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  1. This has been on and off my work desk for years, finally calling it done. It is out of box stock, paint Tamiya x32 titanium silver with x14 sky blue top, scallop, and interior. greg
  2. Don't remember the issue of National Lampoon, but they lampooned 'Boy's Life' the scouting magazine and in the article, they had a little fun with the old AMT ads. Whoever did the work up on this needs to be recognized. Have a nice April fool's day greg
  3. A little progress, roof rack, primed, I kept the B pillar widows as there is pic on the internet that has them. greg
  4. Had an old Snap 57 T Bird sitting on the shelf gaining dust so it was time to rehab. Model was black plastic, I painted it some old AMT copper like color. Wanted it brighter so I shot it with Tamiya X 17 pink, and white top, left interior black, I think mags were stock for the kit. greg
  5. What's wrong with retirement? That's the time you have to build the kits you bought when you were young and naive. Life's order-Youth = income, age = time Best place to be on the internet😀 greg
  6. I'll check my stash and let you know. greg
  7. Hey, I have a clock model and a Mr. Machine you might like to build. Great job. such meticulous work. You and Charlie are special builders/craftsmen of the hobby greg
  8. Just back from Castle Shannon PA. here are some pics from the contest, South Hills Modelers Assoc. 3-27-2022 album | GLMFAA1 | Fotki.com, photo and video sharing made easy. greg
  9. Good job on a Ramcharger. My first real car was a 76 Ram. One detail missing under the hood is the resister on the fire wall that always went bad, I carried a spare in the glove box. Every time I see one I can still hear the 'singing' starter. greg
  10. Nice looking rig. The one kit I never built. greg
  11. I found seaming pins at Walmart (sewing aisle) that have a flat head on them and can be cut to preferred length, bendable and not too expensive. greg
  12. Great work, guess you need spread sheet plans for such a big model. greg
  13. A long time ago I had the opportunity to visit the late Jim Etter of AIM models. In my tour of his 'factory' I asked him how he shipped his finished models. He told me he builds up boxes and ends up with a palated crate that he ships by truck. I have experimented and let a packaged model roll down the steps as a test, Even had the customer arrange for hand carried delivery. Don't know how that would fly with TSA now a days. greg
  14. Yes, and on the bottom of your phone was "property of bell telephone systems" greg
  15. Picked up the snap together AMT/Ertl 1950 Chevy pick-up at the Buckeye Classic last weekend. Always wanted to do a 50's Ohio Bell telephone truck that I remember from my youth. Cut the pick-up bed sides off at floor level and keeping the fenders. Not quite like the real trucks with plain fenders, just a little classier. estimated the size using the bed and from pictures. Will be painted green with red rims and red front bumper. Dechromed the grille with Easy Off then white primer. Ladder rack, scribed door lines ladder, and small Fresnel light from the AMT ALF kit should do it. greg t
  16. My suggestion is to try a local window tinter, Take the piece(s) with you as they might do it for you. greg
  17. What didn't you see Marty McFly or Dr Emmit Brown there? I think there was a Back to the Future car there. greg
  18. Just some pics from the 12th Buckeye Classic NNL. Hats off to The Buckeye Scale Auto Club for a good show, My first and great to see some familiar faces from the original NNL shows in Toledo. 12th Buckeye Classic NNL album | GLMFAA1 | Fotki.com, photo and video sharing made easy. greg
  19. Paint color is Humbrol # 20 Crimson over red primer. greg
  20. I want to public thank 'TruckerAL' for helping with the missing parts. greg
  21. GLMFAA1


    The Preiser catalog that I have from years ago. If your desperate: Preiser G 1:22.5 " Eve " Unpainted Figures KIT # 45901 4041032459011 | eBay Preiser G 1:22.5 " ADAM " UNPAINTED Figures KIT # 45900 (Ships from Chicagoland) | eBay They are listed separate on Ebay. I have no affiliation with these auctions, greg
  22. GLMFAA1


    What set do you want? They have many sets in the catalog from Adam & Eve to a married couple. Seated, standing, in action poses, please be a little more specific. greg
  23. This what I'm looking to do with the Dodge: Chrysler silver, a few Bill Beezo decals and light bar call it done greg
  24. There used to be a way of telling what scale by the catalog numbers. Looks like the numbering system has changed. I think you want to look for 'G' scale items. They are in car model scale. greg
  25. Sorry, too many T's in my life thinking of the other trainer T-38 Talon. Yes I know the Talon is a jet trainer. Last Trojan I saw they were changing a 'jug' at an air show. greg
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