembles the bmw too. actually, to me the car looks like a Honda s2000 and a bmw z3 had a little Ashley Madison thing going on and this popped out nine months later (or however long the gestation period might be for car babies).
    I wonder how this will be translated to the USA market. I am sure its going to ride higher and probably spoil its looks in other ways too.  that's what has ruined the stock looks of all but the NAs for me. lower them down and they start looking good again.
  9. jbwelda added a post in a topic Revell '29A CHANNELED Hot Rod Roadster Quick Build Update #3 - Chassis and Interior completion, and photos of completed model...   

    seems amazing to me that test builds supposedly were done (not to mention box art car) and no one noticed or called out this major error in the instructions. did no one look at the instructions, or more a matter of "aw no one will notice"? when instrux lead one so far off base as this my feeling is that it should have been caught in the pre-release phase and not made it to the finished kit.
  10. jbwelda added a post in a topic This ever happen to anyone else?   

    boy with their paint being so carpy and their nozzles being pure junk, it just doesn't pay to buy this testors model master junk anymore. I am NOT a supporter of Testors, seems everything they put out is pretty much junk, compared to Tamiya and other high line paint suppliers (from the orient). and to hear some rep say its well past the time they would "guarantee" their paints (while they are still on the shelf being sold) is a joke. why not put expiration dates on them and pay the retailers to send them back after they have "expired"? I will tell you why: they would rather stick the consumer for them than deal with the problem. as it is there is no way to tell how long the paint you are buying has sat on the shelf, and therefore how good it is even when first purchased. there is NO REASON a can should leak no matter how long it has been around. I had high hopes for their lacquer (its much better than their enamel) but with this happening consistently I don't think I will ever buy any more of their paint, not if its going to go bad on my shelf after an unreasonable time (I think paint should last at least 10 years in a sealed can...don't you?)
  11. jbwelda added a post in a topic What did you see on the road today?   

    kool little import kustom truck:

    kinda hit with an ugly stick in the front though:

    nice Raunchero:

    latest in the never ending series of disco Vettes:

  12. jbwelda added a post in a topic Tamiya Announcement - 2016 Mazda Roadster (MX-5)   

    again, the good stuff comes from far away, meanwhile American companies rush to see who can put out more reissued to death cartoon car model kits or deadstock muscle barges.
  13. jbwelda added a post in a topic Kits gone at WalMart again   

    I made my first, and probably last, trip to Hobby Lobby yesterday. monumental waste of time that was. I hate those huge sterile stores especially when there is not much to recommend them inside. do they always have one quarter of the store filled with "holiday" (since the Christ in Christmas seems to be irrelevant to the great unwashed buying public these days) carp...is it always like that or have they started "the season" already...in August? and kits...just the normal AMT/Revell stuff and not much of that either, maybe 50 kits total if even that. no Tamiya, no fujimi, didn't even see any "foreign" manufacturers represented. absolutely nothing there you cannot buy elsewhere cheaper. actually went there for some Tamiya primer...no luck, only Testors in stock. people working there seemed pleasant enough (as opposed to Michaels) but cannot see any reason to ever step foot in there again. oh for the true LHS of which there are none around here anymore (just like true independent hardware stores) so its the net for me looks like. and money is not even my prime motivator as it is for some.
    I know this thread was about wallys world but seems to me two peas in a pod. the big boxing of amerika, taking your money elsewhere one five percent discount at a time.
  14. jbwelda added a post in a topic Tucker kit? YES!   

    this whole story as related by AA reminds me of the railroading of Honorable Marcus Garvey, one of Jamaicas national heroes, at the hands of the American political establishment. Typical smearing of perfectly great ideas by great men, by those small minded people with small ideas who manage to get themselves either elected or appointed to power and then look around for people to crucify to further their own ambitions.
  15. jbwelda added a post in a topic All new Citroen DS19 kit   

    then I believe you probably got one Chuck; I have not been billed or anything. if it is in your PW then you got it, if not then its probably on its way to your PW.  it probably went out of stock again just from pre-orders (I neglected to submit a preorder, I thought the price was too high. I have since rethought that)