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  1. Thank you guys for your response. I will try to get the Revell one if she can have it...
  2. Good Morning everybody. My mom is coming from France in 3 weeks and I asked her to get me the 2CV charleston from Revell. She told me that the LS in our town carry one but from Heller. any toughts on those Heller kits? Thank you ?
  3. Thank you so much, really appreciate it. ?
  4. Hey guys, I am actually using Aluminum Tape (for plumbing) for my chrome trim. Would say that switching for the real BMF product would make things easier to cut, etc? I feel that the Aluminum tape is a bit too thick and I have hard time to cut through, and the glue layer give me trouble as well.... Even with a fresh blade, I can not get a neat edge. thank you
  5. Hi David, thank you for your kind words. I have never heard about this Molotow pen , I am definitely gonna check it out. It would be handy on areas such as doors pillars etc. The product that I use for chrome is actually a roll of aluminium foil for heat insulation and is probably a little ticket than BMF for modelling. thank you ?
  6. Happy Holidays to everybody. Long story short , a few years back I started to do car modeling, unfortunately after few attempts, I was not happy with what I was doing then I quit for more than 2 years. Finally, yesterday I decided to give it a go one more time with this 59’ Cadillac Eldorado... Thank you
  7. Thank you guys for your advice. What do you mean by tank ? A CO2 tank ? Thanks
  8. I am willing to pay the price for something that would work proprely. Just great value for great price.?
  9. Hi guys, I would like to purchase an airbrush with the compressor and a booth. 2 things : I live in an apartment And I want something "cheap". What would you recommend ? Thanks :-)
  10. Good evening guys: My question is simple: Which paint brush and paint brand is great for brush mark free? Thank you.
  11. All right, so today I've done some work. First, I did some wood work for the roof. I had some wood from another project, so I decided to cut it in half, draw the pattern of the roof on a sheet of paper, and simply cut the wood on the line. after that, I wanted to make a rack for the surf board. Some more work has to be done on it. Second, I paint the engine. I will have to check online if I can find how I can wire the engine. Third, i had an old gas tank from a pick up. As it was too wide, I cut it shorter. I would like to install the gas tank under the back seat, near to the rear axle. I still do not know if I am gonna do it. And to finish, I extended the piece (I do not know the name in english, if french too actually lol) that goes front the front axle to the "frame",and a really quick mock up. thank you guys.
  12. After almost 6 months, I am back to modeling. First, I would like to thanks everyone that replied to my post yesterday. Here is a quick mock up. I am gonna start to prime and paint the engine today. keep you guys update.
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