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  1. If it's a Ferrari, anything but "RED" !!….Joe
  2. This was the media picture for Peterson Automotive. These are my photos...
  3. I got a chance to see that at Peterson's Automotive museum a couple years ago. Awesome to see in person....Joe
  4. That is bad ass! I don't suppose you have a utube video so we can hear it?...Joe
  5. I have 2 of them, never opened them!.... have to pull them out!...Joe
  6. Nice room. My room is way smaller, plus I share with my son and all his gamming stuff...Joe
  7. Picked these up off Ebay years ago in lot. There were 5 Vettes in total. When the dust settled they came to $60 each...Both sealed & unbuilt...Joe
  8. I would go with an all out gasser! Or, Pro Touring. Even a Trans Am style for its era....Joe
  9. vettecote

    Paint Smell

    Yes, I like it too! Every time I smell that enamel, takes me back 50 years to my build bench in the basement when I was a kid!...Joe
  10. How do I withdraw my selection? I would go with neither!...Joe
  11. Got this off eBay years ago. Turned it into that.
  12. I'm not in your book? Who are you? I'll lose sleep over that!
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