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  1. i am not sure about a dedicated website. i get all my HRM kits and parts from Randy at modelbuilderswh.com ignore the everything out of stock and send him an e-mail for what you are looking for. i usually get kits fairly quick. Randy is a good guy and service is great.
  2. i'm not sure if its still available. you could use accurate miniatures grand sport corvette for donor, but would need to find fuel injection motor.
  3. awesome detail ! would love to have a set of those aluminum wheel rings. i have the Aston Martin version waiting to be built.
  4. very early version had fuel injection and looked more like a stock corvette
  5. that is a good question, i did the #4 car with tape and from the race photo you can see the tape edge. i think the 67 car will look better with molded in hood scoop , even though it may not be correct.
  6. received my sunburst halibrand cobra wheels and Mike at 3dscaleparts.com did a great job. can be purchased without tires
  7. a little hood work , body filler still to come.
  8. go for it ! the kit is fairly easy. hood louvers can be tricky and get a set of headers from HRM . Headers from kit don't clear frame very well.
  9. nice work on the flip top and completed cobras look great also
  10. that's a cool old resin cast, must be heavy ! if you haven't built the HRM version yet, you should give it a try. from my small amount of progress , i'm very impressed with quality and correct detail of the kit.
  11. sorry i didn't back to you, i did get one. thanks for reply.
  12. yah these Corvettes are very cool race cars and what makes them so interesting is how many different body configurations, car numbers and paint jobs that one chassis went through.
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