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  1. Thanks to everyone for this information.
  2. Which kit has the best modern hemi?
  3. Was the only difference between '77's and the '78's was the color of the parking lights? I thought 77's was clear and the 78's was amber.
  4. My nephew runs a transport service from mid-Missouri, Xccelerator Transporting Phone: (573) 764-4902
  5. I believe the Dodge Brothers and Henry Ford was still close as he was a pall bearer at least for one of the brothers, if not both. They died pretty close together, but I can't remember who passed first.
  6. Just wanted to pass on that mine looks great. Thanks for providing this.
  7. Awesome job. The concept, the finished project, everything about it .
  8. Looks great, but I don't recommend going down the Current river with the water cooler in the canoe.
  9. Thanks for the information, I tried researching my self and would find when some debuted, but not if they were current.
  10. I was wondering what is the most modern cummins engine available in a kit?
  11. To me, it seems that they are trying to get away from the cross hair grille, because that is a "Dodge" design, not Ram.
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