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  1. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Baltimore Clipper 1805, deckhouse and rudder..   

    Hi Jim, that's a nice clean model kit, Model Shipways is a good company, I have no personal experience though with their kits.
    Solid hulls will still need prep work, most kits want you to define the keel and on up to the stem, right up to just underneath the bowsprit.  This would entail, generally speaking, just kind of either manually chiseling out a small wedge along the keel, or using a hand machine and a variety of rotating bits to work the wood to gain an outline of what the keel would be.  This is probably the way these kits start off. 
    I've seen pics of the finished model and they look great.  Planking is involved on the deck, and rigging, everything is there.  Just a word though about the copper plating for the hull.  First off, to me it doesn't really coincide with the general outlay of this kit. Why a solid hull with no 2nd planking, then go to the ordeal of adding hundreds of small plates?  That is, if this is the way the copper bottom is applied.  I'd go with a not too shiny dark finish for the whole hull and it will be a nice looking wooden ship. 
    My thoughts are that this would be a good one to see if you like wooden ships, and it will turn out nicely, not to worry.
    What do the directions say as to starting this project?
  2. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Baltimore Clipper 1805, deckhouse and rudder..   

    James....Hey, great a real trucker drops by, you guys do great models over on the Truck Forum, sad you don't get more recognition from other modelers here.
    Man I understand the intimidation.  Wooden ships are a brand new ball game.
    "Get a level 1 kit for the 1st model"!  
    Again, entry level wooden ships are a must for the 1st timers.   Fantastic models, so called 'entry level' out there.  The 'level' is basically the degree of instruction in the kit.  A good beginner kit, from a good company, is completely do-able for styrene guys.  No problem.  Problems occur when the ship is intermediate, or even a beginner level kit that has weak construction plans.  Talk with your dealer, do not be afraid to say 'I'm a beginner' with wooden ships.  Big ships will kick your butt.  Big time.
    Big old ships look great, but no one can do these as a beginner.  No one should even try these, my opinion.  Sure, a dude will come up and say this and that. 
    I build 1:25 fuel altered cars all in metal, the motors have more than 200 parts.  A 359 Peterbilt truck all in metal, scratch built, the cab in resin though.  I refuse a 3 masted big wooden ship.  These things are insane.
    Guys, these models will follow you through your entire life.  My 1st was back in 1975, still there and looking fine.
    Wooden sailing ships, my opinion, are the greatest of models.
  3. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Baltimore Clipper 1805, deckhouse and rudder..   

    The deckhouse is finished, just different than the kit.  Dimensions are the same, it's big, but there's nothing I wanted to add to the deck to use the extra space.  Added some ports and a brass handrail and dirtied up the white stained walls;

    The ship has a rudder now, I prefer a wheel as they look nice on a model, but this type of ship used a rudder bar.  The cleats and rings have been attached to the deck for the blocks and tackle to handle the steering;

    The rudder has been attached using the kit hardware, brass strips.  These were thinned down to lessen the bulky look, and then chemically blackened.  Not dark enough, so I added some Humbrol black/gray metalizer paint and buffed the parts out.  I'll probably leave the brass brads as they make for a tiny bit of optical contrast.  Not shiny or 'brassy' looking, just a slight break;

    Last up for now, the bow is done and ready for the bowsprit and rigging;

    I had some construction sheets blown up to 1:1 scale to the model ship, done by a printer shop.  The paper sheets are 28" x 40", I'll attach them to a strong sheet of poster paper and hang them on the wall at the bench.  This way I can hold the individual mast and yardarms directly to the paper to make sure the scale is right.  The rigging starts getting fairly involved and actually, a complete mess of lines and blocks.  This will be a major modeling situation as I'd really like to make this close to the real thing.
    Next up are covers for the deck entry to the holds, maybe a dingy mounted as well. 
  4. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Hurricane Irma   

    Glad you guys made it through without great harm.
  5. 10thumbs added a post in a topic What? Two More '63 Lightweights   

    Hi John, great to see your further Ford updates, and new models.
    Question if you don't mind:  Back in the late 60's there was a Ford Dealer in my area who sponsored race cars.  A real nasty SBF Falcon and a T-Bolt too.  Lynch-Davidson Ford in Florida.
    So, did Ford offer the performance parts for these cars over the counter?  I was GM, later Mopar in this era.
    I remember them in the garages late at night working on these cool cars....probably also partially owned by employees there.
    Did Ford offer hi-po parts over the counter for anyone?
    Thanks, Michael
  6. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Gabby Bleeker   

    Yep, nice paintjob on a very interesting altered car,  great model.
  7. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Pure Hell   

    Yep, altereds are always welcome, great job.
    I suppose you saw a few of these in the pits, back then.
  8. 10thumbs added a post in a topic REAR ENGINE DUSTER F/C - Beginnings - 8/27/17   

    Good call on Jabba, doggie will have lots of folks around and other buddies too, he'll be a happier one for sure.  Good stuff.
  9. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Baltimore Clipper 1805, deckhouse and rudder..   

    Meantime, this is starting to get a working deck, lots done now.
    The brass has been blackened /grayed, here a scratch built winch for the anchors and heavy lines of the masts and used also for raising the big yards when the ship was in port.  The yardarms were also lowered when a sailing ship was in port for a longer period.

