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  1. Nice fox buddy. This gets me motivated, I'm ready to start on my 97 gt AMT, can't wait to see more updates bro
  2. I Got the suspension lower last week the front sits 2" Lower then the rear with lower profile tires up front . I got a lot done the last couple of weeks getting ready for under the glass here soon
  3. Good job on the interior looks great!
  4. The movie you looking for is " running scared"
  5. Been working on the undercarriage and engine, I got the stripes in today but lost a piece of decal to the hood down the sink , lots of lots of work but hopefully I get some done this weekend .
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys. More pics to come,
  7. Thanks I appreciate that. I can't wait to add the white stripes
  8. 2001 mustang roush edition stage 2 . Bought this back in 2006 summer and has been babied ever since
  9. Just started on this shelby over a week ago. (Testors) Bright gloss blue with 5x coats of testors clear. I had built about 10 kits ever in my life that were 90% percent complete . Before this shelby I use to paint my kits straight out the box , I started watching a lot of YouTube vids and learning as I watch. I really want to built this kit right, tips I can use.. I still haven't decided if I should go box stock or fully roll cage with twin turbo kit on slicks and a drag chute? My next project after this shelby is a 87 Buick Gnx fast & furious clone.
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