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  1. Bad dog added a post in a topic Thinning Acrylics   

    I have used cheap folk art paints for about 3 yrs only had problems with a gold metallic the only thing I use is windex with ammonia make sure you use a clear afterwards as it will chip and mark real easy I mix it 50/50 to 60/40 the ammonia helps it bond to the primer I use the cheap Walmart primer
  2. Bad dog added a post in a topic Testor's Aztek Paints   

    I got 3 bottles that were to thick to spray
  3. Bad dog added a post in a topic Testor's Aztek Paints   

    I have been using aztek for about 7 months now in a airbrush I haven't used the clear I thin it with windex using a good primer as a base the color combo's by mixing come real nice, no heavy build up on fine details just a nice thin covering I use just the Walmart clear to finish them
  4. Bad dog added a post in a topic Paint   

    All I use is the the cheap Walmart clear on the Aztec paint
  5. Bad dog added a post in a topic 50,s Ford custom ,UP DATE , PAINT IS ON ,   

    Very nice     What did you use to thin your paint
  6. Bad dog added a post in a topic Craft paints   

    About the only thing I use now is craft paint I have mix it with windex window cleaner that has ammonia mixing it 50/50  or 60 windex 40 paint some will come with a real nice shine other use Walmart clear. Also the testor's Aztec paint is real nice to work with you can make some custom colors mixing the pearl and transparent colors together again using the windex to thin it. The windex helps to bond the paint to the primer better
  7. Bad dog added a post in a topic Best Paint Thinner   

    I have switched and only use folk art paint from dollar store or micheals thin about half and half with windex with ammonia I just use the Walmart cheap primer and finish with Walmart cheap clear. For paint removal I use LA totally awesome
  8. Bad dog added a post in a topic How many kits do you have in your stash?   

    I have over 250 sealed 15 - 20 started 50 - 60 glue bombs just got the wife to start a model now she say's can I get more