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  1. Tim I to have to say this is the most outstanding builds that I have ever seen from start to finish. I applaud you sir. Love to see this in person. Steve
  2. Nice job on this one. Love the paint and stance, just right. Steve
  3. Thanks a lot Guys for all the comments I truly appreciate it. George, You are right it is 1/16 scale Chris Williams, I used some English Acrylic called U-POL. The numbers are UP 2881 Clear and up 2327 for the hardener. There is no thinner required. The mixing ratio is 4 parts clear to 1 part hardener. It drys very fast and hard. Its a dream to rub out and polish. Love it
  4. Hi guys it s been a long time since I posted car on here. So here is my latest build Its the 72 Sir Well Dodge Charger. Hope you all like it .
  5. Thank guys for the info Love all the pictures on facebook. This is going to help a lot.
  6. I have been working on the 1/16 Mickey Thompson's blue Grand Am for a guy and Its ready for paint. The problem is that I'am having a bad time trying to get the right paint match from the on line pictures. So, can anyone out there know what would be the right paint. The blue is a solid color. No metallic etc. Thanks
  7. Chris, Nice talking to you and well done at the Nats. A well disserved. I loved that car.
  8. Chris, What a " EXCELLENT" funny car. Can't wait to see it at the Nationals
  9. Chris, Nice seeing you at show. It was great talking to you. WOW your car was outstanding, and CONGRATULATIONS on you award. Well deserved. Steve
  10. Charlie, I also love your work. It is so clean. Love the paint job. I have the 1/16 decals that I'am going to use and I was wondering what color Orange paint did you use?
  11. Chris, nice work just like always. Glad to see working on this car. I'am working on the Drag-On Vega engine and I have to ask, what glue did you use to glue the hardware for your clutch can, rivets etc?
  12. Chris, Nice to see and talk to you and everybody else at the show. There some interesting models there. The funny car is looking fantastic and can't wait to see completed. Sorry I couldn't stay but to get to my moving chores. How do I find out won what the show?
  13. Just saw Chuck Boerner's new Keeling and Clayton's 73 Mustang 1/16 scale decals on Ebay, they look outstanding.
  14. Aaron, another smashing build. Love it
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