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  1. finally finished and happy with my first attempt> lets see whats next
  2. Some more colour down on the body.
  3. Bit of a break, little frustrated with finishing off the engine. Decided to put it aside for now and do some body work.
  4. Howdy, Dave, Mike and Carl, cheers guys. Mike its blue tac, see: http://www.blutack.com/ Find it such a valuable tool. Cheers, Mick
  5. Howdy, Some weathering done with decals fixed. Gloss coat to seal it. Next will be my first attempt at wiring. See how it goes.
  6. Looking really good so far.
  7. So got all components together, next will be a gloss coat and some oil washes, dry brushing, hairspray and chrome on exhaust manifold and some finishing touches. Following will be some wiring and pipe work once I get some reference photos. Bit of a glue mark just under the distributor. Should have made a nut to go on alternator pulley. Next time! Should have waited to get a material, fly screen or some lace to use as a template to spray mesh over the filter. That effort takes me back to Kindergarten. That's it for now. Cheers, Mick
  8. Howdy, Got some more components primed. Forgot the exhaust manifold. Ended up priming, then gloss clear followed by a dusting of baking powder to give that rusty build up texture then another prime. Hopefully get some more paint down on these parts over the next few days. And the exhaust. Enjoy! Cheers, Mick
  9. Howdy, Carl, Ray and Mike, thank you. Yes more to come. First attempt at a non military item so shall be interesting. Mainly using Vallejo acrylics but the body will be Model Master. Thinking a nice light blue with one white fender and white wall tyres. Will be aiming for a slightly faded 5-10 year old car look, so will not have a nice shiny hiny. Will have to do some research on clear over the Vallejo as I don't want to ruin my gold coloured donk before its in the car. I noticed the air filter canisters (red above) came out a little rough after painting. I used a flat red
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