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  1. finished my 4th cobra build. csx 3012 driven by Lothar Motschenbacher.
  2. thanks guys for all the positive comments. i do build other car kits, just wanted to finish this mass build before i start on a couple early year Grand Sport Corvettes.
  3. thanks David, he also raced a 289 comp cobra before he raced the 427 with same number . i quess it didn't bother him
  4. 3rd cobra done from team shelby project. cobra csx 3020 driven by Tom Payne known as the gentleman driver as he would race in a suit.
  5. nice build and extra details look great
  6. "Guardsman Blue ...... there ain't no such thing ....... the painters would all get drunk on Friday and they wouldn't show up. Whatever the painter that week thought was Guardsman Blue to him, that was Guardsman Blue, see, so there might be 500 different colors of Guardsman Blue." Carroll Shelby.
  7. thanks guys for all the positive comments. yah they are a bit too shiny, will have to try a race weathered version someday with dirt ,grease,rock chips and dull paint.
  8. thanks guys for all the positive comments Larry, the hoods do open and my first 2 builds have the least amount of detail. build thread is posted on the workbench, shelby team 427 cobra's. i use Zero paint primer and base coats with automotive House of Kolor clear. blue is Guardsman blue part #ZP-1080 and silver is Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing part # ZP-1296. #11 CAR has decals from monogram kit and #6 car has studio 27 decals. most all other cars i'm doing have V-R-M decals and they are by far the best decals i have used so far.
  9. yah some of the Zero paint can be hard to get. but i do like how it sprays out from an airbrush and dries really fast. hobbyworld-usa.com has Metallic blue red bull-toro rosso part# 1140 zero paint . maybe not exact but close and you can add a little silver to lighten up color.
  10. my 2nd cobra build from my mass cobra project. csx 3016 driven by Bob Grossman 1966 Bahamas Nassau trophy race. car is better known with stripes and paint sceme from sebring race.
  11. also Shelby Mustang in picture looks more like Acapulco blue and that color is lighter then guardsman blue. that might help in search of exact color your looking for.
  12. i use Zero paint guardsman blue . i think it looks real close and metallic is to scale
  13. thanks guys, this one had the least amount of extra details so i finished it first just to finally get one done.
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