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  1. Young iron added a post in a topic Round 2 September 2017 Product Spotlight   

    I need a crate of these 1:16 T/As
  2. Young iron added a post in a topic 1/16 MPC '79 Pontiac Firebird   

    I wish someone offered decals for these T/As. Keith Marks offers great 1:24 ones (that's how I built my 1974 SD-455). But 79-81s still exist in various scales, from 1:25 to 1:8. Converting this reissue in a 305ci 1980, or just repainting a 1:8 TTA with fresh decals would be just amazing.
  3. Young iron added a post in a topic Round 2 August 2017 Product Spotlight   

    Nothing exciting to me. Except the idea of building 1:25 1974-78 GM cars : 76 Formula, 77 4-4-2, 73 Grand Am...
  4. Young iron added a post in a topic 1977 Dodge Monaco/Crestwood wagon.   

    Hi. The market will depend on quality. The poor interior/chassis/engine from the kit are okay since no one will admire these Lean Burn motors. But the body will have to be nice and feature, to my taste, side woodtrim and correct hubcaps.
  5. Young iron added a post in a topic Do any resin casters off these Centerline wheels in 1/25 or 1/24?   

    You will find the second ones in the Amt Chevrolet Silverado and C-1500 Sportside pick-ups of the 80/90s. So you can place them under Pontiac Fieros.
    The first ones exist in various Revell and Mpc kits (1939 Chevy, 1967 Corvette).
  6. Young iron added a post in a topic 1/16 MPC '79 Pontiac Firebird   

    I have a hurt original, so this is great news and I will buy a few. Hope they will just complete the toyish tinted glass with clear one.
  7. Young iron added a post in a topic 1:12 Scale: Are There Any American Muscle Cars You Like To See Kitted   

    Ok, just for Muscle-machines, here's my list :
    -Buick 1968 GS-400
    -Buick 1969 Riviera GS
    -Buick 1970 GS-455
    -Buick 197 Riviera Boatail GS
    -Buick 1973 GS-455
    -Chevy 1967 Camaro SS
    -Chevy 1968 Corvette L-88 roadster
    -Chevy 1969 Camaro SS convertible
    -Chevy 1969 Corvette ZL-1
    -Chevy 1970 Camaro Z-28
    -Chevy 1970 Corvette ZR-1
    -Chevy 1970 Malibu SS454 LS-6
    -Chevy 1971 Camaro SS
    -Chevy 1971 Malibu SS350
    -Chevy 1973 Chevelle Baldwin-Motion Phase III
    -Chevy 1974 Corvette 454 roadster
    -Dodge 1969 Charger R/T 440
    -Dodge 1969 Coronet R/T Hemi convertible
    -Dodge 1969 Super-Bee 440x6
    -Olsdmobile 1968 4-4-2/Hurst Olds
    -Oldsmobile 1969 4-4-2
    -Oldsmobile 1970 Rallye 350
    -Oldsmobile 1973 4-4-2
    -Plymouth 1968 GTX convertible
    -Plymouth 1969 Roadrunner 440 4bbl
    -Plymouth 1970 Cuda 383 convertible
    -Plymouth 1970 GTX 440
    -Plymouth 1970 Hemicuda
    -Plymouth 1970 Sport Fury GT
    -Plymouth 1970 Superbird Hemi
    -Plymouth 1971 Cuda 340
    -Plymouth 1971 GTX 440
    -Plymouth 1971 Hemicuda convertible
    -Plymouth 1973 Cuda
    -Plymouth 1973 GTX 440
    -Pontiac 1967 Firebird 400
    -Pontiac 1968 GTO
    -Pontiac 1969 Firebird 400
    -Pontiac 1969 GTO
    -Pontiac 1969 Trans-Am
    -Pontiac 1970 GTO 
    -Pontiac 1970 Firebird Formula 400
    -Pontiac 1970 Trans Am
    -Pontiac 1971 GTO convertible
    -Pontiac 1973 GTO
    -Pontiac 1973 Firebird Formula SD455
    -Pontiac 1973 Trans Am SD455
    -Pontiac 1974 GTO
    -Pontiac 1974 Trans Am SD455
    -Pontiac 1976 Firebird Formula W50 Appearance Package
    -Pontiac 1976 Trans Am 50th Anniversary
    -Pontiac 1977 Can Am
    -Pontiac 1977 Trans Am Edition
    -Pontiac 1978 Firebird Formula W72
    -Pontiac 1979 Trans-Am Gold Edition
    -Pontiac 1980 Firebird Formula Turbo
    -Pontiac 1981 Trans Am Pace Car
  8. Young iron added a post in a topic 92 firebird   

    Your Formula can be easily be replicated with any of these 1/24 1987-1992 Formula-T/A kit. Your biggest challenge will be the front bumper.
    Try to find a trash-built 1982-83, their bumper won't have a spoiler. Using a nice unbuilt example would be criminal. 
    Good luck ! 
  9. Young iron added a post in a topic Revell-Mercedes   

