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  1. Ok I got the frame primed today, as well as painting the brake front rotors/calipers, and I painted the rear end. I included some pictures of the sinking on the frame. Yikes, The rest of the kit seems to be molded really good. I cant say enough about Tamiya xf-16 flat aluminum. It is amazing, it covered the black styrene with no problems which really surprised me. I say this because I used to use model master aluminum and it was awful garbage, it wouldn't cover white styrene let alone black. Anyways here are the pictures.
  2. If you guys know anything about the Aoshima hilux line you know that they are expensive and somewhat hard to find. I found this example at my LHS for $32.75 so I picked it up. I planned to make this my first really good build. I was going to add lots of detail to the interior, chassis and engine. I was going to spend lots of time wet-sanding and trying to get that "miles deep" clear coat. I wanted to maybe add a Toyota 2jz and turbo it. I opened the box like a 5 year old on Christmas, and I am honestly really disappointed. All the parts except for chrome, clear and the interior are molded in color, either black or red... The hood doesn't open and there isn't even an engine. The chassis parts also look unrealistic especially the drive shaft universal joints. Its a glorified snap kit. I saw some promising reviews on amazon, but I think this kit really falls short. The plan for this one is just going to be box stock, I will paint the body some creamy metallic gold I think. Maybe metallic dark blue, not too sure. Anyways this should be a quick one. I will start to wet sand the body on Monday probably, and I may prime the frame tonight.
  3. Does anybody make a fifth wheel or gooseneck trailer for a pickup truck that isn't enclosed? I want a open trailer to haul show trucks on. Also does anybody know of a hitch? I remember scenes unlimited made a fifth wheel hitch but, I can't find it on ebay. Thanks.
  4. Alright, I might pick up the wrecker kit, I could possibly make a Ford wrecker. I have looked at the f350 kit before, and they are too expensive.
  5. Hey guys this is my first post in a long time, but does anybody know where I could source some 8 lug dually wheels to go on the monogram f250 kit. I am looking to turn his into some sort of service truck or something, and I certainly can't use the 5 LUG wheels that came with the kit. Seriously what were they thinking. Anyways would a dually cab and chassis truck like the one I plan to build have a solid front axle, or the independent suspension that came on the truck. If it is supposed to be solid axle could I just fabricate one from styrene? Thanks.
  6. How did you convert it to single cab? I have the same kit.
  7. You did a beautiful job, do you mind if I maybe copy your idea for this and use one of those hendrix bodies on the monogram f250? Like the one seen here:
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