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  1. I hope you're right, jb. It's been almost a year with zero communication. It'd KILL me personally to run a business this way. Dale
  2. I'm just glad that they're gonna be available! Dale
  3. Thanks all. It's just sad all the stuff you can do extra, and the little things you see in the pics. For instance, I cleaned up the blower intake- the pic showed me how rough it looked. I may start taking pics on Micro with my camera just to look for details like this. Dale
  4. This was a five-day build that was pretty fun, It'll be a surpise for a friend of my late brother who told me last year how he wished he'd built a model of a fire-breathin', Nitro-snortin' Altered when he was younger. I had seven days to build it, and again- although not fancy it will look good on a shelf. I wish I had time to plumb fuel lines, but I have too much "real" work to do. I may get the Goodyear logos put into white, but that's about it. This kit went together very well, with a fair bit of detail. I'd like to build another someday and really tweak it. 'Cuz I like those fire-breathin', Nitro-snortin' Altereds my self. Dale
  5. Years and years ago Auto World offered these slick decal sheets that you could "rub" on to a surface. They weren't fancy, but they did fill a need. Does anybody offer anything like this today? Thanks. Dale
  6. I'm a trapper, and we deal with really stinky critters regularly. My wife helps and doesn't mind. But she hates the smell of paint. Go figure. Dale
  7. I want to thank everyone who contributes here to help us (old) newbies out. I really learned a lot in my first year back to the hobby, and it wouldn't have happened without your help. Happy New Year, too. Dale
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