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  1. Young iron added a post in a topic Surprise Release! 1/25 5-slot Mags for Starsky's Torino   

    Great release, Jospeh.
    These wheels will duplicate the S&H movie Tomato. The TV cars had something closer to 14x6 upfront, but your set will be perfect for a bunch of Muscle Classics ! 
  2. Young iron added a post in a topic Wish Lists   

    Well, a 1971 Riviera is still my #1 wish. As a 3-N-1 kit with Stock, Pro-touring and Lowrider options...
    Also a 1977-1990 Caprice, sedan and wagon.
    Now, a few Pontiacs. Easy to create duplicating a few existing toolings : 1970-73 Firebird Formula, 1976 Trans-Am and Formula, 1970 GTO, 1979 Trans-Am 400ci. Plus the hard way, no pain no gain : 1977 Can-Am, 1970 Grand-Prix, 1975 Grandville, 1973 GTO.
    What about Mopars ? 1966 Barracuda, 1971 Challenger, 1978 Magnum XE? 1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer, 1984 Jeep XJ Cherokee, 1983 Plymouth Voyager (yes, seriously, a Voyager).
  3. Young iron added a post in a topic Tool Extension possibilities   

    From the Torino, I'd say a Clint Eastwood 1972 Grand Torino. Well, since the film won't attract kids and teenagers, let's try the same copied car in F&F 4 ?
  4. Young iron added a post in a topic With the MPC Reissues , I Wonder If ...   

    Of course, I'd buy a couple of these !
    First because my original is slightly bent. Second because this car gets more charm year after year.
  5. Young iron added a post in a topic Modelhaus going, going Gone !!!!!!   

    I order from time to time. And everytime I have to slown down, or order $800 of different stuff. My computer is full of building-lists featuring thair T-426 tires, Spyder, Honeycomb or Cragar rims.
    I didn't make a $1500 order, because I definitely believe someone will go on this business. And will need my money.
  6. Young iron added a post in a topic Light Truck and Pickup Wheels   

    B-N-L Resins. You'll love their stuff
  7. Young iron added a post in a topic Looking for BudNik Wheels or close to them   

    Something close is in the Revell 1977 Monte-Carlo Lowrider kit.
  8. Young iron added a post in a topic Revell AG Mercedes AMG GT   

    Will buy !!!
  9. Young iron added a post in a topic Heller 2016   

    Renault Estafette, YEEEE-HAAAAAA !
    The Estafette was the equivalent of Chevy Vans till 1980. These vans are as popular as Citroen HYs, but less famous abroad.
    The 2CVs are limited editions offered during the 70s and 80s. Iconic as well. But the real, amazing idea, is the Gendarmerie Renault 4L and Estafette pack. This has been the basic Gendarmerie pack for decades. Gendarmes replace policemen by the french countryside. Just like Sheriffs. It means that pack smells Camembert and Côte du Rhones.
    Last detail, but not least : associate a Gendarmerie 4L, a Gendarmerie Estafette, and an Olive green Mehari, you'll get the perfect Gendarme de St-Tropez background !
  10. Young iron added a post in a topic Italeri 2016   

    Will buy the Transit ! And add german plates plus a trailer.
  11. Young iron added a post in a topic Some more Round2 surprizes!   

    These custom seats and wheels are fantastic !!!
  12. Young iron added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Sassy Grass Green 1971 Hemi GTX
    Hi everyone
    A few years ago, I took a decision : less posts, more models.
    But sometimes, it's fun to go teasing 

    That interior is day-fresh. Paint is a couple weeks old, but the dash has just been glued on the tub. Semi-gloss paint is les shiny in person. I don't like mate clearcoat on Muscle-cars black vinyl. I could make better quality, spending EVEN more time0 But I have way too many ideas to. And life is short...

    Chassis looks better in person too. I don't mind leaving the modeling marks on mufflers. Don't real one have welding marks ?

    Tub-to-chassis overspray is not that bad either. I will soon do the same on Revell's 1970 Cuda. 
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  13. Young iron added a post in a topic MPC 79 FirebirdT/A   

    I'll buy a couple of these aged things, just for the decals ! 
  14. Young iron added a post in a topic Revell AG VW Golf Gti Mk1   

    Very nice original GTI !!!
  15. Young iron added a post in a topic Pics- Super Chicken '73 Trans Am is alive and well.   

    Gorgeous !!!
    Where did you get the A/C compressor and Honeycomb wheels ?
    The seats are definitely 1970. To build a 1971-and-after Deluxe interior, you need some seats from a chinese Die-Cast. Maybe when you build the Buccaneer Red one. 
    Here are some pics of the 1974 SD I built years ago...