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  1. I knew I had seen it somewhere. I don't think I have his price list anymore. I will email him for another one. Thanks
  2. Is there a day cab conversion for the Italeri kit VN 780?
  3. My modeling style is painful and slow. I tend to lose interest for a while then come back to things, that and real life problems seem to come up too. But I am about ready to start on it again. Thanks to the help of a forum member (Mr. Mopar) I have obtained a few parts I needed to keep going. In fact they are in chrome stripper as I type. Stay tuned. Thanks Tom
  4. I just went through the new Revell of Germany 2019 catalog. The only new US truck to be released is the 1/24th W900 with sleeper (reissue), paint and decals had not been determined yet. No trailers.
  5. AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1147 1/25 Ford C600 Stake Bed Truck w/Coca-Cola Machines $51.95 TBA AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1153 1/25 1966 Plymouth Barracuda Hemi Under Glass $31.95 TBA AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1155 1/25 1970 Camaro Z28 Full Bumper $31.95 TBA AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1156 1/25 1976 Chevy Vega Funny Car $32.95 TBA AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1157 1/25 Bandag Bandit Kenworth Drag Truck $51.95 TBA AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1158 1/25 Tyrone Malone Hideout Kenworth Transporter $51.95 TBA AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1162 1/25 1970 Chevy Impala Fire Chief Car $31.95 TBA AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1165 1/25 Coca-Cola Fruehauf Holiday Hauler Semi Trailer $47.95 TBA AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1166 1/25 Popper 1977 Ford Pinto w/Coca-Cola Machine $35.95 TBA AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1173 1/25 1977 Ford Van w/Coca-Cola Machine $35.95 TBA AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1174 1/200 Saturn V Rocket $32.95 TBA AMTPLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-PP23 1/25 Big Rig Truck Tire Parts Pack $18.95 TBA
  6. Reading is fundamental. Perhaps not so quick on the keyboard before you read the whole thing. The title should have given away which kits I was referring to being Italeri's. As I wasn't referring to the 1/25 items I specifically mention 2 items. You had a 50/50 chance of guessing the right ones, I wouldn't play the lottery if I were you it would be a waste.
  7. Stevens had listed 2 items from AMT that I believe are Italeri kits reboxed. AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1160 1/25 Coca-Cola White Western Star Semi Tractor Cab AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1164 1/25 Big Rig Semi Trailer AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1169 1/24 Peterbilt 378 Long Hauler Semi Tractor Cab AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1170 1/24 Reefer Semi Trailer
  8. As the title say I am looking for just the steps for the fuel tanks (part #92c ,93c also (91c ,94c but these aren't necessary)). They only give you one set in the kit and I need 2. I need the top and bottom pieces. I am happy to pay for them. I have looked at the photoetched from KFS and they are not the same style as I need. Thanks Tom
  9. The dump I'm not worried about I can scratch that. I just need to know the length of the box I can make the rest. I just don't know if its 20', 18' or what. I have also come up with an extra cab and hood yesterday so I think I can make the hood if I can't find one. The kit I found also has round fuel tanks so I maybe able to use those as a starting point for the ones in the picture above if all else fails. Thanks Tom
  10. This truck will have a 3406 Cat.That is what she had. Thanks Tom
  11. Thank you I will send another email to Daniel to see if he responds this time. I will email Gary as well i am not familiar with his stuff. Thanks Tom
  12. Is anyone good at extrapolating Dimension from the above photos? I suck at it. I need some ballpark dimensions on the dump box so I can start figuring up what materials I have and need. She doesn't remember how long her dump box was. All she says it was huge.3 If I don't get any answers to this question, since nobody bothered to answer the one above this post, I will assume there will be no interest in me posting anything further on it. Thanks
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