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  1. '62 Impala Super Stocker. -Finished-

    Brings back memories for me... In high school my buddy had a 62 Super Sport and I had a 63 Super Sport, before I switched to the winning team... MOPAR!
  2. Revell Hemi Dart

    Everything I've seen suggests the Hemi Darts were delivered with black wrinkle finish valve covers. But I welcome any and all input, thanks guys.
  3. Revell Hemi Dart

    Thanks guys... Finished up the Hemi motor today. The only changes I made from the kit were to strip the chrome from the valve covers, carbs and velocity stacks and paint them in more representative colors. I also removed the vacuum advance can from the distributor since the Race Hemi uses mechanical only and I swapped the kit's four blade Hemi fan for the kit's seven blade 440 fan. I looked at a lot of pictures of the 1:1 cars and promotional pictures of the engine; I found the four blade in the engine pictures, but the cars using the seven blade viscus clutch fans. I may fab a clutch for the fan before all is said and done. Anyway, heres the motor...
  4. 67 Dodge Polara Fast Top Finished

    Love seeing another MOPAR go together!

    Sweet! I will follow along as i build my dart.
  6. project 1368 charger

  7. Revell Hemi Dart

    I set this aside for a few days to get some real life work done. Got back on it this week and finished my trans tunnel mod and painted the floor... I also got most of the Hemi motor done, just need to mount the headers and test fit them in the chassis. i'll be back...
  8. Revell Hemi Dart

    When I first mocked up my master cylinder, I used the "Hemi" firewall from the kit and came up with this... As I thought about it a little more I relaized that the "Hemi" firewall positioned the master cylinder higher so that the master cylinder/brake booster would clear the Hemi motor, therefore my mock up wouldn't look quite right compared to the 1:1 car... I decided to use the kit supplied "GTS" firewall and perform the same modifications. I think this looks more correct for the Hemi Dart...
  9. Revell 1970 Cuda

    Jeebus thats nice!
  10. Think Pink: Engine In, Suspension Started

    Sweet... Love the color!
  11. Revell Hemi Dart

    Turned out about as I hoped, should look okay once the interior tub gets painted.
  12. Revell Hemi Dart

    Next up is to mod the trans tunnel to better represent a 4-speed dart...
  13. Hemi Cuda just for fun.

    Nice, but I can't see the timing marks... I keed, I keed... Love me some MOPAR action.
  14. 1962 Plymouth Fury Nostalgia Super Stock

    Nice, there's nothing like vintage MOPAR muscle!
  15. Revell Hemi Dart

    Thanks guys... Al, I've seen that picture and it, combined with other info I found helped me finalize my wheel openings. I've been jumping around mocking up various sub-assemblies as I come up with the overall appearance I'm looking for. Yesterday I started mocking up the firewall, adding the master cylinder relocation plate, trimming up the master cylinder and fan motor block-off...