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  1. 1/24 Revell '78 GMC 4x4 Pickup

    Oh, Hello! When can I buy one of those? Is it out, or coming soon? Any news appreciated.
  2. Thread moved to On the work bench

    Looks good to me. The engine is actually quite good. Welcome aboard btw, there is a section on here called " On the workbench" where we post builds in progress..
  3. Beemax Volvo 240T Gr. A

    Hey hey hey!! What about the rest of the kit? No pictures? You are killing me here. Please document the good news as well as the bad.
  4. Next ICM 1/24 Model T

    Then again, I did some searching on the web and this one came up. It is not all that different from the 1913 ICM one, but as the story goes it was built in the early fifties in Minnesota. Old timers who remember it refer to it as an "early hot rod". I do not know much about model T speedsters other than that Henry didn't build them. They were built by individuals by means of deleting parts and changing parts, with the support of a growing aftermarket business. So,- if the one pictured is of early fifties vintage (the frame is 1914) then that would be deep into black tyre territory. I've also found images of nice shiny restored ones with whitewall tires on them. I guess anything goes, and nothing is really wrong tyre color with this kit. I personally hope for whitewalls. Read the current owner's writeup here; http://www.jakesgeneralstore.com/node/2318
  5. Next ICM 1/24 Model T

    Whoa! I didn't see that one coming. Very cool though. I wonder if it comes with the whitewall tires ..
  6. Monograms 29 Ford P/U Rat Rod 12/29 update

    All due respect, and I like the desired result you described, but - Are you certain you got your chassis assembled correctly and everything is seated right? It should sit lower than that right out of the box, yes?
  7. What would YOU like to see as a model

    I'd think the Monogram Talladega would be a good starting point for Revell. What would they need to change other than the decals?
  8. What would YOU like to see as a model

    Well, you're looking at its rear end, you.. ...should only have seen the first prototype. Actually, I find it to be better looking from behind than from the front. I find it interesting and retro in a cool way. I guess what really got to me was the interior!
  9. What would YOU like to see as a model

    I should have known.. Then maybe you are in a good position to have promotional model kits made, yes?
  10. What would YOU like to see as a model

    Then again, I am dreaming of a good kit of this one; Extra points if you know what it is.. image grabbed off the web. On the other hand I cannot make a business case for a project like that, and I would certainly not sink my own money into it. I doubt I would make it back.
  11. What would YOU like to see as a model

    THIS should be an obvious development. They have the complete chassis already. At least I'm pretty certain they do. For this one, and the Talbot Record 135 also. Image grabbed off the web.
  12. If You Love Steam Locomotives...

    If I love steam locomotives.. Of course I do! What's not to love? A lot of people do. They even play romantic ballads about them. This is one of my favorites;
  13. Terrible Box Art

    l Another highlight. Image grabbed from the web. I was always vary of kit boxes showing a photo of the real thing rather than the model inside. Sometimes a model company would use drawn art rather than a photography to avoid giving away the poor proportions or other issues with the model inside. But when the drawn image is equally bad one is left to wonder if maybe a photography would be better after all.
  14. What makes you decide to "curb-side" a model?

    I do detail paint the underside of my models. I do not have to meet a production goal or a deadline with my models, so they just take the time they take. To think of it, I have never skipped the engine (if provided) either. Some of my engines are detailed, some are not - but they are all properly painted. As for the undercarriage, my approach is that if they bothered to put the detail in the kit, then I should paint the detail accordingly. I haven't thought it over all that well, but I figure it comes down to getting the most out of the money I spent buying the kit. Or getting it as good as it can be without getting into adding stuff. Not to mention going through the motions just for the exercise for the sake of keeping the skills up. (That doesn't really make sense either, but go figure).
  15. Link to Icm's web site: http://www.icm.com.ua/news/502-model-t-1912-light-delivery-car.html Looks just as good as the previous ones!