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  1. That's one mean lookin car!
  2. Awesome thread. I just finished an Eleanor myself. Except i made the whole body kit out of putty. I like where your going with it and it won't be nearly as time consuming as mine was
  3. Thanks for the replies! I can only hope with time I will be half as good as everyone on here
  4. Done! http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=94095
  5. This was my first build in over 10 years. I've learned a lot and the car is far from perfect. But I finally have my own Eleanor I ran a total of 8 surface mount 0603 leds to 2032 battery in the trunk. Thanks for looking!
  6. Couple more pics. Going to work on the tail lights today
  7. Good eyes man. I can't believe I overlooked that
  8. Thanks! I'm currently working on the taillights. Everything is wired to a 2032 battery with an off/on switch. I also have to make the front grille, which I'm custom making out of piano wire. Will post a couple more pics when I'm out of work
  9. Hey guys. Just wanted to give an update on the build. Been a while :/
  10. Cool! Been eyeing this one myself but was concerned because of the pre molded wires. Definitely looking forward to more pics
  11. Great tip Ken! That would definitely help to keep the flat sides smooth and straight
  12. Wow that resin body puts mine to shame lol
  13. And Ken....that would've saved a lot of time if I knew that earlier lol. Thanks tho! I might have to shoot him a p.m.
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