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  1. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Re-careering   

    Hi Chris, a great and positive update!
    How's it feeling to be on the road now?  Are you gone from home for long?
  2. 10thumbs added a post in a topic '25 Ford T, Fuel Altered   

    Thanks guys.
    Brad, I haven't been here on this topic either for a while, and now I see the pics are gone.  Hmm, looks like some serious PB issue.  I have all of the pics though, just don't feel like straightening things out at this time.
    The motor is as good as done, and moving to the interior soon, then the front end, not much left to do there.
  3. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Photo etch grill cutting   

    I like the idea of the nail clippers, I'll bet they work very well.
    Then trim and smooth up as mentioned above.
  4. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Jack Reacher Fans   

    Yeah, his boyish nerd look would have him running for sure.
  5. 10thumbs added a post in a topic BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - Mock-ups for DAVE! New Pics 10-21   

    The reply concerning you and someone else has been edited, as offered.
    My last comment was directed to you, no one else.  I'll pass on the PM though, not to worry.
  6. 10thumbs added a post in a topic BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - Mock-ups for DAVE! New Pics 10-21   

    Tim, removing my comments was not the offer, just editing the comments was the offering. 
    I don't remember reading that you accept only positive replies or comments. 
    I find it strange that you receive praise from only members of your choice.  But then we both know that sometimes criticism goes both ways, don't we?
    Your preference may not be the same as mine.
    Still wonderful work on the fronts wheels.
  7. 10thumbs added a post in a topic BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - Mock-ups for DAVE! New Pics 10-21   

    Tim, wonderful work....
    edit....lots of very good modelers here on our forum and ....edit
    Should my comment be out of place, I'll gladly edit.
  8. 10thumbs added a post in a topic KW suspension question   

    Hi Jaroslav,
    I'm not a truck expert, but recently I bashed an AMT 359, and lowered the rig drastically.  The kit suspension will not work for lowering a rig this much.  Using kit parts, you would have to cheat by bending and cutting parts that would otherwise not look realistic.
    I'd suggest, mount the wheels and tires to the axles you want to use, then match these up to the frame you plan to use.  You will see something drastic has to happen to make this work.
    Consider a "C" cut in the frame rails to let the axles sit closer to the top of the frame rails.  This is done on 1:1 custom trucks, a good remedy.
    Otherwise, you will have to make a more adjustable rear suspension from scratch.
    As an example, if you don't mind, I chose the current and modern day axle setup from Volvo/Mack.  This allowed lots of room for lowering the rig to where I wanted the thing to sit;

    It worked very well, but this setup was for a custom truck.  If you want a stock axle setup, I can't help you. 
  9. 10thumbs added a post in a topic '25 Ford T, Fuel Altered   

    Small update today.
    Fuel lines;

    Next up is the magneto and plug wires.
    One or the other fuel lines will be redone, crimped in a couple of places.
  10. 10thumbs added a post in a topic '25 Ford T, Fuel Altered   

    Today a little further on with the motor buildup.  The design of the blower manifold just screams for injectors, no way I can leave these out.  So, 8 holes to cut into hard nickel.  The runners a solid too, so I wanted to go just deep enough, maybe 1,5mm, to hold a 1mm brass tube.  This way there'll be lots of possibilities to hook the fuel lines up.  More on this later on.  First off, the new manifold situation with the prepped holes;

    Just a mockup, enough room?

    Blower hat prepped for upcoming fuel lines;

    I like the slight shine, a nice chrome look, but not highly polished.  Makes a nice contrast.  Here the hat with prepped parts for the upper fuel lines;

    Here the mocked fuel lines for the upper injectors;

    Here the finished prepped manifold injectors, plus the spark plug holes got a brass liner;

    Up front a bar was added for the belt tension pulley, and the bottom pulley was affixed.  I was seriously thinking about making a thinner front cover to let the blower snout be back further on the motor, maybe, maybe....just not now;

    Not sure at this time if the manifold injectors get a single line each, or if I'll use a log type setup.  Thoughts are, the left side of the blower appears to be somewhat neglected since the fuel lines are right side.  I'll have to study some more reference pics, this fuel setup stuff is difficult and not that easy to sort out.  More coming up.
    Thanks for looking, feel free to comment or offer ideas, no problem.
  11. 10thumbs added a post in a topic WINGED FIAT ALTERED - PhotoBucket Reply - 10/12/16   

    Thanks for the update Joe.  I'm expecting them to want me to pay soon, probably right while I'm uploading.
  12. 10thumbs added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    Something simple to report now.
    What a treat!
    Just around the corner is the city's oldest pizzeria, still in family hand, still plain and simple, still the best in town.  No modern-type deep dish or junky loaded up pies here.  The best I've ever had outside of Italy.
    Tuesdays bring a special offer.  Pizza and a great Italian salad.  The wife and I do this almost every week for lunch, 2 great original Italian pizzas and 2 great salads, including tip, $17.50.
    This pleases me.
  13. 10thumbs added a post in a topic '30A Coupe w/ stock-type roof opening/Quick Change/Flathead Ford V8/10-6-16 nearly done....   

    Hi Tim, not only does the car on this current thread look amazingly clean, the one posted on above link is fantastic as well.  I keep looking to try and find a way to make my own appear this clear and perfect, what a great incentive!
    Question:  Pic #45,  especially concerning the grill shell, it looks like metal.  The light reflects, the blue oval, the whole deal is overwhelming.  I've seen lots of polished nickel, but never any styrene that has that kind of shine.  Could you offer some insight?
    Greetings, Michael
  14. 10thumbs added a post in a topic How Many Projects Are You Working On?   

    Meantime, I'm thinking ditto.  The last truck project looks finished from a distance, what a shame.  I know though from ship building days, here and there touch-ups are great for in-between projects, also for the dark and short winter days coming up.
  15. 10thumbs added a post in a topic '25 Ford T, Fuel Altered   

    Some progress on the motor buildup today.  Metal pulleys in aluminum from VCG Resins will be adapted, the bottom crank pulley is bashed from a Revell kit, but cast in nickel with provisions for 6 bolts, I figured this might add a little detail to this motor.  The blower snout had to be shortened, also vintage Revell, just the usual fitting issues with bashed parts, no real problem.  Here a few progress pics;

    The blower front plate has been prepped for the safety screen and the starter brackets;

    The blower hat will have 8 port injection, but none on the blower manifold (I forgot to add those, too late.  Nickel is too hard to bore 8 tiny holes),;

    The blower hat still has lots of work left.  Fuel system and such, and I'd like movable butterflies if possible.  They'll have some kind of deal added, time will tell.
    Also, next up is a (maybe) milled bar for the middle, adjustable pulley for the blower belt.
    Lots of small units to be built, more to come.