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  1. Started on an ice merchandiser tonight. Going to be a challenge from wood, but I am testing my skills at making wood look like metal....lol. I have some wood putty for any gaps once the glue dries. Still need to add the door and condenser on top. #patience Also added some ground posts in front of the garage frame.
  2. HAD to get some paint on this thing. This is just the base coat. Experimenting with crackle medium but it's not working how I want it to, so we'll see Messy paint intentional...lol Busted out the sanding drum on the Dremel along with some hand sandpaper to get the wear and tear started. Bottoms of garage doors get the most abuse, so rounded off the bottom a bit and made it uneven Same with thresholds. Well that took about a month....lol http://i526.photobucket.com/albums/cc346 Got the preliminary awning up over the door. Need to fix up the galvanized roof. Also added drip strip above garage door. Needs weathering still.
  3. Been a long while since I was "chased" off these forums, but I am building an old abandoned garage facade and came here to not only show my work, but to get some inpriation as well. Scale: 1/12 Back at the workbench for the first time in 4 months. Going for a busted down gas station complete with a totally scratch build garage door! Estimated time of completion? 2016 probably.....lol Started framing the garage door. Most of this will be hidden, but it's gotta be legit Cut out the wood for the door, has to be the most even cutting I've done yet. Mocked up the door tonight. Won't have that big a gap at the finish, just not ready to install yet. Will add a bigger header above to hide any gaps. Still needs details of course Got some details up on the door. Now I just need to connect them together and get them lined up just right
  4. CHOW TIME!!! Here's my tiny progress on the Chuck Wagon. Found this great 4x4 for $4 at Target: http://www.newbright.com/product/view/id/170 (this is a different color, but same truck) Gutted the thing for it's tires and pushbar. Then started looking at the "chassis" and noticed it had a small trailer hitch. Threw my soon to be wood grill on top to see what it looked like. I think it still sits a bit high for this scale, but I can sink the bottom of the barrel into the body more. Now just to make a new chassis for the pickup.....lol
  5. I think you should either rust out the skull, or continue the camoflague over it like it was stamped out of metal. Looking bad arse though!
  6. Cranky, you will be proud. I picked myself up by the bootstraps and forced myself to hit the hobby shop this past Friday. Stocked up on some styrene and evergreen to get this thing going. HItting the bench hard tomorrow morning in hopes to get some sneakers under this cab....
  7. Not likely, one was a strut that went flying somewhere into the depths of the workshop when I was slicing it off the tree. The other was a leaf spring that a small piece of the end snapped off, and is too small to glue together I am fooling myself thinking I can scratch build something, but cars are not my forte....
  8. Feeling really bad about this build. I broke two major pieces for the chassis, and sadly do not possess the skills to modify my own chassis. *sigh* I know everyone is going to say "keep at it" "it doesn't matter", but I think me and model cars are just two seperate beings. That being said, I got a little work done. I might just have to unofficially enter this as a curb slammer or "glue bomb" as you guys describe. Some pictures. I straightened out the box some, but it's supposed to look cobbled together. I was going to make it an old dresser, but now it will just be an open box. "I'm a chef Jim, not Bob Vila!! "
  9. Thanks Cranky. I am hoping to hit the shop tonight, but most likely tomorrow. I got so many ideas stewing I might have to make 2 vehicles!!
  10. I was trying to avoid the "Monster truck" wheels for this build, but I don't think the low rider look would work in a beat up, PA world. I am thinking the Chuck Wagon would be in the middle of the caravan, protected by the bigger vehicles, because let's face it, you need to eat. So I am going light artilary on this one, but heavy armor. I am also going to lift it just because it will fit beter into the grand scheme of the caravan. Anyone know where I can get some camping/pots and pans??? I am not the best sculpter, so any help would be great, even if I have to make my own off a casting or something. Also, animals that will fit in this scale?? Pigs mostly??
  11. Maybe a different camo scheme on the crow's nest?? Like woodland or something to blend in with a tree line or something.....*shrug*
  12. While I think you are the king of weathering, I feel the van is lacking some color. I am hoping you plan on adding some?? It just seems way too washed out to me. I know years in a PA world things will fade, but this is almost bone white. I see a bit of color on the hood, but everything is the same color otherwise. I love it, so don't be mad.....lol
  13. I use that rusting stuff on a lot of my dioramas and custom figures, works great! Never thought of putting it in a plastic bag however. I will have to employ this method when I paint up the Chuck Wagon. Cranky, you must have missed this a ways back. I am re-thinking the tires now. I know it's nothing right now, but I am going slow
  14. I am almost embarrased to show this right now....lol. I found this little truck at the dollar store: The wheels will go on the truck (the truck will be lifted) Wood platform for bed. I haven't seen anyone with my idea yet: A chuck wagon! TZH gotta eat, correct? I will be building an open charcoal pit on the back, and tow a BBQ smoker. Anything crawling these days is fair game; cat, dog, armadillo, rattlesnake. The chuck wagon will be in the middle of the convoy so it's protected. Not much room for gunners, but this wagon will be armored up with light artillery.
  15. I am having a hobby-gasm over that highway Cranky. You should raffle it off after the build
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