    Another rack for the belaying pins.  I think I have them all now, 106 for the deck alone;

    Here the last rack, plus the deckhouse.  Deckhouse has been bashed, it doesn't look like this in the kit.  The white will be yellowed somewhat, it looks too clean and the cabin gets a handrail today;

    The build is progressing well, I'm happy with it.  Still no plans though for the masts and yards though, they were missing in the kit.  I've contacted Occre in Spain, still no reply.
    Plans are not really needed, I have books that describe how the masts were built, just the plans are consolidated and I wouldn't have to look up every single part.  There are lots of parts and individual hardware for the yards!  I want the sails too work on this model.
    Thanks for looking.
  10. 10thumbs added a post in a topic 1964 Dodge max wedge   

    Excellent!  Thanks John.
    The new pics shows the stance that I remember and loved about these cars.  Really, what's better than a post door Mopar with a nasty motor? 
    With today's torque converter tech, and the motor from back then....well let's add spark and carb performance upgrades, let the motor be the same....what kind of performance would you think achievable?
    Granted, the Mopar of old can still be built, and still is built, newer heads, Max Wedge knock offs, and old cam grinds.  Still, they run strong.
    What would a 3400 car with the same motor, but newer tech about the hit, reach?
    By the way, I always thought the Dodges looked better in race trim than the Plyms.
  11. 10thumbs added a post in a topic 1964 Dodge max wedge   

    Speed shifting that beast...can we say that took a lot of stones?  I couldn't imagine how it was to experience the clutch carnage.  I had a 442 Olds powered 57 Bel Air back in 1970 that had the rear U-joint break, that was kind of frightening on the 1-2 shift.  Loud too, scared me too.  But a clutch....nightmare!
    I remember well the sensation of riding in those cars, not as nasty as yours of course, but actually a second or so difference in a 1/4 mile is really not all that discernible while riding in one, at least they're fairly similar.  Just I know gaining a second takes a lot or power.
    Kind of surprised too you had a wasted 8 3/4 with an automatic, but I really don't know much about those B&M deals, I had a fuel altered pilot get grayer than usual hair trying to explain to me how they worked.  I wanted one for a fuel altered model.  JRass was a very helpful member.
    Another question:  Did you have a dealership that helped out with parts?  I imagine they were all over-the-counter in '64-'65.  Maybe at least reduced prices, or a buddy that worked the counter?  I had an Olds guy that was very helpful with parts.
    I appreciate your insight, as I can imagine for others this is kind of interesting to read about.
    Thanks John!
  12. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Hurricane Irma   

    Well I'm a Florida boy and been watching CNN here in Germany all weekend.  They're trying to make a lot of drama, my opinion.  There is no light hurricane, they all suck and make for a disaster.
    Good though, that CNN makes it clear the water is the biggest problem, not if winds are 85 or 130, which are terrible enough!
    My father found land that was higher up and built our home and surroundings there, we never had a problem, luckily.  Just surrounding coastal areas were always hit hard, disgusting the damage and hardship.
    I'm kind of surprised too, they have this bitch going up through Georgia and further inland, northwards.  WTF?
    Best wishes to those folks, and I truly hope for minimal damages.
    I'm a long way away, but still scared.
  13. 10thumbs added a post in a topic 1964 Dodge max wedge   

    1963, with a rag top, running solid 12's.  Gotta love it.  What about the '3speed'?  3 speed manual?
  14. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Baltimore Clipper 1805, deckhouse and rudder..   

    Hi Roger,  maybe you've just hit a difficult area, or one that you can't decide which way to go.  Been there.  This current build was started in '09.  I was stumped with a small detail about planking at the front of the bow....the stem.
    By the way, the torpedo tubes look like real aluminum.  Lots of potential with that model, looks like you have the worst behind you.  You'll know when the time is right, you just can't force it, won't work.
    That's plastic?
    Boats and ships are just different than other models, my opinion.  But I'm prejudiced.
  15. 10thumbs added a post in a topic 1964 Dodge max wedge   

    Great model John!
    I'm impressed, and since you really did pilot a Mopar that all of us fans love, let me ask a couple of questions, OK?
    First of all, the Bucron cheater slicks shown on the real car just above, were they not too wide?  Did you have to cut the inner lip of the fender to make them fit?  My brother-in-law bought a new 64 Sport Fury with a 426, but a 4 speed.  The car would never hook, we all laughed every time he attempted a launch....lol.  Bucron cheater slicks and a 4 speed...didn't work with him.
    Also, that's a tall front tire, and it's difficult to get that front tire/fender deal to look right on the Lindberg '64 Dodge models.  The real car, did it have 15" wheels?
    Further....sorry, just thrilled that we have an expert to talk to, your model shows the battery missing up front.  I've never found exact pics of the way Mopar ran the cables from the trunk to under the hood.  I can only assume, the battery cables ran through the back panel at the rear seat and then under the door tunnel, driver side.  Or where the cables actually just under the carpets?
    I do think the cables reached the motor under the steering gear through the firewall.  Any insight?
    Again, the way your car sits in the real pic, is the look that killed me and many others from back in the day!  Luckily, I watched lots of these cars, they sounded good too!
    Thanks John.