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  1. A few years ago I purchased this partial kit with metal chassis. I like the 12V71 in the kit, so in it goes! Thanks for watching...Joe
  2. A few changes coming! Going with the 3 axle truck, Cutting out the grill, to add a real grill,
  3. Thanks Dan, I work with these almost every day. So I'm always looking at them and taking notes. I'll be sneaking in a few pictures , we' not allowed to have our phones at work, so sneak is the proper term for pictures..LOL...Joe
  4. Built one of these years ago. If I remember correctly, it went together very smoothly ...Joe
  5. Did a great job! Like the short version!...Joe
  6. Great truck and trailer combo! Watching!...Joe
  7. Those Aussie truck are cool...Watching...Joe
  8. 51? Your just a young pup! Looking forward to seeing this!...Joe
  9. You did great on the Western Star! Can't wait to see this one progress!...Joe
  10. Great project! I'm guessing that's an 8V71?...Joe
  11. These 1/32 trucks are pretty cool, I might have to check into getting one! Lee, looks great!...Joe
  12. I like the tires that already have distress in them, showing its already been working hard!...Joe
  13. Getting sub-assemblies together, de-chroming parts and readying for first parts to be painted. Haven't decided on a color scheme yet for the cab...Joe
  14. This is really gonna be cool!...Joe
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