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  1. Looking for a interior tub for an AMT 1939/40 Tudor Sedan.
  2. Tim, I have recently been restoring some of my older street rod builds as well, some of which you covered in SRM many, many years ago. I'm not changing the colors or details just repainting to freshen up some old paint and techniques. I'm surprised how may of them have survived nearly 30+ years and a few moves. Oh, and just for the record, your old Track T with V6 and flames is still inspiring to me this day. Cal
  3. 1950 Oldsmobile hot rod... factory fresh from the Brickyard Engineering Scale Model Hot Rod Shop. Kinsler fuel injected small block Chevy fully plumbed, shaved, decked and lowered. Machined aluminum baby moons and valve stems rolling on Goodyear big and littles. She's got a killer hot stance.
  4. mrindy77

    Hershel McGriff

    I've heard the kit body is incorrect but what are the differences?
  5. This is the long tail car, it has a much longer windscreen, longer tail(natch), and you can see the sides are more 'slab-sided'. Any also did this version as well but I'm not sure it was ever sold to public. It may have been, I built a few of them that were sold as built ups only.
  6. I built about 40 of Andy's birdcage when I was contracting my building services. 33 of the cars were the Gurney/Moss Nuburgring car and the others were various drivers, Penske, hall, Andrey, etc.
  7. No lug wrench needed...just a big lead hammer....knockoffs...LOL
  8. Nice rod. Your builds are always spot on. Clean, just the right stance.
  9. mrindy77

    Chaparral 2H

    Nice model of one Jim Hall most abysmal can am cars...partially caused by Surtees himself, as he did not want to drive the machine as originally designed...with Surtees sitting in the enclosed car only viewing through the perspex windows. They eventually abandoned the car for a McLaren during the season.
  10. I used to charge $100 a mold regardless of size(up to a 1/24 scale body). I kept the mold. Parts produced from the mold were sold to customer at an agreed upon price, usually based on resin used. I factored my time into the part cost. Typical car body was about $20. A mold without intricate cut ins usually lasted about 40-50 castings before it startede to 'chunk' out. Find out if you get the mold and make sure the caster is ethical and won't sell your product underneath you.
  11. Nice concept from start to finish. All of the design elements came together to produce a very unique model that hearkens back to the Art Deco era.
  12. I love this little kit. Some race cars are timeless. I still have my Hot Rod Magazine with this car on the cover.
  13. Ricardo Montalban approves.
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