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  1. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Any Vespa Fans Here?   

    Hi Sam, yep that one is set up to carry lots of groceries.  Plenty of storage room on that one.  He had no hassles with traffic, for sure.
    Bill,  there are times a loud horn is necessary.  Mostly though, Euro car drivers are aware of scooters, they're everywhere over here.  For the most part, only the Audi and BMW drivers take offense when a scooter slips in front of their grill at a red light.  Those drivers get rowdy and readily make fools of themselves.  Big identity problem.
    I can remember riding and driving in the US after living in Europe for so long.  I always thought it was difficult in the US, because so many drivers did not use blinkers and seemed to be too unpredictable in traffic,  plus the cars often had burned out lights front and/or back, and driving too slow in the left lane.  In Europe the drivers are more disciplined by a large margin, therefore more predictable.  The French are the best drivers.  Very fast, but safe, I like their style.  The Germans will ride on your bumper at high speed, they're crazy. like one car length behind you at 75mph.  NASCAR on the highway.
    I think there should be something like revoking of a driver license if caught using the phone while at the helm.  Really stupid!
  2. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Scrap draw full   

    There's a lot of Dackel in him for sure, and Frankie is a good name for him.
    The wife and I together have had since 1974 to 2007 four Dachshunds, mostly having two at the same time.  They all lived to an average of 17 years.  Clowns, rowdies, completely hard headed and testy,  yet unbelievably loving and protective.   There was for both of the 2 pairs we enjoyed, a very dominate dog.  More often, as I learned more about dog behavior, it was interesting to observe that such a small dog could dominate such larger dogs as German Shepherds and the like.  It wasn't the size but the demeanor.  The last girl we lost was a beauty, and completely and utterly a dominate dog even at age.  To notice while she was on a leash walking alongside me downtown or in the fields or forests, that much larger dogs would drop their ears and tails was a true signal that she had quite a character.
    Your Frankie looks content.  I miss those days.
  3. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Any Vespa Fans Here?   

    Hi Dennis, absolutely correct.
    Business wise, the last years I was winding things down, heading for retirement.  For years I employed freshly retired guys who liked a little extra cash and something to do, delivering and picking up my work.  2 hours in the morning, 2 hours afternoon.  A leased new VW Golf, lots of red lights, gas at horrendous prices, and sitting in traffic and occasionally not delivering on time, plus often having to wait way too long for the stuff to be delivered.  Read traffic congestion.
    A while back, I became free.  The new life became a DIY act, all alone.  Turned out to be a thrill.  Low costs, less work time, more cash in pocket, then the Vespa.
    The case on the back can carry 22 lbs. legally,  that's a lot of small type stuff that needs to be picked up and delivered.  No parking problems, no traffic jams, and it's great to get out during the day and goof off.
    It can ride highways, goes 60mph.  With the new motor, add the rear end gears that are actually needed, then 75mph.  Just too fast for my taste, the wheels are really small for those speeds.  This is why the thing accelerates so quickly now, a low gear and 50% more displacement and 40% torque make for a quick deal.
    I like Vespas in the city.
  4. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Have any of you guys scratch built a trailer before?   

    I've been looking into this and have decided to go with aluminum profiles.  Super easy, you can acquire them in all kinds of sizes and shapes, plus there are lots of 2 component cements out there that leave a neutral colored cemented joint.  The best dump bodies I've ever seen on models are from aluminum mini-profiles.  Trailers too.  My opinion, the only way to go.  Why mess with plastic, when you can have real metal.
  5. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Any Vespa Fans Here?   

    Never heard the joke, sounds about right.
    The things are definitely not well regarded from any of the older types in Europe whom, well situated, overweight and gray, but their fat butts on brand new Harleys.  Disgusting.
    Decent folks love Vespas over here....  Many, many guys have owned one in their youth and the gals loved riding with them.  Still do.
    One wannabee tough guy asked me once at a gas station if I felt silly by just sliding my leg in front of the seat to get on it, kinda like girls would rather do?  I told him rather do it like I do, than like him wishing he had a crutch to help him get on his.  He gets stuck in rush hour traffic, I don't sit any longer than one red light and I'm gone.
    I can park downtown right in front of the store or place I visit, on the sidewalk!  The cops don't care, as long as there's enough room for moms pushing baby carriages.  I've asked numerous times, no cop has ever told me different.  The only way to get from A  to Z in crowded old Euro cities.
    Plus they're fun and cheap.
  6. 10thumbs added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Any Vespa Fans Here?
    Here's a pic of my 2nd one, adopted 2 years ago;

    The red one behind is a 98 model, 50,000 miles original motor, still running around in the city, different owner though.  That was my 1st Vespa;

    In the meantime, the seat is of red leather (like Ferrari red).
    The motor is no longer a 125cc stock variety, but has an Italian racing cylinder and piston.  187cc now.  Nothing much else can be done as the head is very limited and shrouding is only less than a millimeter away.  Porting is not possible.
    The hop up was a bolt on, the carb was up-jetted and nothing else done.  It is prone to wheelies though.  It's a fairly quick off the light thrill in the city!
    Any scooter fans here?
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  7. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Old Movies on TV..   

    Lots of great movies from the past are still worth watching....again.
    The regular TV program in Germany really stinks, we used to call it "summer program" because of vacationing and lower viewing stats.  Anymore, the lousy program is year round.  I'm happy to have Netflix and another at a decent price.
    Recently too, "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid".  Hadn't seen this one in years!
    Here a list of several fairly recent films that have been shown lately often on alternative TV channels.  I've seen them all many, many times yet still look again;
    Red October
    Dances With Wolves
    The Sting
    The Shawshank Redemption
    I love all of them!
    Also, English and French productions are really interesting too.
  8. 10thumbs added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Old Movies on TV..
    The wife gets a kick out of making fun of me, I'll watch a good old film many times.
    Last night though, she shot with both barrels...."you should know when you're getting older, the same old films again and again".  lol.  Last night it was "LA Confidential".
    Thing is, I like to watch them also in original tone, English.  Often too, the things come across differently.
    So, anyone here like watching old movies again and again over a period of time?
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  9. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Name That Tune....   

    ....duh.  I just realized you guys just google the lyrics being posted.
    Who needs a memory anymore with such a friend?
  10. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Awful Altereds Website?   

    Thanks Jesse.
    Another big pic site is from a photographer, Kaase??  Or similar name.  Gassers, dragsters, stockers and altereds.  Lots of vintage pics.  ????
  11. 10thumbs added a post in a topic 88 Times a Day....Smartphones   

    Hi Richard, yes high tech is good.  As a trucker, I'm sure you have daily incidents with dumb folks with the silly phone at their ear, instead of concentrating on the road and others too.
    Greetings to Holland.
  12. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Lost a sister yesterday   

    Ray this is sad news.  Family is something very special, and a loss is a tough road to go.
    I have an older sister,  for my whole life under the impression she's an alien.  But still would not want to hear of her passing.
    Faith is good now.
  13. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Scrap draw full   

    Kenneth, those plastic boxes are familiar, still wish the inner walls could allow more storage.  At least they stack well.
    Is the 4 legger a Dachsund?  In Germany, a Dackel.  A wondeful breed, zany, thick-headed and hilarious, I love them!!!
  14. 10thumbs added a post in a topic What kind of job do you have?   

    Retired now, just doing occasional things to keep the momentum.  Crowns and bridges, implants and precision removable appliances.  Read teeth.  Life is good.
  15. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Name That Tune....   

    ....I have legalized robbery
    called it relief
    I have run with the money
    and have a hid like a thief.