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  1. jbwelda added a post in a topic New Site/Forum Look   

    hey Gregg thanks for the message, only thing is, it (meaning the insert other media/from url and pasting the address from imageshack there) worked fine the other day. I posted some pics as a test for myself, don't recall where but it for sure worked.
    and now...typing a new message in this thread is going to merge it with my other one? because when I opened up this reply box what I think was what I posted above automatically appeared in the window. very confusing behavior.
    and so here is another question, I think I already asked it and it got deleted or moved or something because I cannot find it any longer:
    in the past we have been told to put our photos on a hosting site and refer to them here instead of uploading the photos here and using you guys storage space. so that's what I have been doing.
    but now, ignoring the situation where you cannot refer to a photo via url right now, it appears the default behavior you guys want is for us to "drag files here to attach, or choose files", and as I understand it, that means uploading the photo to your storage, exactly the opposite of the way it used to be...and very apt to use up all your spare storage in no time just like it did before.
    so the question is: is that what you prefer, that we all now use your storage for photos (maybe you don't know but when that is the case, at least with the old site, you cannot see the photos unless you are logged in, hope that is not the case now), and you are going to supply endless secure storage (that a joke son) ad infinitum?
    if you do not want us clogging your free space with photos I would suggest you modify the interface to not hide the method by which you do that under the insert other media button but instead put a photo link button like the last stuff did up on the toolbar at least and make it more difficult to actually upload anything to your servers.
    and now it merged my replies without me requesting it. very strange stuff you got here.
    here is another question: what exactly does "Drag files here to attach" mean? drag them here from your own file system? and where exactly is "here"? like here HERE in the message? because neither of those things work at all for me. the "choose files" part of that same line lights up and opens a file window to navigate my file system and double clicking on a photo uploads it here, but that "drag files..." part does not seem to work either, at least not for me and windows exploder.
  2. jbwelda added a post in a topic Test post from Photobucket   

    sorry Bill none of that advice works here. I use imageshack and it doesn't work like you describe.
    but what it sounds like you are doing is cutting and pasting the url for the photograph, and possibly automatically putting either img tags or url tags around it. neither work for me. and even if they did that's not really how this is supposed to work. 3 days ago I did this test and it worked...I posted a photo here via the insert other media button. now all it does is stall. its a bug not a feature and I am sure it will be cleared up soon. what time is it right now?
    thanks though
    yes Don I posted those by uploading them to this site via the well hidden "choose files" button of some sort below
    I thought they disappeared too, possibly some moderation is required. or maybe they killed off all the stored photos. at this point, who knows.
    heres one posted that way:

  3. jbwelda added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    >And while I'm ranting, this latest "upgrade" of the forum doesn't work for me!
    feel the burn, Harry, feel the burn.
    I am having major problems posting photos from my photo host and none of the suggestions I have read here there and everywhere seem to work. plus stuff just kind of jumps all over the place at unexpected times.
    this did not happen last week after I cleared my cache and the thing finally started looking normal but now everything is kind of flying apart at the seams.
  4. jbwelda added a post in a topic Test post from Photobucket   

    how are you doing this? because that posting from url feature in the insert other media sure doesn't work for me...just sits there spinning when I put a url in there and press the submit button
  5. jbwelda added a post in a topic question   

    another test:
    nope that insert from url doesn't work for me
    try attaching from my computer (which means up load to this site and waste your space not mine):

  6. jbwelda added a post in a topic question   

    I have a question about space usage: in the past we were discouraged from uploading pics to this site vs putting them on a photo sharing site and linking them. are there now no space limitations? I ask because it seems to me the default behavior of the site is to "choose files" in other words upload the photos to this site instead of linking to a photo site like imageshack. I think this because the "choose files" option is right there at the bottom of the reply box while the url method is hidden away in the "insert other media" menu (when it works at all...didn't work yesterday when I tried it).
    the actual question is: do we now all have unlimited space here to upload photos or should it still be discouraged?
    test of url method: (forget it...it still doesn't work, just sits there spinning)
    test of just pasting url here:
    test of pasting url here inside img tags:
    so none of this remote site storage is working for me.
    test of upload to this site, will see photo below end of post

  7. jbwelda added a post in a topic Name That Tune....   

    On our first trip
    I tried so hard
    to rearrange your mind
    but after a while
    I realized
    you were
    disarranging mine
  8. jbwelda added a post in a topic 1/8 Offenhauser powered Big T   

    gonna start on narrowed Big T chassis soon, probably Z it some 6" more than it is, drop front end,  narrow it in the front to fit under track nose, fab a narrower front engine mount and a bunch of little stuff. actual build of car will probably go faster than this incredible time drain of an engine project. I cannot believe how much time I have spent sanding and smoothing to even get to this point. its looking good but its been a struggle and that's been spread over at least a couple years now!

  9. jbwelda added a post in a topic Monogram Chaparral 2D   

    I have always loved this model and have built a couple of them, simple but effective. this one is super nice and nice upgrades! I would put in a request for some wheels too; that would make me build a third one! I never noticed that the kit wheels were not deep enough but yours sure makes for a great look.
    I think the reason for some of the simplicity was this was also, and possibly originally, a slot car body. could be wrong about that and confusing it with some other model, but I seem to remember from my childhood.
  10. jbwelda added a post in a topic gooche decal sheets....are they nice quality...   

    thanks Dave, that is a resin body I adapted to a glue bomb sort of funny car chassis I bought on ebay. the nose I made up of parts from the Revell midget and some scrap plastic. shot it with automotive GM HHR sunburst orange I think it was, as an experiment in color matching for another project I am working on. glad you like it! it looks better in the pics than in real life I'm afraid. its not super  detailed and the frame was out of wack a bit but it looks ok on the shelf.
  11. jbwelda added a post in a topic gooche decal sheets....are they nice quality...   

