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  1. '63 F100 - XL

    John, just gotta love it! A pickup truck with a nasty motor, and a vinyl roof! Great modeling here guys. Excellent.
  2. Startin' the New Year off right...

    Exactly. No offense was meant.
  3. You are what you drink

    Bingo! Hey, you historians, consider re-writing the books. Maybe the real reason for germs' attempts trying to spread too far, several times? Although a true supporter of German beer, I have personally moved to wine. The stuff is so sneaky and sexy, international too. More women like wine....and so forth. PS: Joe, I know about how that can happen too....
  4. Startin' the New Year off right...

    So, you knew some issues needed attention. Then the negligence kicks you badly. Good you realize your personal New Years resolution.
  5. Favorite Movie 2017, which one for you?

    STEVE, excellent! Man, the similarities are amazing. Very obvious. Good one. Here the first few minutes of Baby Driver;
  6. Hi Ron, I've had battery troubles as well recently. Really inexpensive battery chargers can be acquired. Pull the dead battery, tomorrow morning it's back to life. I use it for my Vespa and cars. Winter is hard on batteries.
  7. Once again John, great work and research for your Ford projects. I always enjoy the trivia too, great infos! Michael
  8. Work bench ideas?

    Funny thing is, if the order of the boxes was changed, you'd see it immediately. Great man cave.
  9. Favorite Movie 2017, which one for you?

    Thanks Rob, I'll check those out. I watched Dunkirk, good optics there too. The others I'll see also. Baby Driver is one of those that I'll see several times, my opinion. It's special.
  10. Work bench ideas?

    Pete, that place is a mess. I like it.
  11. Hi guys, It seems to me there were not many good ones, which ones have I missed that you liked? A surprise for me was "Baby Driver". A different film, moves fast and catches you off guard too, I really like this one. ....and you? Which ones do you like?
  12. Work bench ideas?

    Hello Cale, man I like these kinds of topics, we get a good look at members' benches. Lots of remarkable areas, hey it's even good to see some dudes are even messier than what you think of your own area... Since retirement, my bench is at home in my study. Bookshelves all around, TV and small desk for PC and communication, and all my pics and models on the walls for me to see. Originally, my new bench was 20" x 32" which was just not wide enough for me to manipulate freely. Here the latest, and for me a proven size, 20" deep and 48" wide shelf that can be tilted down as well if no project is available. The shelves behind go up high, so lots of room for parts storage; Plenty of room, the ship is 3' long still room for a Proxxon handpiece and behind is a soldering station. The hanging "apron" is good for catching all the junk that loves to fall down. Just an idea, hope you get something decent worked out for you. Michael

    Excellent build Christopher! Man, you MC guys build great models, I love 'em.
  14. '51 Norton Manx

    Fantastic Sam! Super clean, excellent paint. I have a weakness for Nortons, I'd love to build this one someday. Great job.
  15. Embarrassing as heck!

    Ha! Love it guys. Yep, sounds like a little 'age' is kicking in. I'm retired a while now, already wondering how in the heck did I ever get anything done? Pete, not to worry, you're not alone. Good though, keep on going on...the only way to go. Great work area by the way!