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  1. lysleder added a post in a topic One car for life   

    I think I would have to go with the 1970 Volvo 145. 
  2. lysleder added a post in a topic Talk about horrible looking customizations....   

    I was thinking the same thing. The work done might not be all in vain. A few well-chosen finishing touches could go a long way. Get the thing closer to the ground, select a tasteful low-key (dark) color, and cover the top in padded vinyl (think Carson top here). And of course put wheels that are suitable for a kustom. That is what it wants to be wearing that chop.
  3. lysleder added a post in a topic Cannonball Run 2016 "The Aussieball" Official Build Thread   

    I really think "stealth" is the best approach here. Even if your ride is technically mostly within the law's requirement, and YOU know that it is. - Would you want to risk having to wait for the policeman who pulled you over because he was in doubt, to decide that you are actually good to go? I'm trying to build my racer as unassuming as I can, while still being competitive.
  4. lysleder added a post in a topic Belkits Ford Escort Rs 1600 Mk1 Rally   

    Now whaddayaknow. Did Timo Makinen use grooved discs in 1973? And discs is the back too. Must have been pretty cutting edge at the time.
  5. lysleder added a post in a topic Airfix Spitfire new tooling   

    This is just great!
    I have none of the new ones, but I built a few of the old ones in my youth. Actually the only Spitfire on my wanted list is AZmodel's IXc "in civil service".
  6. lysleder added a post in a topic Moebius '54 Hudsons   

    You're talking about the green one now, yes? The fastback.
  7. lysleder added a post in a topic an idea   

    Front wheels leaning over when turning? I guess it could be made to work, but I see more headaches than benefits with such a system. Usually you want the wheels to stay upright to maintain a large contact patch. More rubber on the road means more grip. Grip is a good thing. If you lean a conventional car tire you will ride on one shoulder while lifting the other and that way reduce the area of rubber-to-road contact. You don't want to do that. For this idea to work you will need to use motorcycle style tires, which has a curved profile. This allows for more rubber on the road while leaning over, but it also means that you will never have the full with of the tire onto the road at any given time. I guess the only benefit from using leaning wheels would be less stress on the tire/rim connection. It would be unnecessarily complicated though.  In the instances where the tire might come off the rim due to excessive force, it is common practice to bolt the tire to the rim to keep it in place.
  8. lysleder added a post in a topic Things I Want don't exist   

    For Crawler Track Shoes you could look at FriulModel They make absolutely gorgeous track kits for military applications. These kits consist of individual white-metal links that is assembled with pieces of wire which act as hinge pins. This approach makes it possible to create a realistic articulated track with the right amount of "slack".   You will not find any bulldozer track in their selection, but they might have something that is approximately the size you need. From there on I guess you could modify to fit with your own grousers etc.
  9. lysleder added a post in a topic New Revell '48 Ford Coupe   

    Well, - that is what you build hot rods from, isn't it? 
    I don't really mean to be too abrasive, but I couldn't help myself. I guess in all of this talkin' there is a message for Revell that a hot rod version would be welcome in the marketplace. But until they see fit to release one, I'm quite happy to rod it myself.
  10. lysleder added a post in a topic New Revell '48 Ford Coupe   

    I am not able to see any wrong shapes to the quarter window of the plastic body. The window of the 1:1 car might appear to be somewhat more pinched / tighter radius at the bottom rear, but I believe this to be and optical illusion caused by the brightwork on the windowpane.
    And yes, I would agree the '41 is different to the body. Most notably the door appears to be shorter on the '41. Hey, hang on. That '41 looks like a business coupe. Longer trunk, shorter roof, and different proportions altogether. Let's not let this thread weer off track, but the rear end of the roof does look slightly different on a "regular" '41 coupe.
    Sorry Rob. (see below) He beat me to it while I was busy editing my post.
  11. lysleder added a post in a topic Cannonball Run 2016 "The Aussieball" Official Build Thread   

    Between single parenting and extended work schedule, the modeling bench hasn't seen much action. It is a good thing the deadline is far in the future. My projects always take a long time anyway. I have started though. I have started roughing out what will become a backseat large-capacity fueltank.

    I have also set the ride height, and dialed in wheel placement up front.

    Here is a better view of the temporary bracing put in to keep the wheel in place while I'm building the suspension.

    Be patient and bear with me. This is going to take time.
  12. lysleder added a post in a topic Beemax Honda Civic EF3 Gr A   

    What is there looks good to me, but..  Is there a well detailed engine compartment, and only half an engine?
  13. lysleder added a post in a topic Name That Tune....   

    If you say so. Chew on this one instead then;
    So what if I threw a party and all my friends were there?
    Acquaintances, relatives, the girls who never cared
    You'll have a host of rowdy hooligans in a big line out the door
    Side by side with sister barbara, chief wells and bobby orr
  14. lysleder added a post in a topic Name That Tune....   

    But she just couldn't stay she had to break away
    Well New York City really has is all oh yeah, oh yeah
  15. lysleder added a post in a topic Cover versions of songs by "nobodies"   

    There is these guys. I don't  know if they are deemed to be too professional, but here goes..
    ..and if so, you can enjoy these guys instead. They sing in Swedish, but the tune should be well known to all of you. Alternately you can skip forward to 1:40 or thereabouts to hear the vocalist try a verse in English. The lyrics themselves is not what pulled me in into this one, but rather the sound and - should I say vitality - of the music produced.