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  1. Ian, Thanks for the kind words on my Mustang. I'am always looking for new ways that people do things, so I can try them and what I can do. Will you put this car in The IPMS Nationals next year?
  2. Ian, I have followed this build since the start and and I have used some of your ideas. You done a nice job on this. Steve
  3. Stephen, Thanks for the good info. When you painted the car with Tamiya paint, how dark was it? I plan on building car in the top picture. Chuck Boerner is doing the decals for that car and I thought that the Dupli- color would work fine but I' am going to test hat paint out. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks everybody for the input. I will see what I can up with. I have some pictures of the mustang and there paint jobs are on the medium to a little on the dark side. I have been looking the Vallejo Candy Blue, Spaz Stix candy blue, Alclad II Electric candy blue, or maybe Dupli-Color Perfect match Sonic Blue Pearl BFM0378. Here are some pictures that I'am using.
  5. I'am in the process of collecting parts and paint for my next funny car project. How do I create Candy Blue for the Stone Woods & Cooke 73/74 Mustang funny car? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Thanks everybody for the kind comments. I really appreciate it. Ian, After sanding with 600 grit to 12000, I used Mequiar's Scratch X 2.0, PlastX, Ultimate Compound Clear coat safe Polishing Compound. and Cleaner Wax High Gloss Shine.
  7. Thanks guys for all the comments . They are appreciated.
  8. Rodger, I got the wheels from Scale Repro's Plus The # is SRP1710. Thanks everybody for the kind comments. They are appreciated. Ian, sorry I do not have any more pictures. The car is pack up for the IPMS show.
  9. Here is my latest 1/16th built funny car for the IPMS show. The Keeling and Clayton Mustang funny car
  10. I have just finished the Speed Equipment World Vega funny car for the IPMS show and here are some pictures. Hope yo all like them.
  11. Thanks Ian for the blanket info. I'll try the medical tape process and see that work out.
  12. Nice detail. I have been following your since the beginning. I'am building the 1/16th 74 SPEED EQUIPMENT WORLD VEGA. Can you tell me what material you used for your tranny blanket.
  13. OK, Thanks guys for your input, I appreciate it. I'll see what I can come up with.
  14. Hi guys, I'am building the 1/16 scale Keeling and Clayton 72 mustang funny car. I just finished making the interior tin and priming it. Can anyone tell me what color of paint to use . I can not find any pictures of the tin to find out. If anybody has as set of Slixx decals for the 1/25 car, the instruction sheet might tell what color to paint the tin. Thanks
  15. Here is my 1/16 scale 72 Sir Wells Charger funny car that I built a little over a year ago. Enjoy.
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