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  1. The Hobby Lobby, I was planning to go to last night (I didn’t make it, but will go this weekend) is the closest to my house. There is one that is about an hour away which I have gone to a lot in the past that I liked a lot. I don't remember the name but if hobby lobby doesn't have what I want then they probably should.
  2. I will check out the store tonight, hopefully I don't buy the place out.
  3. For those familiar with Hobby Lobby, do they sell BMF and or flocking in their stores? I can't find any on their web site. I am going to be close to one later tonight and would like to stop in and get some.
  4. WOW great Idea, and I probably have 3 or four of those circle templates laying around.
  5. Love the paint job, did you add extra metal flake to the paint?
  6. THis is looking great, makes me want to step out of the box.
  7. Well I have done some more work. I have (most of the way) finished the chassie. The kit came with lift's so I added them It dosnt look that bad. Here is the stance with the slicks. I like it but thinking of lowering the front end a bit.
  8. I don't like the cold much, if I wasn't married I would probably movew to a warmer climate. My wife on the other hand likes the cold weather and cant stand the heat (at least when it is above 85 degrees). I will probably be staying where I,m at because I dont see getting a divorce over weather as an option. LOL
  9. I am with you there, This has been the most cold and snowiest winter we have had in Minnesota in a few years.
  10. @ Dave isle, Since you are from MPLS. I was driving down West Broadway (in north minneaplos) and saw this old beatup 70's or 80's van, the thing was a rust bucket falling apart. But it had the biggest newest tires with spinners that I have ever seen. I just laughed and shook my head.
  11. I gave up on cabel/ direct tv about 8 years ago. I have a digital tv and have Netflex, but don't watch that that much anymore. But I am on the PC alot or reading which I much perfer over tv.
  12. Welcome Teddy can't wait to see what you are working on.
  13. If I could of had two choices it would of been, picture of real car and/ or built up model. But since there is only one choice I chose the built up model, because I like to see what it looks like built up since I normally do "box builds". I can always look online for reference photos of the real car. I think that art on the box distracts from the model photo/ build.
  14. Welcome Don, You have done a great thing here with your influnce.
  15. WOW! Looks great My favorite vette is the stingray.
  16. Yep that's me to, I'm glad I found this site and have been trying to break out of the sticking to the rules rut. Welcome!! this is trully a great site.
  17. I will see how it looks with stock tires, but was kind of hoping to use slicks, maby I have some other ones I will look.
  18. Ok, I lost the wheels of my modle some how so went to look in another model I was digging in and didn't find then but found some silcke. I thought I would use them. I have only built straight from the box, never trying ant customization. I like the way the tires look but they don't seem to fit that well. How can I lift the rear end to make the tires fit better? I have already put the finish coat on the body and am not willing ( at this time) to alter the body. I am aasentually a begenner at this, even though I have been building models for quite some time I am only now trying to move out of my comfort zone. any tips on the above problem would be greatly apprecated. Here are some photos.
  19. Man I love the color, very sharp looking build.
  20. Leave the poor fly alone, he wanted to check out that great looking Merc too.
  21. Well I have been busy this week and didn't have much time to play with my model. I did get the engine most of the way done. I am going to work on the chassis next I think. the Body has not been sanded or polished yet, I am waiting until I can afford to go to the local hobby shop to pick up a few things like BMF and flocking.
  22. Man, Great Camaro, I"m not that good at building cars or English. lol
  23. I,m not a big Corvette fan ether but I still think this is bad. There are other cars I like and would Not want to see this happen to them!
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