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  1. Young iron added a post in a topic New added to Round 2   

    I need a couple of these Tran... er, Firebirds.  It's just, where are the Bowling Ball wheels ?
    These Diamond Spoke (Cross-lace) rims aren't correct for 1982, and I've never seen them on the original box-art. 
  2. Young iron added a post in a topic A reasonably SERIOUS new-tool '70 Charger Revell is hiding in plain sight...   

    I agree. Enough Hemi/4-speeds in kits. A 440/Torqueflight is respectable enough and, so far, Revell offers them only in Darts.
  3. Young iron added a post in a topic AMT 1/16   

    They also offered :
    -1979 Pontiac Trans-Am 10th anniversary : Looks like a bigger 1:25. Some extra detailing (separated fuel tank, real front springs) and opening doors, but nothing more difficult than a 1:25. Except, and you shouldn't underestimate that, the body fit and finish. It will require a lot of sanding/putty to look great. At least proportions are good. And the siler 10th Anniversary are great. That kit started as a MPC, but has been sold with a AMT box art.
    -1981 Pontiac Turbo Trans-Am : Very similar to the 1979, except for Turbo motor and black tinted (toy-like) glass. MPC only, no AMT.
    -1978 Corvette 25th Anniversary. MPC later sold as AMT. Don't know much about.
    MPC also released a 1:16 1988 Corvette roadster (nice), 1982 Pontiac Trans-Am, 1984 Corvette.
  4. Young iron added a post in a topic Round2 August Announcements Video   

    The background of this video is just three cars (1966 Toro, 1970 GTO, 1974 Camaro) that have been kitted, but long not-reissued.
    Funny coïncidence...
    About the Pacers, does this mean we can swap parts to create 1977 sedans and 1978 wagons ?
  5. Young iron added a post in a topic > MPC 1980 Road Runner   

    This is great stuff !!!
    Both sizes of Blue Streaks offer endless possibilities. These custom turbine xheels are perfect for kitbashing 70's kits. I'll get a couple.
  6. Young iron added a post in a topic Vouge Tires & Wire Wheels   

    You will find very nice 2-piece Kesley-Hayes wheels with Amt 1965 Buick Rivieras. For the tires, not yet. But maybe someone (amt, Fireball Modelworks) is reading...
  7. Young iron added a post in a topic Big & Little aluminium 5-slot wheels   

    Yup, Fireball Modelworks !
  8. Young iron added a post in a topic MPC/Round 2 - Pony Express is back from the grave!   

    I want two of these : one built as a classic wagon, one with that Cruising Package !
  9. Young iron added a post in a topic Wish Lists   

    European hits : 1980 Mercedes 500SL W107, 1975 Mercedes Grösser 600 Pullman W100, 1988 BMW 325i convertible E30, 1989 Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9.
    American glamour : 198X Cadillac limousine, 1977 Lincoln Mk V, 1971 Ford Pinto with Street/Strip options, 1973 Malibu SS, 1973 Cadillac Eldorado.
  10. Young iron added a post in a topic Surprise Release! 1/25 5-slot Mags for Starsky's Torino   

    Great release, Jospeh.
    These wheels will duplicate the S&H movie Tomato. The TV cars had something closer to 14x6 upfront, but your set will be perfect for a bunch of Muscle Classics ! 
  11. Young iron added a post in a topic Wish Lists   

    Well, a 1971 Riviera is still my #1 wish. As a 3-N-1 kit with Stock, Pro-touring and Lowrider options...
    Also a 1977-1990 Caprice, sedan and wagon.
    Now, a few Pontiacs. Easy to create duplicating a few existing toolings : 1970-73 Firebird Formula, 1976 Trans-Am and Formula, 1970 GTO, 1979 Trans-Am 400ci. Plus the hard way, no pain no gain : 1977 Can-Am, 1970 Grand-Prix, 1975 Grandville, 1973 GTO.
    What about Mopars ? 1966 Barracuda, 1971 Challenger, 1978 Magnum XE? 1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer, 1984 Jeep XJ Cherokee, 1983 Plymouth Voyager (yes, seriously, a Voyager).
  12. Young iron added a post in a topic Tool Extension possibilities   

    From the Torino, I'd say a Clint Eastwood 1972 Grand Torino. Well, since the film won't attract kids and teenagers, let's try the same copied car in F&F 4 ?
  13. Young iron added a post in a topic With the MPC Reissues , I Wonder If ...   

    Of course, I'd buy a couple of these !
    First because my original is slightly bent. Second because this car gets more charm year after year.
  14. Young iron added a post in a topic Modelhaus going, going Gone !!!!!!   

    I order from time to time. And everytime I have to slown down, or order $800 of different stuff. My computer is full of building-lists featuring thair T-426 tires, Spyder, Honeycomb or Cragar rims.
    I didn't make a $1500 order, because I definitely believe someone will go on this business. And will need my money.
  15. Young iron added a post in a topic Light Truck and Pickup Wheels   

    B-N-L Resins. You'll love their stuff