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  1. Why don't we have a nice Plastic Crosley kit ?

    I'd buy one (only).
  2. How many builds?

    I only done at a time. At one time I tried the assembly line approach to get more models finished for a local contest. The idea was to consolidate various steps like painting all of the chassis parts in one go and so on in order to save time. I did get more models done in less time that way, but the lesson learnt was that the quality suffered badly. It didn't allow for the creative juices to flow like they do when focusing all my attention on one build.
  3. Galaxie trailer. Has anyone biult one?

    The advice given me from a well-meaning club mate upon my buying one, was to pay attention to the vertical sides of the floor/chassis part. Apparently they are angled a little bit for mold release purposes. And if you just glue the sides onto there like the instructions say, and let it set - the it can get hard to get the roof to fit right. I never got to it myself, but that's what he told me. For what it is worth..
  4. AMT Parts Packs - Your Ideas & Suggestions?

    I would buy a parts pack that had a slew of nice custom and aftermarket air filters. Another thing I have been wanting for the longest time is a skid steer or compact excavator on a small trailer. That would go very nicely behind the Lindberg 4X4 F-150. If that cannot happen, then maybe a quad to drop into the pickup bed. I bought the dirt bikes. I'd buy the quad too.
  5. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    garage cured possum
  6. Stupid Is the New Smart

    There can be no doubt - ..and this is something everyone can agree on. - that the world is round. The question seems to be wether it is round like a melon or round like a pizza.
  7. 50,000 + kits from just one mold ?

    I seem to remember seeing written somewhere that MPC's General Lee Charger is probably America's most produced kit with an estimated one million copies out of the same mold. And all of them with the incorrect rear window..
  8. Heller 2018

    They used to make some racing Ferraris, and some Porsches too. But what would make me go into a complete tailspin would be a release of their open wheel formula cars. The McLaren, the Brabham, the Lotus. The Alpine I could do without. The Tamiya one is a better kit
  9. Heller 2018

    That Furgeson is unfortunately a snap kit from the eighties. It was part of the "Bobcat - Bobkit" series aimed at inexperienced builders and is somewhat simplified. Judging from pictures on the web it seems to build up well enough though. Talking about "NEW" kits; I only think the Estafette van can be said to be a new tool. I might be mistaken, but I'm pretty certain the other ones (at least for 1/24) are reissues. As in new in the catalogue and back after an absence. That said, it doesn't take anything away from the excitement of seeing old favorites back in circulation. I am stoked to be able to purchase the Renault Gordini again, and quite happy to see the 1/72 Saab Safir too. Now if hey wanted to make me really happy they could tool up new coachbuilt bodies for their Talbot and Delahaye..
  10. What did you see on the road today?

    I recently moved to Nebraska from Long Island, and many a thing is different here. This is truck country big time, but all the trucks on the road are fairly new. Should you be so lucky as to spot an older one, it usually look like this. and then today I saw this one. A Chevy Citation. Not all that common a sight anymore.
  11. Stock up on Humbrol Paints now!

    Since I do not have a local retailer that I know of, I've gotten my Humbrol fix directly from Hornby USA online. https://www.humbrol.com/us-en/shop/paints/enamel-paints.html Works like a charm every time. It just take a bit planning to keep an ample supply of my favorite colors.
  12. 1/24 Revell '78 GMC 4x4 Pickup

    Oh, Hello! When can I buy one of those? Is it out, or coming soon? Any news appreciated.