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  1. mrindy77 added a topic in Under Glass   

    Fantasy F5000 Eagle
    When I was a member of a local model car club, I started a white elephant gift exchange for a Christmas party. We did this in December and then presented out built 'elephants' in February. This was my fantasy F5000 Eagle from a number of years ago. I made the 'Bianco Pacoderm Racing Team'  Decals on my ALPS and added details from my parts bin. This started as the MPC 1968 Indy Eagle.

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  2. mrindy77 added a post in a topic This is what happens when you don't measure...   

    The street rod version...

  3. mrindy77 added a post in a topic Schroeder steering gear?   

    I believe the unit in the Monogram sprint cars are all the same and they are KSE. They look similar but the are not a Schroeder.  I've contemplated scratch building one and casting...if that comes to fruition I will post here. 
  4. mrindy77 added a post in a topic Porsche 917k   

    Nice Porscha.
  5. mrindy77 added a post in a topic Dyno Don Pro Stock Pinto Color?   

    Ford Poppy red was the same color AJ Foyt used on all of Indy Cars. This is well documented. Look at some pics of his 1977 Indy 500 winning Coyote and compare them to you pro stock. Foyt coined this color "Coyote" red.
  6. mrindy77 added a post in a topic Pro Touring 69 Camaro   

    I'm not real familiar with the pro touring scene and I have question regarding this style. Do they typically run them without inner fender wells? I would think if they get driven it would beat the heck out of the fenders from road klag. Did you have to leave them off the car to get it to sit right? Thanks, just curious. 
  7. mrindy77 added a post in a topic How did you get started in model building?   

    My dad built model cars in his youth and continued to build as an adult. I think it was 1973 or 74 when we he purchased this MPC 1/72 Wildcat kit for me. He helped me build it during the Super Bowl of that year. From then on I was hooked. I started building WWII airplanes in 1/72...then 1/48...I think I built every Monogram airplane there was. Then I started building military...we stopped one year at Squadron Hobby in Illinois on a family never knew there were so many models. While displaying my dioramas in a local mall/show I was introduced to the Model Car Club of Minnesota...from then on it was cars...I always have had an affinity for cars as my dad took me to car shows but I had never seen the detail that these guys were doing. From early 1984 it has been model cars. I've never taken a break from fact it became a full time job for 2 years. This was the first kit...
  8. mrindy77 added a post in a topic CMW Belly Tank Salt Flats Racer   

    I want this...
  9. mrindy77 added a post in a topic CMW Belly Tank Salt Flats Racer   

    I have this...
  10. mrindy77 added a topic in Trading Post   

    CMW Belly Tank Salt Flats Racer
    I have available for trade a CMW (California Model Works) 1/25 Belly Tank Racer. (Unstarted)
    I am looking to trade for a Lance Sellers 1963 Art Malone Novi.(Preferably unmolested)
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  11. mrindy77 added a post in a topic Carl Casper`s : Phonebooth: Finished Pictures   

    Cookily cool.
  12. mrindy77 added a post in a topic Is the forum a free advertising venue for resin casters?   

    I think Cal Wood built the first 5 Swaters cars. ;-)
  13. mrindy77 added a post in a topic Short Track Camaro Nose?   

    Fred's Resin Workshop....he no longer sells parts.
  14. mrindy77 added a post in a topic 1925 Ford Model T Track Coupster   

    I'm leaving the roof on. You can call it a coupster if you are so inclined.
  15. mrindy77 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    1925 Ford Model T Track Coupster
    I've had this one on the back burner for while. Time to start making some progress. This is the initial mock up, its a AMT 1925 Model T, its an older one that was molded in black. I used the Edmunds modified front grille and scratch built a belly pan. Tires are Herb Deeks big and littles with some kidney bean Halibrands I found in the parts box. I'm going to stuff a Ford DOHC Indy motor from the Gurney Eagle kit into it. Tight fit but it appears it will work. 
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