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  1. LOL I agree just take any Nascar model you have paint it green and smash it up..
  2. I normally use 800 to wet sand should I use another grit ?
  3. Just wondering if you all wet sand the primer all the time. I just re primed the car and it looks amazingly smooth as is but should I go ahead and wet sand anyway.. I am going for a very smooth show room type finish.
  4. Thanks Slusher, I have light sanded and used a toothbrush twice I think.
  5. Hope this isnt Highjacking the thread just thought I would post here rather than start another one. My revell car has been sitting in fresh brake fluid for 4 days and still alot of the primer still on it. I think I will run out and try purple power.. It was Krylon colorsmart pain and primer no gloss yet.
  6. Future question.. Ok first off I applied a coat of future to a tony stewart hood a little while ago, first time useing it as a gloss coat. I put it on like regular paint for smaller parts with a brush, and after hearing from a lot of people how it self levels and easy to apply etc I wasnt worried. Went back a hour later and there was run marks and several what looks like bubbles. I am soaking it in water as we speak hopping to get it off.. What did I do wrong?.. By the way I looked every where in my area and found nothing that said future but went with Pledge Acrylic floor wax..
  7. Just wondering something. I see a couple paint runs not sure why lol.. On the quarter panel, can I color sand off or do I need to strip and retry..
  8. I have a 1/24 scale Revell Nascar that I am building, the cat jumped up and knocked it off the table and some of the pieces were knocked off..The side roll cage broke the one that goes from the back to the front. It broke were its just the tube part. Would A dot of super glue then running around the seam with Ambroid pro weld be enough to hold it?. Oh and by the way I learned to shut the door so kitty the model wrecker cant get in lol..
  9. Ok, I had one tire I sanded with 400 grit sandpaper for like 20 minutes and the seam is still there.. What is the best way to eliminate the seam and keep the same color for the slick part. ..
  10. I"m going to pick up some Duplicolor primer and paint. Should I get gloss coat or can I use Future on duplicolor.. Thanks.
  11. I know its just patiance but how do you all paint things like the fan belt assembly. I am useing a decent very small brush but cant get the pullys without touching the best somehow lol.. Any tips
  12. I have no idea what is going on can someone explain to me why the most popular Racing in the US isnt building models of there cars.. Is Revell trying to build kits for Nascar but there not selling them rights.
  13. Not sure I can find it local but will check..I HATE waiting on things ordering on online lol.
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