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  1. 10thumbs added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Throwing Away Old Stuff..
    I ask myself if I'm nuts or not....again.
    This time, after clearing out the basement, all kinds of junk came upturned, and I actually threw lots of the stuff away.  What the heck do I need old screwdrivers that are bent and rusted?  Junk!
    Just last week I got four (read 4) new eyeglasses.  The usual regular deal to see while driving, the same as sunglasses, then a PC set, then a more important prescription for model building.
    I caught myself wanting to save the old lenses.  What BS!!   Chunk 'em, they're outdated!
    How readily do you throw useless stuff away?
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  2. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Our Harry needs help   

    Let me add as well, just recently I finally cleaned out the basement and put a lot of old metal melting torches and other stuff, torch hoses and fittings and gauges on ebay and received a sum that completely overwhelming, what a surprise from old "junk" that I thought was outdated.  Hidden away for 20 years or so, yet still so valuable.
    I'll gladly donate again, this is a worthwhile venture and I felt very good going through with the deal.  Giving for a worthy cause is a good thing.
  3. 10thumbs added a post in a topic '25 Ford T, Fuel Altered...Frame Jig and Slicks   

    Guys, Vince is a great supplier of parts and has helped me often with various things needed for our hobby.  Highly recommended here.
  4. 10thumbs added a post in a topic '25 Ford T, Fuel Altered...Frame Jig and Slicks   

    Hi Vince!
    Hey, guess who sent me the slicks?  Yep.  Many thanks!  Good too, there are enough available to practice with.
  5. 10thumbs added a post in a topic '25 Ford T, Fuel Altered...Frame Jig and Slicks   

    Here a few progress pics.  First of all, like with the roll bar, it seemed to me some things were out of scale.  The slicks were too wide, my opinion.  A scale 14" is just too wide, so they went on a diet.  Now a scale 11",  I like the look;

    Next was rigging up some kind of mobile jig to keep things square, as well as facilitating rear axle mounting, with 4 link bars and brackets.  This jig will remain until the car is almost finished.  This is a lot different than most guys are doing, I like this kind of setup because the car can be moved and manipulated from all angles, while still keeping the necessities stable, square and in place.;

    This step took a lot of time, not much to show, but this setup lets me move forward now at a good pace.  Ride height is determined, rear axle and motor and drivetrain are set, the slicks and wheels are ready to go. 
    Next up are brackets for the 4 bar setup, and the disc brake will be finished.
  6. 10thumbs added a post in a topic WINGED FIAT ALTERED - Wing Worx - 9/23/16   

    Good work Joe, looks like the fins sit well and good too that the rig tilts.  What a shame otherwise to let details remain covered up.  Oh yeah!
  7. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Renault, Citroen, Trabant   

    Hey Doug, I always thought one of those Trabis would be cool with an injected small block, they're light as heck and would look good with a fat tire out back.
  8. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Renault, Citroen, Trabant   

    Got it!  Thanks guys.
    Doug, the car has Euro plates, that would definitely mean the headlight bulbs would be replaced, not the whole headlight should the lamp not shine anymore.  On a simple car like the R4, that would mean the juice goes directly to the bulb socket in the back, meaning right in the middle of the lamp housing.  I've replaced many halogen lamps bulbs on economy Euro cars, they were all middle.
    But never on a Renault car, so there is a possibility of being otherwise. 
  9. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Renault, Citroen, Trabant   

    Hi Doug, man I just had a big grin viewing these models.  Well done!
    These cars were seen everywhere in all of Europe back in the day, even the "Plastik Bomber", the Trabi in eastern Europe.  They were real stinkers though, just about indestructible.
    Then the "Duck" in all of its various styles.
    Just the R4, I don't understand what Harry means with the headlight wires.  The car appears to have French plates, what's with the wired headlights?
    Nice collection, thanks for showing.
  10. 10thumbs added a post in a topic WINGED FIAT ALTERED - Wing Worx - 9/23/16   

    Looking good Joe,  the car has some serious wingworx.  No way that thing would go airborne, it would for sure run like it was on rails.  I just noticed, even the blower hat has wings. 
    By the way, what's with the blower hardware?  Looks darned good up there on the pulleys!  Whats the deal, can you offer some insight?
  11. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Rain For Rent TF   

    Looks fantastic mark, well done.  What scale is it?
    Could you please show a few closeups of the rear of the motor and axle setup?
  12. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Old Movies on TV..   

