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  1. 1974 Plymouth Satellite "Sundance Special"

    Great build of that kit. what motor is in it? Mike
  2. Koenig Mercedes 500SL

    Interesting subject. Thank you for making correct seat belts. I also like what you are doing with the interior. That area is seriously lacking in these kits. Mike
  3. What else to do with ZZ Top Monogram 33 Fords??

    While the kit can have its challenges, there are some things you can do with this kit. Below are a couple of ideas I had, and am actually started building the roadster over 20 years ago. It is rather easy to do, if you have an AMT 36 Ford kit. The separate top on the ZZ top kit can easily be swapped with the roadster cowl piece as it is the same size and needs very little modifications. Now, getting the Fiero Turbo, intercooled V6 in the back is another story (hence why it has been stalled for 20 years.). The other one is based of the same style as Tom shows above. There was a time when those were common. I have another rendering done by someone that I had tried to start as a club build (where each club member builds a part of the kit), but it failed miserably and I have never seen the kit since. You should build it in a style that you like. it is very modifiable and I would like to see something done with it no one else has done. Mike
  4. 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Finished Pics

    Wow!! All that work really turned out incredible. Glad to see it done, though I am still going to have to go over the progress shots for inspiration. Thanks for sharing the final product. Mike
  5. 1975 Monza--Completed 12/25/2018

    Whats funny is I used the head lights from the pro street Camaro kit & they fit right. Great job so far! Mike
  6. ’73 Camaro

    This is looking really good, especially with the kit you started with. I love how you corrected the front. Makes me want to dig the one I was working on back out. Great job on all the details, and making them look so easy. I totally agree with keeping the sharp corners on the stripes and cant wait to see this completed.
  7. shortend 55 ford panel

    Nice work. Knowing the guy that built that truck, I can it would be very difficult to replicate. He literally cut the truck into squares. It has been shortened, narrowed, sectioned, chopped and anything else you could do to it. I like the direction you going with this. Keep going and posting pics. Mike
  8. IMC 48 Ford Coupe - Is it me or the kit?

    It is an old kit and mine had a lot of flash as well, but the key is to keep test fitting and test fit some more. Being an older kit, the details are pretty simplified, which makes fig-iting easier. It is possible to have fun with this kit, but it does have it's challenges. I made things harder for myself by modifying the chassis as well. Glad to see you finished yours. Someone found an old b&w photo of mine from quite a while ago. The doors no longer close on mine.
  9. 1946 Ford Coupe

    Turned out great. Glad you finished it. Mike
  10. 66 Fastback Nova

    Great idea! Love where you are going with it. Mike
  11. 32 Ford's

    Man there is a LOT of nice work here! I must admit the 32 is one of my all time favorites. Here is one I finished a while ago. I am working on others, but I have pics of this one. There are parts from so many different 32's. The body is Monogram mounted on a AMT Phantom Vicky chassis, wheels & tires. 37 Ford tail lights and PT Cruiser seats & door panels. Mike
  12. Looking good so far. Thank you for painting the wheel centers. How did you mask the outer rim? I know I was taken aback when I saw the metal axles, but it does not look that hard to convert back. Mike
  13. 1978 Dodge Monaco Brougham 1/25

    Wow that's nice! I love those hub caps! great build. Mike
  14. Looks great! love all the work you put into your builds to fix kit issues & to get it to look just right. Mike
  15. panel suburban

    I'm likin it! I have an idea or two for these as well. I think there is a lot of potential in these kits.