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  1. great work, wow...look at that paint job!
  2. gorgeous! Reminds me of the vehicles used on The Great Race movie
  3. yeah, that color is baddddddd
  4. Thank you, it feels great to be back. And I have been enjoying others' builds here as well. A lot of talent here!
  5. Aeroman

    Aoshima Skyline

    very nice...wow, crisp build
  6. Thanks Mack! yes, I used artist oils and turpenoid
  7. Oh wow, thats cool. Any progress pics? Thanks again for the kudos everyone
  8. Thanks fellas! I actually built this one for my wife because the nickname I have given her over the last few years is Mousey, hahaha. She enjoys cheese. So I found this kit at Pegasus Hobby in Montclair, CA and told her I'd build it for her. Now she has to display it on her work desk! As far as the paint job, I researched quite a bit to make it as smooth as possible. During my Google searching, I was fortunate to find the great videos by Doctor Cranky on YouTube. I did a bunch of paint sampling on plastic spoons and finally dialed in the work flow I thought worked best: 3 coats of Plastikote Auto Primer 3 coats of silver 3 coats of Red metallic 5+ coats of Testors Glosscote clear, all airbrushed with the exception of the rattle can primer. Then 3200 - - - > 12,000 grit, polished. Voila.
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