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  1. Oh no! I’m sorry...that wasn’t my intention. I built the AMT ‘59 a long time ago (white with silver coves). I much prefer the Monogram 1959. I have a Monogram 1959 in progress. Interestingly, it’s silver with white coves. ?
  2. Looks great! Very cool concept.I love the opened rear quarter windows...great detail!
  3. This is the Revell Pro-modeler kit. I built it about 7 years ago...finally took some outdoor photos of it. I've learned a lot since building this one; paint and engine detail to name a couple. This was the first kit I used a photo-etched detail set on.
  4. The seats came with the kit but I made the shifter from strips of styrene. The gear indicator plate On the console is a spare decal I had from the Keith Marks 1969 Camaro Indy Pace Car sheet. I simply cut the decal from the sheet and glued it to the center console that is included in the model kit. Then added the shifter I made.
  5. Absolutely amazing build! I love the awesome little things like, a battery with cables still attached yet the master cylinder cap is missing! The details in your build allow others to imagine a story for the car and that really gets the viewer involved. Simply fantastic!
  6. I like it a lot! I know what you mean about the center caps not fitting on the steelies. I’m working on an SS that will have the center caps and beauty rings and the only way I could get the hubcaps to fit well on the wheels was to file out the inner lip of the caps. I like the colour, too.
  7. Here is 1969 Camaro #3 of what will eventually be a collection of about 10 cars in various trim levels. The 327 cid engine (with some modification to bring it to 1969 configuration) and white wall decals are from the Revell ‘64 Impala, flat hood from the AMT ‘68 Z/28 and the wheels (RPO N96) from the Revell 1965 Malibu SS396. The photo etched set from Model Car Garage provided many of the finishing detail.
  8. These are the two that I have finished so far. The others are in various states of construction. I will post them as they are completed.
  9. I managed only two builds in 2017 but these are the first builds in the past three years! These are two of what will eventually be a garage of about 11 different 1969 Camaros of all trim levels.
  10. Thank you all for the really nice comments. To be honest, up until the final details were added to the build I wasn’t sure it was gonna turn out the way I wanted but, I am please with the result.
  11. The paint I used is Tamiya Yellow TS-16
  12. This is the latest in my series of 1969 Camaro models. Z/28 with the cross-ram duel four barrel intake and headers. I used The Model Car Garage detail set for the emblems and side marker lights. I know the the emblem in front of the hood is not supposed to touch the stripes but still looks good, even if it is slightly oversized. The decals on the tires are Fireball Model Works. I hope you like. Stephen
  13. Thank you all for the comments and compliments. This is a great kit and has been around for some time so I wanted to do something a bit different with it while staying true to factory stock (I am a bit of a purist when it comes to autos). While doing my research I came across a great deal of literature available for the 1969 Camaro and the options available. The SS wheels were a no-brainer when found them on the options list as RPO N66. Not very many Camaros were built with the SS wheels (around 300) but they do look good on the car. I have a plan to build an RS convertible in either Glacier Blue or Dusk Blue with a blue interior, 327 cid engine and wearing RPO N96 Mag-style wheel covers from the Revell '65 Chevelle Z-16 kit. I haven't decided to go with white-line tires or red-line for that one.
  14. Thanks, Dan. I did put a coat of semi-gloss but I agree, it is still too shiny...especially outdoors.
  15. Here is my 1969 Camaro SS/RS. I used the great Revell Z/28 RS kit for this build and took the 350 cid engine from the '69 Nova SS (Revell) kit, the hood from the Hot Wheels '69 Camaro Snap-kit (Revell) and the wheels and tires from the '68 Charger (Revell). I used the Model Car Garage vinyl top material and '69 Camaro photo-etched detail set. The paint is Testors Dark Red and the decals are from the Revell '69 Camaro SS/RS convertible kit. Thanks for checking it out.
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