    Frank this is typical of aftermarket decals. yes you have to trim close to the image but as said by Dave its not that big a deal. and in the image you see in the photos above, the decal was not clear coated but did have some microsol applied which help the decal and the carrier melt into the surface beneath it. I didn't go to any extreme lengths to trim right next to the image yet you still don't see much clear carrier (there is some along the needle part of the hypodermic syringe but even that is pretty minimal). the good side is that the decals are strong enough to not come apart even when you trim them down thin, but I did not trim around the needle very closely...if I had it probably would have been fine. 
    I always trim my kit decals closer to the image than the way they are printed on the sheet anyhow so its not a bigger bother to cut out these aftermarket decals than it is applying individually printed decals.
  12. jbwelda added a post in a topic Revell new releases update, 7/22/2015   

    I "remember the show" but I definitely would not buy something based on a tie in to it. that was what I was saying. like when amt issued that Meyers manx with the Elvis tie in...I bought 5 of them dirt cheap because evidently no one wanted them and they didn't sell despite the Elvis photos all over the box...and if the King can't sell stuff, I doubt Starkey and Hutch can...unless someone just wants a Torino in which case they would buy it without the tie in.
  13. jbwelda added a post in a topic The Surfite   

    huh well that photo certainly shoots holes in my thoughts on scale. I saw the Surfite at a car show in about 2005 or so (well I saw it back in the day but don't recall  much about it) and thought it was much smaller than that, but sitting there next to the bandit I would have to guess that it might well be 1/25. funny thing was while I was building it, it seemed to me like the chassis/engine/wheels/tires were all proper scale but somehow when it was built it just looked, well, BIG. that photo explains why and it is true that one climbed into it and it had headroom to let you do that (through the back window hence the scuff bars I put on the back deck to resemble or real car more.
    ps: I got the hood piece to fit a lot better than it did in that photo I posted
  14. jbwelda added a post in a topic empty shelves, light inventory   

    hey dave maybe you didn't find it fast enough? (insert middle finger smilie that he won't see because he is (boo hoo) ignoring me...)
    want a whine? heres one:
    used to be that people were willing to pay a little extra to support their community, by buying from local business that keep the dollars local. the were kept local because the owner of the shop, say, was a local so every bit of his profits, pretty much, and most of his overhead, went right back into the community via grocery buying, rent paying, shopping locally etc. then a whole bunch of people, either through true need or probably more like just because they don't think past their next paycheck, started ignoring local businesses so they could "save" 5% on goods in big stores, where all their money, aside from minimum wage pittances to their "customer service professionals", went elsewhere and many times that also meant their money went in large amounts to causes that were counter to their own long range well being. so now, instead of actually doing something tangible for a living, everything local has pretty much dried up and that leaves these people as wage slaves to far away masters with very little way out of an ever increasing squeeze.
    THATS what shopping at hobby lobby, for instance, does for you. your money is on a one way trip out of your community and will not support you in the least bit in the future. I believe in supporting those who support me. obviously many here do not agree. best of luck in the coming few decades because in most cases you will not be able to support your lifestyle which includes discretionary spending for stuff like well you know, hobbies, because you will be doing the equivalent of flipping burgers for minimum wage at some hellhole of employment like wally world or hobby lobby. then you will see who the "whiners" are.
    so you know what? be derisive all you want, call it whining, make fun of the messenger, put me on ignore, whatever. I know that being tempted with 40% off coupons make it a hard sell...but really most of your purchase is not covered by that discount, so even that is largely an illusion. I try to spend my $ a little more wisely  these days, at least from an ethical standpoint, but you really don't have much choice because most of that choice has already been taken away by the mass market influence of these huge multinational corporations. so in that case I buy over the internet: I don't have to deal with being in traffic jams, I don't have to deal with rude clerks, and I don't have to settle for 5% discounts in exchange for a good chunk of my life. I would rather go down to a local family owned hobby shop and plunk my hard earned there (especially if they supported me by like for instance ordering kits or supplies that i needed) and know in some way I was supporting myself and my community by doing so...but the reality is there are BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH few of those LHS still around. I will be darned though if I am going to give my money to some relative (literally or figuratively) of Donald Trump and then have to listen to their noise about how its all about "family values" that they are worried about while they are in fact working against that very "family value" they trump up so much. isn't it funny that most of the "family value" trumpeters in history end up getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar (if not in the showgirl)? and with HL its is definitely a religious thing, masked somewhat by the more PC "family values" banner, but its a very thin veil.
    end of (current) whine
    So, no, I guess I haven't noticed that my local Hobby Lobby is low on stock. 
    as for the endless quoting, its a matter of courtesy. just like it has been suggested (and ignored) here many a time over the years I have been here that people do not quote endless strings of photographs particularly not to reply "thanks" or something.
    now I am off to build (and FINISH) some models while you boys discuss.
  15. jbwelda added a post in a topic empty shelves, light inventory   

    why do posters here quote a long block of text just to add "thanks"? not to criticize too much but its almost as bad as quoting huge blocks of photos...probably worse because at least then you got to look at the photos. Again. and again.
    I personally hate hobby lobby and I have only been there once. its the Walmart of models and that's not good. and this quasi religious staying closed on sunday business...what is that some kind of throwback to the bible belt 50s? everything about the place irritates me...the staff at the place I went couldn't seem to care less, the stock was a joke, prices were a joke, and the whole thing just reminded me of a cattle drive. guess this is one for what irked me today  but its not just today. maybe it would be better if the one I went to had a "showgirl type" but they were pretty much all church ladies and gentlemen.
    give me a real LHS or, barring that, the internet.