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  1. Thanks Aaron,and here is the body painted with Rustoleum bright coat base,Alclad II Candy Electric Blue,And Tamiya pearl clear for the top coat.While I wait for this to cure I will carry on with finishing the chassis.Cheers,thanks for looking. Ron.
  2. Thanks for that info,good to know.Now I got to get that kit.
  3. Very sweet build Brian.Hmm.. saw a Hippie Hemi at the LHS last time I was there,looks like a good base for all kinds of variants!Cheers. Ron.
  4. Thanks very much for the kind words,I appreciate them.Cheers, Ron.
  5. Looks good Lee.The main thing is to have fun and learn as we go.Cheers, Ron.
  6. Hello all, I have plumbed up the engine fuel lines and ignition wires.The lines are a bit out of scale,but I just used what I had on hand and the LHS does not carry any scale line material.Ignition wires are from Detail Master.This kit is a real bear to assemble,I don't think any part can be assembled without having to modify or replace it! Probably will be OK once finished though.Thanks for looking. Ron.
  7. Thanks guys and I'll be painting it pearl blue.I have got most of the body work done so will be laying on the paint soon.I have most of the smaller parts and sub assemblies painted so it should start to come together very soon.Thanks for looking. Ron.
  8. Hey thanks Aaron,I made a light box from foam core board and some led puck lights.I'm going to make light box 2.0 and I will post how to build one for about $20.Cheers.
  9. Hello all, Here is my buildup of this kit.I scratch built a new gas tank and radius-ed the wheel openings more to accept slightly larger slicks.Painted it with a blue metallic flake nail polish.It was a fun kit to build and went together pretty well.Thanks for looking. Ron.
  10. Well,here we are,this one is finished.All in all a nice little kit and had fun building it.Thanks for looking. Cheers, Ron.
  11. Hey Bill,you are welcome.As far as the putty goes it is air drying so no hardener and I looked up Bondo 930 and that stuff cures with UV light so it is not the same.The stuff I use is more like Bondo 907 just plain air dry spot and glaze putty.Cheers, Ron.
  12. Very cool little mouse!It's a cool little kit with lots of possibilities.Cheers. Ron.
  13. Hey Bill,the red stuff is good old Automotive spot putty to fill some of the gaps and the wheelbase is 5 inches.Cheers, Ron.
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