    @Tom Geiger, "the interaction of people"...  You are so right.  
    What I like also, and I have to say amazing also from the old films, the women spoke a neutral clarity, with a normal voice,  and not the high-pitched squeaky and nasal tones we hear today. 
    To hear an American woman on the media speak nowadays hurts my ears.  Why the overly affected speech?  Man, I remember my northern cousins making fun of my sisters' speech, but at least the northern girl spoke a more neutral dialect.
    My take is, the classy level has dropped immensely.  Too many folks have nothing real to offer, yet have the desire to say too much.  Worse, they're being listened to, too often.
  13. 10thumbs added a post in a topic '25 Ford T, Fuel Altered...Frame Jig and Slicks   

    Hi Henry.
    Thanks for commenting and looking.
    For nuts and bolts, top of the 2nd  page on this topic shows a link, you can go there and have a peek.  If you need help, then reply here so we can all benefit.
  14. 10thumbs added a post in a topic '25 Ford T, Fuel Altered...Frame Jig and Slicks   

    Brad, thanks for chiming in.  Your recipe for scratch built front ends is still the way to go , my opinion.  This time around it'll be somewhat modified because I need some bench time and experience with the torsion bar setup.  No coil overs this time around.  The spindle fab will be the same though, just some other materials used to get the scale down and hopefully a cleaner, more realistic metal look from what I've done thus far, without going overboard.  I still want to build a more basic scratch / kit-style model, just using lots of metal.  Your setup should be patented!  Great work bud!
    Bernard, always appreciate your input.  Your summary hits it on the nose, my opinion.  Its the "mixing and matching of materials" to achieve a realistic look, this is my utmost goal.
    For instance, take the long styrene rods for the steering unit on a 1:25 dragster. Take the same size in metal wire, the whole rig gets a completely new attitude! 
    Better yet, even smaller wire can be applied for a really stunning effect.  Metal doesn't need to be painted either, shine it up or make it dull, the choices are great.  I can only encourage experienced modelers to give it a try.
    Thanks guys.
  15. 10thumbs added a post in a topic '25 Ford T, Fuel Altered...Frame Jig and Slicks   

    Randy, I have a good feeling already with this project.  Some new stuff to try out as far as design goes, plus I'd like to cast some parts in real aluminum!  This has been nagging and biting me in the butt ever since Ray, alias Ognib showed lots of interest in casting aluminum.  More to come on this, I'll report for sure.  Plus the deal with soldering aluminum with a regular soldering iron has been practiced, just in case.
    JR, Thanks a bunch for the heads up, the silly roll bar bothered me too, just wasn't sure.  Its good now, I can move on.
    Finally some parts were cast in metal today.  The Dana 60  Kit from futurattraction as well as the calipers and drums, the highly modified blower intake from the AMT Ferd SOHC was done and a new oil pan.  First up the Dana 60, I decided to nix the Ford deal, I like the Dana 60 look;

    Ugh, an ugly pit.  Too much old metal was used (cheapskate), this makes for unwanted blemishes;

    I added some reinforcement fins, saw these on the "Strange" website;

    A scale (almost) 3.5 " axle housing was added in aluminum tube, this can be blasted later for a duller look;

    Here the blower manifold ala 417 Donovan, well almost anyway.  The original part was split down the middle and reduced at the head ports to fit the 392 block and heads from the AMT Bantam Blast kit motor.  I tried to get the offset heads matched better, the AMT original part was square to the deck, not good for this block;

    Here with the also modified blower plate.  The holes for the studs have been prepared;

    New oil pan, this was cast in Alpaka, not nickel like the other parts.  I like the contrast;

    Now for some front axle stuff;

    It moves up and down;

    Something new now.  This time and for the future I'll use steel wire for the front axles.  This steel is used for springs, so its a real pita to bend, the stuff is really tough, but it sure shines up nicely and it can be soldered as well!

    Tomorrow the brake drums and calipers can be finished, some brake lines added and the unit is soon ready to roll.