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  1. i wish they would just dig the road down a few feet and repave. problem solved.
  2. i started building one yesterday... my frame was also warped. driver side rear was the worst spot.
  3. you forgot to build an orange Schneider truck!!!!
  4. hawk, where did you get your decals? i own a 1/1 1986 iroc with silver stripes and letters. as you know, the kit comes with red stripes and letters. my father-in-law just bought me a sealed 1/8 for $180 off ebay. also, how did you do the paint on the wheels? thanks, tom
  5. the iroc's handled great. i've also done some engine and tranny work to my 1986 iroc. love it, but still not as fast as my 2009 Pontiac G8
  6. did you make the stripes yourself?
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