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  1. 1/24 Ford GT40 Mk1 engine 3d printed by myself

    that's insane work Michael !! sign me up for one , maybe 2 or 3
  2. Cobra racing team

    nice job Ray !
  3. Shelby Team 427 Cobra's (update 1-21 )

    Rick, thanks for pointing this out. i have some of the gauge faces from best models and didn't use because it was hard to cut out gauge exact (not a pre-cut decal) will try to fix on future builds. Bill
  4. 427 Cobra (street car)

    Pat , looking good so far. wire wheels were more common on 289 cobra's. the 427 cobra's were shipped with wire wheels put on backward with a 3 -eared knock off to clear big brakes. then 7.5 halibrands were installed when delivered. but what the hell ,it's just a model. put what you like on it. let's see some more!
  5. polished aluminum on wheels

    will test on junk wheels, wheels should have little shine.
  6. Shelby Team 427 Cobra's (update 1-21 )

    thanks Richard, a few updates. added supports tubes under dash and now have correct carbs installed. all radiators done. a little carbon build-up on carb or dirt since they didn't race with air cleaner and tried to replicate fuel filter
  7. polished aluminum on wheels

    thanks Steve, i picked some alcad II gloss black base , polished aluminum and airframe aluminum to try out . will try to get some results posted. going for the dirty side of polished aluminum since rims are for a 60's race car.
  8. looking for best method to replicate polished aluminum on wheel rims. Has anyone tried C1-metalizer? thanks, Bill
  9. Cobra Racing Team project

    Cobra and truck look great, i really like how the rear flares turned out on Cobra.

    maybe just lucky, but i ordered from them about a year ago and had no problem.
  11. 66-68 Shelby’s

    they look great, now a 65 and 69 for book ends
  12. Ferrari Enzo

    nice work and awesome detail !
  13. 2019 Mustang Bullitt

    I have not seen a dyno result for the Bullit Mustang, but the new 2018 gt 5.0 with auto is no joke . Putting out 437 hp at the rear wheels. (due to auto losing less power) Now , about test driving a new Mustang.......I worked at a Ford dealer body shop and had to fix a 2016 Shelby gt350. Of course i had to test drive after repairs were done. Big mistake! Could not stop thinking about how insane this car was. The next year i had to buy one. 2017 #0211 lightning blue 526 hp at crank and 8200 redline or shift point.
  14. What do you drive?

    my commuter 97 ranger, weekend car 17 shelby #0211 lightning blue .
  15. RIP Dan Gurney, 1931-2018

    Lost one of the great race drivers of all time. RIP Dan.