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  1. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Finally,thanks TDR. (Pro mod 66 Nova body)   

    NYLIBUD, Man I can't wait to see if you really build this one.  This will really be a cool car.  Love it. 
    Do you have real live thoughts, or is it just a planning stage right now?
    I'm looking forward to seeing you do this one.
    What an excellent project!
  2. 10thumbs added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    Great to finally find a safe way to transfer money from a US to Euro bank account.  No hassles, the costs are minimal, like 1%.  Banks are a rip off, always have been, always will be.
    Modern times can be deemed to be great too.
  3. 10thumbs added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    Robert, it pains me to read of your mishap.  A horrible thought, and I'm sincerely sad to read about this.
  4. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Big Trucks, Spoked Wheels..   

    Well them pics look good, but what would you like to convey?
    You post a couple of pics but choose not to write anything.  Sad.
  5. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Returning from a long break.   

    Hey Joe, good to see you back!
    Even though the past times were not easy for you, I really think you can find some contact here.
    Greetings, Michael
  6. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Today, it's all over..   

    @Geoff, yes sir, you have a plan.  Good luck to you, sir.
    Hi Carl!  Thanks for the words. I'm real happy now to have made the cut, and with good timing.  I'm in decent health, no big issues, can't spend any money yet though, as the IRS here in Germany just handed me the bill for '15....ouch.   2016 shows lesser work as I'd cut down my work load a lot, but still....amazing how a small country like Germany, has for the 3rd year in a row a huge 3 figure billion-plus household surplus.  No wonder with these taxes.  Puke.  Man really, they want your last change before you lay down the last time.
    At this point I won't mention how much they owe to NATO.  That would be political. 
  7. 10thumbs added a post in a topic outlaw big tire fox body ford mustang   

    Tory, please excuse this interruption.
    I like your work and look forward to many updates.
  8. 10thumbs added a post in a topic outlaw big tire fox body ford mustang   

    OK, I want to make a statement here, and now.
    Dear NYLIBUD, you keep posting your unfinished models, it seems to me, every chance you get.  You even re-start these topics just to reshow pics of your unfinished projects.  We've all seen these unfinished and blurry pics of yours before, many times.
    This is one thing.
    The next is, again, you post your unfinished build pics on another member's topic.  This is internationally taken on the internet, as an affront.  For you, so that you understand, this means it's just flat taboo to do such.  You seem to want to draw attention to yourself, through means of another member.
    Would you please refrain from using another member's topic to show your own models?
    Please take note, I am not alone on this opinion.
    Thank you.
  9. 10thumbs added a post in a topic First ever promod 67 chevelle, turbocharged of course.   

    Tory, great work and a huge mod to this model.  Looking good.
  10. 10thumbs added a post in a topic outlaw big tire fox body ford mustang   

    Tory, looking pretty quick and nasty there.  Good work.
  11. 10thumbs added a post in a topic The car needs a few last things   

    What kind of cover do you use on your keyboard?  Really great.
    Love to hear some details too about your real cool build.
    Man really, could you please show some pics of the rear end?
  12. 10thumbs added a post in a topic Today, it's all over..   

    Thanks Bob.
    Ending things on our own terms, as you stated above, is possible in a lot of cases.  Just our way of life makes it difficult.  For 40 years, I followed a single principle, and feel lucky to have found a woman, my wife, who agrees and is not in any great need for luxury junk to waste money on.  We've lived well, and will continue to do so in retirement.
    I'd love to state some very sound tips, from my own experience, and many before me who had a clear view of their own income. I was very fortunate in my early military days to have run across a gentleman who knew money very well.  You do not need to make a lot of money monthly to build on a sound retirement for later on down the road.  I'd love to offer, but I won't here.  You can do it too.
    I'm a firm believer in sound income management, and you don't become a fool either for spending your money to enhance another man's own pocket. 
    Thanks for the well thoughts.
  13. 10thumbs added a post in a topic What kind of builder are you?   

    Look what time does.  Back last July I was full of fire and enthusiasm as I replied to this very same topic.
    Time baby, does tell.
    For me, Mr. Original Old School "get it done" or else....has become a lazy pos.
    I'm tired, and am taking a break.
    I'll be back, hopefully.  I still love model building, and will go with the flow.
  14. 10thumbs added a post in a topic I'am depressed   

    Kind of like a shot'gun....one will get the f'ugger at least.
  15. 10thumbs added a post in a topic I'am depressed   

    Would you pleazzzzzze, correct your grammar?  It makes me feel like puking to see your "I'am".
    Come on, get with the program.