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  1. Hey jason cory here great job on one of my all time favs .Really need ur advise on the grill...im working on a 70 right now n just cant grill to stand out like urs and its really important to me for this is maybe by best build to date ..please help
  2. Hey yall anyone know were i can find bmf besides a hobby shop were its 9 bucks for one 6x8 sheet????
  3. Ok so due to having to have a root canal on monday im basically planted in the house so gonna do some finishing touches on the 70 but thought ide post the frame of the freightliner.. 99 cent FLAT BLACK from dollar general and let me tell ya its VERY FLAT BLACK!!!! Good buy tho i think. Got some REALLY cool plans for this truck....more to come later in the weekend hoping to make a trip to hobby town usa tomorrow morning
  4. This is actually gonna b pretty cool most detailed snaptite ive ever seen....please cpmments sugrestions pics jokes all welcome
  5. Ok so this is kinda cool i recently got my good friend into modeling...he comes from a mechanical car savvy dude...hes went n purchaced 5 or six kits , everything i told him to get as far as tools brushes paints knives yes the whole nine yards....Finally yesterday i said bro time to build!!!! We came up with cool idea and looking for coments n critisims ...weve decided to both do a frieghtliner tractor trailer snaptite kit...both bought the kit yesterday n gonna start building n posting...just for fun wede like yall..our peers to help comment critize n ultimately pick a winner!! All in good fun of course...looking forward to this...actually seems to be a fairly detailed snaptite kit!
  6. Its a snaptite but pretty detailed n got some cool ideas for her gonna b fun and best of all get to hang w the little man
  7. Hey guys just wanted to share this think its pretty cool. My 4 yr old nephew has been eying my models layely so we decided to see if hed like to do one w his uncle( his mom trying to teach him patients lol) He went straight for GRAVE DIGGER and a tractor trailer...such a man already! Any ways we started tonight he washed the body went thru the parts sanded a little n i let him shoot the engine aluminum...really cool to see the enjoyment in his eyes and cool spending quality time together...well keep ya posted w pics wanna do a great job on it so it looks good when he is eight and his buddies convince him to blow it up with firecrackers...lmao gnite yall
  8. Had a chance to do a little work on the 70 this weekend. Figured ide share.
  9. Any help on names friends???
  10. cschick


    Wow!!!! Plum ice!!!! Please send me a link that i can score that quality of paint!! Good grief!
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