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  1. ESCI of Italy made clear versions of their Ford Escort mk.II Rally, and also their Mercedes-Benz 190. No good for building, but I guess fair for collecting or as a novelty item. The somewhat rough surface of the molds made it impossible to actually see much through the plastic anyway.
  2. Revell '77 snap Monte Carlo - lime green or thereabouts, Fujimi 1971 Toyota TE27 Levin - dark reminiscent of british racing green, Tamiya Jordan191 Formula one - bright grass green
  3. I don't think I've ever seen a FC done up that way before. Looks cool though - kind of. Certainly unusual.
  4. I saw this one... Am I the only one who thinks it looks odd? Is this a new trend / fashion thing that I don't understand, or did somebody just goof up real bad?
  5. I believe that if you happen to make the calls for Hasegawa, you could consider develop the Kubelwagen tool into a Thing. That said I am not convinced it would be a huge seller. On the other hand, Revell (US) has a pretty sweet full-detail Mazda Miata tool that have not been often seen. I do believe that if it was developed into a club/race configuration it could do well. Of course, that one too would rely on marketing and exposure outside of the established "core" of the hobby to meet it's full sales potential.
  6. They are not waiting, you.. impatient one. They are just making sure it is accurate and bug free. Apparently it has taken a few revisions to get it just right, but as for me, I'd rather wait than getting a "could have been better" kit. If anything, it seems to me that Moebius announced the kit at the time they were starting on it (which is fine by me too). And the amount of time that has passed is just the amount of time it took to make. Would you rather have it like Revell and Round 2 does it, announcing kits only two or three months before they hit the store shelves?
  7. I would respectfully disagree. Unique tow vehicle, yes - but the amount of power available from the engine does not make it a good tow vehicle. All other things aside, The 2CV tended to have a "flower power, environmentalist, hippie" kind of stigma attached to it. I guess it would be less so with the van variety, but it would still be severely underpowered for towing even a midget. Not to mention being the laughing stock of the pits. Actually, the only way you could associate a 2CV with racing without loosing face is by actually racing it. Oh, yeah - right. This tread was supposed to be about the van. Guess I goofed out on that. sorry
  8. I do not like race cars (by default), but I think I could make something streetable out of this. Say, if I cut back that front dam a little and dug some seats and door panels out of the spares box. And then of course, lost the monkey bars and bottles - I could call it a tuner. I'm interested but on the fence for now. I feel the need to see the price tag and a review first.
  9. WHAT? All due respect to you, but this makes no sense in any shape or form. Please authenticate. If the kits are different scales, then they need their own set of tooling cut - no interchangeable parts and so on. It would kind of beat the purpose of this kind of joint venture in the first place. I can see from the parts on display that they are combining side window panes with the door upholstery part. I've seen that done in the past, which kit was that again - that was a Heller one, yes?
  10. This is so exciting My parents bought a green '73 when I was a kid, and I grew up in that car. This one for sure is on my shortlist. There is really no need to bash the low parts count - there wasn't really that many more parts to the 1:1 car anyway. They were really, really spartan. That said, I think Heller did a wise choice in going for this one. It is not an exciting car in and of itself, but there was millions made, in many parts of the world, and a lot of people have some kind of emotional connection to them. There is also possibilities for development of the tool for ,yes, the van and pickup, but also the sinpar four-wheel-drive conversion that did fairly well in the 1979 Paris - Dakar rally. Other than that, if they provide the big fabric sunroof, we can build the one prominently featured in the 1984 movie "Romancing the stone" So a big pat on the back to Heller for bringing this one out. Now, what I would really want to see them do (Not only for my own sake, but I think they might sell a few) is to tool up some coachbuilder bodies to go with their 1950 Talbot-Lago.
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