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  1. Well guys, it's pretty apparent I'm off this build! Working too many hour, just don't have any energy to go on! Working 5-12's with every other Friday off, I have too much going on......Good luck to everyone, and I'll be watching when I can.....Joe
  2. Anybody know what these are from? Dia.- 2.635....(2 5/8) width- 1.250....(1 1/4) thanks...joe
  3. Here's the repainted Cat! Did a little dirtying up. ....Thanks for looking...Joe
  4. Thanks guys for the responses! I've been so busy doing things that I fell off the wagon on building. But looking at the Cat engine I thought it looked a little thick [paint wise]. So I striped the paint and am in the process of applying a new coat. Hope to have new painted engine posted up tonight of early tomorrow....Joe
  5. Got my super singles in, just using the fronts... ...And got the Cat painted and test fitted.. Hoping to get started on the service body soon...Joe
  6. Thanks Jeff! Yes, I saw those latches before. They are cool and hoping to get some soon...Joe
  7. I don't know when the changes will stop with me and this build, but here goes...I found an unbuilt Cat 3408 in my stash, so I put it together. Here it is in the metal frame. Here I'm blending in the de-chromed grill like on the real trucks. Hope to post more soon...Joe
  8. A few years ago I purchased this partial kit with metal chassis. I like the 12V71 in the kit, so in it goes! Thanks for watching...Joe
  9. A few changes coming! Going with the 3 axle truck, Cutting out the grill, to add a real grill,
  10. Thanks Dan, I work with these almost every day. So I'm always looking at them and taking notes. I'll be sneaking in a few pictures , we' not allowed to have our phones at work, so sneak is the proper term for pictures..LOL...Joe
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