    Proud owner of four 1:1 MBs, this is my list :
    -Just repop the C126
    -W126 300-560SEL (LWB)
    -W123 Sedan-Coupe-Wagon (could mix OM617 and M110 engines, why not a TURBODIESEL wagon ?)
    -W116 450SEL 6.9
    -W107s (at least a R107 500SL Roadster)
    -W124 Convertible
    -T2 Van 
    -TN Van
    -Maybach 62S
    -W100 600 Pullman
  10. Young iron added a post in a topic Wish List for Aftermarket Parts in '17   

    Actually, anything that would add fun to the existing F-Babies kits :
    1977 Z28 transkit : for Monogram 1979 Z28
    1975-77 Base Camaro transkit : for Monogram 1979 Z28 (you could build a Bumble Bee, at last)
    1980-81 transkit : for Monogram 1979 Z28
    Yenko-Z transkit : for Monogram 1979 Z28
    1979 W72 transkit : for Monogram 1978 T/A (straight remold of 1980 TTA parts, since the kit was never reissued. With shaker hood and 400ci motor)
    1971 High Back buckets : for Monogram 1970 T/A
    15-inch + Trim rings Pontiac Rally II wheels
    1/16 Firebird-Esprit-Formula transkit : for Amt 1/16 1979 T/A
    1/24-1/25 Honeycomb wheels : both 14 and 15-inch (since Modelhaus is sadly no more in business)
    Redbird-Skybird-Yellowbird transkit : for Revell and Monogram 1977-78 T/As
    1971-1981 Esprit-Formula stripe decals.
    Wouldn't you build one of these beauties ? 

  11. Young iron added a post in a topic Wish List for Aftermarket Parts in '17   

    Now, if someone could 3D-print these, um, wheels...
  12. Young iron added a post in a topic Wish List for Aftermarket Parts in '17   

    Chief Joseph does offer amazing Mickey Thompsons. But only one size (rears) is available. Fronts will get the fantastic 70's look :

  13. Young iron added a post in a topic Wish List for Aftermarket Parts in '17   

    -Mopar Rally wheels : 1:24 70-71 style with separate trim rings and center caps, 1:25 72-75 style with separate trim rings and center cap, also.
    -Chevy Rally wheels : 69-80 style, with different width and center caps. For Camaros, Corvettes, Malibus, etc
    -American 200S "Daisy" 1:24 wheels : not the old Monogram ones, nice ones.
    -Turbine wheels : for 1979 Camaro Z28
    -1984 T/A wheels : for Monogram 1985 T/A
    -1976 transkit  : for Monogram 1978 T/A
    -1975 transkit : for Revell 1977 T/A
    -1974 transkit : for Monogram 1970 T/A
    -Firebird Esprit and Formula transkits
    -Flat hoods for muscle cars
    -Hemi hood : for Monogram Challenger T/A
    -Knight Rider transkit : for MPC 1:16 1982 T/A
    -1971 Transkit : for Monogram 1970 Malibu
    -1970 stock hubcaps : for amt 1970 Monte-Carlo
    -Correct seats : for Monogram 1971 Cuda
    -Mickey Thompson Indy Profile : front and rear tires for both 1:24 and 1:25 street-machines
    -TORQUE-TWISTER POS-A-TRACTION : front and rear tires for both 1:24 and 1:25 street-machines
    -1976 transkit : for 1977 Monte-Carlo
    -Stock coupe transkit : for Revell 1980 Cadillac
    -Stock sedan transkit : for Revell 1980 Cadillac
    -Firehawk Competition Package : for Monogram 1992 Firebird
    That's a good start...
  14. Young iron added a post in a topic MPC 1979 Trans Am'   

  15. Young iron added a post in a topic Yenko vs Baldwin Motion Streetburner   

    Well, these kits are really close because the real 1:1 cars are. They're both 427ci-powered 1969 Camaros.
    The major differences are :
    -specific L88 hood on the BM
    -specific unsilenced air cleaner on the BM
    -Chevy Rally wheels on the BM, Altas alloy rims on the Yenko
    -specific rear spoiler on the BM
    -BM side exhausts
    Yet, I'd keep both kits, because you can build REALLY different cars.
    First, Yenkos can have a lot of different faces. Despite being available only in six colors (Olympic Gold, LeMans blue, Hugger orange, Daytona Yellow, Rally green, Fathom green), thay can feature white or black stripes and either stock Rally or Atlas wheels. Add the Day two classic Era accessories and you'll spend hours choosing your Yenko.
    Second, Mr Motion could build anything you ordered. Revell choose to duplicate a very famous BM Phase III Camaro, but in real 1969 life, you could choose the color, the interior, the rims, accessories, and a lot more details on your BM Camaro. Just think out of the box, as long as it feels Period-correct.
    For instance, my Yenko is planned to be gold w/ white interior and decals, and standard Rally wheels. While I'd build my BM Burgundy w/ red interior, red stripes, and Keystone classic mags. Not really the same.
    Revell did only the job partly. Only you can complete.
    This is the car Revell choose to duplicate :

    And here are other BMs :