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  1. aw106

    Mazda 787B

    Really nice, clean looking build you've done
  2. And finally I finished off the font at rear suspension as a pushrod system with antiroll bars
  3. Been a while with no updates but I have got some stuff done on the car. First off I shortened the front by taking the front box of and turning it through 180degrees Also because the last cage was hitting the screen I have made a new cage Opened out the holes for the numberplate for fit exhaust pipes
  4. Final set of updates finishing off the car Also for any of you who have watched this build or my others, do not listen if I say something will be finished soon, I lied And finally the finished car http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=93588
  5. Here is my Nova Latemodel Made from a Revell body and a modified AMT chassis Build thread http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=85305#entry1109172 Enjoy
  6. The A pillar/roof bars Then the windshield bar and roof brace Finally I added a brace either side of the cage So now I have a cage and more work on the subframe Finally more test fit photos
  7. Time for another update. Small amount of bodywork has been done, I have added a lip for the hood to sit on Then added the hood pins on the front and back After that I added the main hoop to the chassis tub Then the bars down to the subframe and a cross brace for the main hoop
  8. So I now have a rolling chassis for the car and I'm now looking at lining the body up with the chassis and soon I'll look into the rollcage
  9. Time for more updates I took a small break (didn't actually mean to) but I'm now back working on it I have now built the front suspension onto the tub I have also now built the rear subframe
  10. Here we go, It took me a little longer than I hoped but the paint is done, decals are on all that is needed now is clearcoat and assembly. Enjoy Just stood on it's wheels for now
  11. I have to say your build is incredible and quite inspirational. Also The level of detail of amazing, I've seen a road going Alfa of this age and type down to it being just a rolling shell and you model instantly makes me think of it, you really have raised the bar here.
  12. Sounds very tempting but I do need to pack before then as I'm going to Le mans. Maybe I'll bring something back with me, Last time I came back with the XJR9-LM I mentioned. Also this build is unusually quick for me it normally takes me quite some time to complete a build
  13. So some updates on the F430. I have worked on reshaping the engine cover after adding the wing supports I added a strip at for the cover to close onto as the original needed modifying to clear the wing supports I have also cut the wheel arches to try and get the ride height for the shell.
  14. I still have some work to do on the engine cover shaping and fit but I did a quick test fit of the wing All in all I thing grafting that section of the Lexus's rear onto the Ferrari was probably te quickest way to do this and seams to have worked out well enough
  15. The focus I bought to do as a GT but changed my mind and went for the 430. Not sure what I'll do with the focus, it's quite low down on the list as I have an XJR-9LM that I want to have done by September and possibly a Tamiya 131 Abarth plus some oval cars. So yeah that focus might sit in the box for quite a while
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