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  1. That is beautiful Steve. I bet if you photo-shopped that next to real cars no one could tell the difference. I will be definitely watching your builds as I will be able to learn some really cool techniques from you. Thank you Steve for your perseverance, its very inspirational to me as well as many others. Best regards, Steve
  2. Thank you Jerry. Wow you are way up there!! Must be a beautiful area for sure. I was in Canada when I was a kid at a place called Sioux lookout, we canoed down a river for 50 miles, one of the best times of my life. Best regards, and stay safe, Steve.
  3. Thank you David. Stay safe. God bless you brother, Steve
  4. Thank you Carl. God bless you brother.
  5. Excellent build and super nice paint job Ludwig !! I had a 1972 Camaro back in the early 80s. I wish I had it today, I really did love that car. I remember having 50s on the back end and I was always doing burnouts, until I got pulled over by the Police, they told me my tires were street illegal, so my burnouts were kinda ended at the time, had fun though. Best regards, Steve
  6. Outstanding build and finish George . I like the body dynamics and the scheme. Very nice indeed!!
  7. Thank you Jeff, stay safe and healthy. Steve
  8. Thank you David, There are things I can still make better, but Ill learn as I go. I cant wait to get some stuff from Fireball they have some really cool stuff there. Steve
  9. Thank you Bill. I used Testors Model Master Go Mango , its orange in color but says Go Mango on the bottle.
  10. Thank you Pat. Best regards, Steve
  11. Thank you Bo. I really enjoyed the build and the challenge, better than any video game any day of the week. I have tons of videos games I don't even play anymore. No real challenge after you beat the game a hudred or so times. When you build a model its never repeating. You can build the same kit a hundred times and it will never be the same as the previous one. Steve
  12. Incredible, just totally incredible!! If you machined that engine I wouldn't doubt you could make it run for real!! A fantastic build, finish, and details "PERFECTION"!! Steve
  13. Love it Howard!! Its a Mopar, what can I say. Steve
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