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  1. turned out great Pierre! color looks spot on with decals applied and tire choice was a perfect upgrade for the kit.
  2. thanks Pierre, yes they are all AM 1/24 kits except the roadsters are transkits by HRM and available from Randy at modelbuilderswh.com the Zero Paint can be hard to get sometimes, but you can tint colors and end up with some good results. this cobra was just plain silver and tinted with some blue. a little more blue and it would be close to the color your going for. what you have now looks very close and striping is a lot of work. Looking forward to seeing your completed Grand Sport.
  3. nice work on the Grand Sport . i went with zero paint Nassau Blue and was lazy, just shot from bottle. you could tint with white or silver to get it closer.
  4. I read a facebook post about the NNL West show in Santa Clara is going to be cancelled this year due to covid . That Sucks !! The only show i get to all year. Bill
  5. progress has been slow , still painting multiple parts. a little work on r-model dash with pad,radio and glove box door removed.
  6. thanks CL, yes it is Echlin Automotive (ignition product) didn't know Napa has been around that long. Must not be a common sponsor, i searched a lot of decal sheets with no luck.
  7. thanks Rex, i'm trying to identify this sponsor decal above the union76. i found the prestolite sponsor on this UMI decal sheet. UMI may be my best bet to find it but not many on e-bay.
  8. anyone know where to find a good vintage sponsor decal sheet like this ? thanks, Bill
  9. JC, nice work so far . tires and wheels look perfect .
  10. thanks Kenneth, nice work on your r-model . you might want to start over with the Monogram/ Revell r-model kit. it will comes with correct back window, but i would use the resin cast front apron. way better then kit apron . the good tail lamps with seperate red lense come in the 1/25 amt mustang kit. a little work on engine compartment and a look at future decals.
  11. WOW ! This photo set is awesome . Photo's i have never seen and great reference for the square back mustang and about 10 other cars that i would like to build models of. Model looking good JC, the Foyt car looks like they didn't bother flaring fenders and just cut them up high. Bill
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