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  1. I have a pile of these wheels if anybody's interested in any pm here! vince
  2. im here watching tim and it sure looks good ve also bought chassis from the same guy and his stuff is real nice actually met him at a show and hes a good guy! vince
  3. Something I've been tinkering with at my desk neat little tractor but some tiny parts! vince
  4. i have one of them that is done in metallic red in the tin! vince
  5. Hey Tyler I have a couple sets if there's anything that interestes you pm me! vince
  6. who built the tan-brown 5.0 mustang i was wondering if they got the wheels from me they sure did them justice!!!!!! vince
  7. i did also first time in awhile! vince
  8. Well buddy here's the one I got yesterday you think yours is bad I'll trade you! When I saw this it was enough to put tears in your eyes so I just had to buy it and jive it a good resting place maybe I'll dig a hole and bury it! Lol vince
  9. back at you mario great deal from a stand-up trader anytime buddy! vince
  10. I saw this truck this morning and had to go back for pics met the guy that owns it and he told me all about it! 34 Chevy 1 ton Built on an international chassis with the international diesel in it four wheel drive in the rear just plain cool! Also the vw with the 40' ford nose it's been there for a long time but still neat! vince
  11. Ok i can show it now Ed at drag city resin turned them loose yesterday 1930 model A coupe comes with firewall windshield frame and roof sectionAnd it's real nice! vince
  12. tom its made by ustar and i got it from ebay it was $8.48 i just ordered them a couple days ago they got here quick from california! vince
  13. Awsome trade with mariojr would trade anytime excellent trader!!! vince
  14. Got these today beautiful casting i was real happy how nice it was and hang on cause there's another new one coming on Sunday sorry I can't post pics of it till Monday but it's super nice too!!! Vince
  15. what are you looking for to trade?


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    2. vintagedragcrazy


      hey buddy on its way tracking number is 9505 5163 1567 9301 1980 37 should be there on wedensday!


    3. mariojr


      I got everything today. Thanks

    4. vintagedragcrazy


      good deal buddy its been a pleasure dealing with you anytime you need something let me know!


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