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  1. I'm waiting for hot and dry weather to clearcoat and finish this one :
  2. No, they even don't exist in 1/24. The 1984 Trans-Am has specific grilles and rims. You can find the skirts in Revell 1/16 GTAs, but you have to mix the front one with the 1982 nose. And scratchbuild the grills.
  3. I just love Pimpmobiles, so I wish this kit was reissued !
  4. The Parts Box seem to offer something close. Engine block is accurate, but not some minor details, it's probably an australian 6, since they are a proudly an aussie business. https://www.thepartsbox.com/shop/engines-drivetrain/engine-kits/engine-red-6-cylinder/
  5. Sounds like a job for Chief Joseph at Fireball Modelworks.
  6. Well, it seems that there's an additional market for Fireball Modelworks.
  7. No one exists as a kit. Or I would buy a bunch of it. If Revell managed to release a nice 59 Cadillac, they can make a nice W100. Pullman only !
  8. Talk about the ultimate Pontiac Bonanza : make a transkit from Otaki 1974 T/As to build 1975s and 1976s from the usual Monogram 1978...
  9. Keith Marks does offer a 1971 Formula decal set. But they're probably designed for 1:25 Mpc kits. Someone may ask him to create new sets, but he hasn't released new ones for years now.
  10. Hi No chance for a kit. But you can find 1:24 Die-casts of these things. A lot of funny trash to repaint and detail. From brands such as Burago or Polistil. BTW, the Fiat 127 DOES exist, and is not that bad. Just add decent wheels, tricky details, and it will be respectable. Tadaaaa !
  11. This is an old subject. I've been hoping for them for 10 years (71 Rivi, any FWD Eldo, Lincoln Mk V, Pontiac Grandville, Buick Centurion, 1976 Cadillac Limousine, etc). We've had a few approaching subjects with the Low-rider wave. But now ? Did Revell sell enough 77 Monte-Carlos to pay the mold engineering ? What about the 1984 Cadillac ? Isn't the Low-rider trend oldfashion with modelers ? So, why these kits haven't been slightly modified to sell more ( stock 1980 Caddy, 1984 Fleetwood Brougham, 1974 Monte-Carlo, 1977 Olds 4-4-2). Where's the money ? The money ? MONEY ??? I just guess we had a golden era for Land yachts, and today is all about 80s and 90s. Or the good old Hot-Rod/60s subjects. Nevermind, you know what 1970s car I'd buy by dozens today if they had it kitted ? Mercedes R107s.
  12. Here's the 1974 Super-Duty T/A I build years ago. I mixed a 1970 Revell and a 1974 Arii for the front fascia. To create a 1976, you should use most of the 1978 Revell Warbird, including the front bumper. Missing link Resin also offers Honeycomb wheels.
  13. I'll buy one just for the scale. 1/20 is just the perfect scale. Slightly bigger than 1:24, perfect for better details, but not Big Scale yet. No if they could release the Grand Cherokee as well...
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