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  1. mrindy77 added a post in a topic 1961 Cooper Climax   

    Cleaning up parts and filling up some pinholes. Mock up to make sure everything is fitting correctly before primer coat.

  2. mrindy77 added a post in a topic 1961 Cooper Climax
    I think he only sells via ebay. I purchased mine as a preorder for $119. Once the kit was completed shipping was with in a week. I'm definitely getting his Ferrari 375 Indy as well. 
  3. mrindy77 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    1961 Cooper Climax
    I just received my FPPM kit and it is really nice. 52 parts make up the kit and the decals are clean and crisp. I have always been intrigued by this car and the revolution it started. Interesting to note is FPPM molded the brass suspension pieces into the chassis once cleaned up it will make for a very solid suspension. 
    After winning their second Formula One World Championship in October 1960, encouraged by Roger Ward, John Cooper and Jack Brabham tested a T53 "Low Line" F1 car at the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The results were encouraging enough for wealthy enthusiast Jim Kimberly to sponsor a specially built car for the 1961 race. Designed and constructed in less than 4 months, the new car appeared at the Brickyard May 5, 1961, and was quickly put into its paces. After a few modifications, Jack Brabham qualified the new car in 13th spot, only 2mph slower than pole position. After an eventful race in which Brabham was forced to make 3 long pit stops due to excessive tire wear from its inadequate Dunlops, he completed the 200 laps in 9th place, causing many to rethink their long-established beliefs about what a proper Indy car should be. 
    It would take three more years for the "Rear Engine Revolution" to be complete, but the sole Cooper T54 was the death knell of the traditional front-engine, rigid-axle cars that had ruled the Indy 500 since the early 1920s.
    Stay tuned in for the ensuing WIP.


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  4. mrindy77 added a post in a topic The Post Office regrets.......   

    I just recently received a model from Portugal. The mailperson left a note in the mailbox that I would have to pick up at the PO as no one was home as I watched them from my living room window. Guess they did not want to drive down my drive way and actually see if someone was home. 
  5. mrindy77 added a post in a topic Another old rod to ponder   

    Interesting steering wheel.
  6. mrindy77 added a post in a topic Nickey Corvette   

    One of my favorite vintage racing vettes and driven by fellow Wisconsinite Jim Jeffords.
  7. mrindy77 added a post in a topic See ya guys later   

  8. mrindy77 added a post in a topic American Graffiti FED   

    Daddyfink, Bernard sent me a scan of the originals. I'm going to work with those and print a set using my ALPS. Thanks for the offer.
  9. mrindy77 added a post in a topic American Graffiti FED   

    I PM'd again this morning. If that did not work not sure why. I go to your page and click on the Message button.
  10. mrindy77 added a post in a topic American Graffiti FED   

    Bernard, I PM'd you but not sure it went through. It does not show up in the message box.
  11. mrindy77 added a post in a topic Jawbreaker   

    I found out that this is the same kit as Milner's  AG FED(except the back portion of body is not in this kit). I picked one up at Hobby Lobby yesterday...40% off coupon....score.
  12. mrindy77 added a post in a topic Hudson Salt Flats racer   

    Love it. Simple but effective. 
  13. mrindy77 added a topic in Wanted!   

    American Graffiti FED
    Is there anyone that can scan the American Graffiti front engine dragster decals and send me the .jpg? I will create an extra set for whomever supplies the scan.
    Cal Wood
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  14. mrindy77 added a post in a topic Munsters Drag-U-La   

    Funky ride....the ornate detail on the coffin would definitely benefit from some different shades of gold and brown wash to really make the detail pop.