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    My first car, have owned it since I was 16.

    1987 Holden VL Commodore Berlina, 5 Speed Manual, RB30.

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    G'Day from Down Under.
    Hello everyone!

    My name is Alex and I'm from Australia, I am just starting to get into modelling, and as such have been searching around the net for inspiration and education and have come across this forum which I thought was pretty cool. I have only completed one model so far, a Johnny Lightning Charger I had sitting in my cupboard for like 8 years or so, which I thought of doing but never got around to many times, so after lots of opening it and closing it I decided to give it a go and I loved it. I love working on real cars and such but as an 18 year old I can't afford to do too much so modelling is a nice way to let my imagination run wild without taking my wallet with it. My Dad used to be quite heavily into modelling (Mostly Tamiya Formula 1 kits and such) So he is also part of my reason for getting into it.

    Here's some pics of the Charger, not great I know but it was missing the odd part and I just wanted to see if I'd enjoy building it so I kind of did it pretty quick, but my next build (Tamiya R32 GTR, when it arrives) Should be 100x nicer.


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