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  1. Mayhem added a post in a topic Beginning to plan   

    Knarf, Yes Sir!

    MisterNNL, PM on the way. Thanks!
  2. Mayhem added a post in a topic Beginning to plan   

    So I gues I didn't know that 10' = 5" in 1/25th lol.

    Gasser, your dio is like what I am wanting to do. Very detailed. I like it a lot! Not sure what "grain of wheat and rice bulbs" are, research time. lol.

    Johnny, Thank you for the insight and yes, I am wanting to do cinder block walls. I played around with some foam board and saw from somewhere (cant recall if a thread here or a video) if you take the paper backing off, you can scribe in bricks or blocks. Looks good, I think.

    Thank you for the replies.
  3. Mayhem added a topic in Dioramas   

    Beginning to plan
    Ok, so I want to make a garage diorama (original idea, I know. lol) and I am wanting to get some plans on paper. What I have so far is just what is in my head. I am looking for suggestions, ideas, critisim, guidance, or maybe even someone that will build it and let me claim it, . J/K.
    So this is what I am wanting to build, a 2 bay, 2 story shop. I am thinking that with it being 2 story I should make the walls out of plywood then attach foam board to the wood so I can create a textured block wall. I am thinking a wood base with plaster as the floor (to simulate cement). I have read other posts and know that basswood is best for making joists, studs, and what-not so I am ok there. My direct questions are:

    1. So as to not make my exterior load bearing walls too thick, what size plywood should I use?

    2. I know that in 1/25 scale, 10 feet in life is equal to 5 inches in scale. So how tall should should a shop be to have an office on the 2nd floor? All the shops around me are single story and I think I am over thinking this so I have totally confused myself.

    3. What is best to use for windows? I was thinking about using thin real glass but am concerned with weight on the walls.

    4. The big one now. I have seen dio's on here and the net that have working lights. Where do you get them? Can I use flashlight bulbs? What size wire and what power source do I use?

    I have more questions but I will save them for later.
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  4. Mayhem added a post in a topic new to modelng   

    Welcome! The seats look cool. Way to Go!
  5. Mayhem added a post in a topic Just saying HI   

  6. Mayhem added a post in a topic Just saying HI   

    Not wanting to beat a dead horse, but here are some pictures of my mom and dads house after the tornado and a picture of what my neighborhood looks like since the tornado.
  7. Mayhem added a post in a topic Hello   

    Hello! Fellow newbie here. Been looking around and there are a ton of AWESOME builders here. I searched the forums for the last couple days and have been awe struck with the amount of knowledge. Now all I have to do is try and apply it as well as these guys.
  8. Mayhem added a post in a topic Just saying HI   

    Thank you Octane. The tornado was a life changer in alot of ways. I used to be an over the road truck driver, key word "used". I was in Wyoming headed to Canada from Tulsa when it hit. My house took some damage but is still livable. My mom and dads house is sitting on top of the wicked witch somewhere in OZ. lol. My mom was buried in her basement and my wife and daughters had to dig her out. The company I "used" to drive for refused to let me come home. Said I had to make the delivery then they would route me home. I did my job but have since quit driving and am looking for a local job now.
    Like I said, it was a life changer. My wife and I were talking about moving out of town but the town has really come together and we decided that this town, is OUR TOWN!
    If you saw the interview of the couple on the Today show that aired on New Years Eve (I believe), well that is my mom and dad, Russ and JoAnn Petri. They also were hounded to do a local news station interview. I am very proud of my wife and kids, my parents, and my town! As we say around here, "WASHINGTON STRONG!"
  9. Mayhem added a post in a topic Just saying HI   

    Thank you for the red carpet welcome!
    "Sticker shock"?????? More like I was contemplating taking out a loan. My wife, who is the best woman around, threatened me with a cast iron skillet and the couch as my new bed if I buy all the stuff then box it up. Lol. She wants me to get a hobby.
  10. Mayhem added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Just saying HI
    Hello all! Just signed up and wanted to say HI. My name is Jeff and I am a father of 3 wonderful kids (when they want to be) and I am married to the most precious woman ever. She has put up with me for 23 years.
    I have not built a model in a few years and I have noticed that alot has changed. When I was alot younger we used to build models then blow them up with firecrackers. I thought about treating my son to a day of "mayhem" but when I went to the hobby store to pick up a couple models, I decided that at $20+ I would not be blowing them up, LOL. When we did that, models cost just a few bucks. I started to poke around on the internet and the bug bit. WOW, the detail that is being displayed is mindblowing. I am wanting to try my hand at going all out and having some fun.
    On a side note, i was also thrown for a loop when I purchased the models, paint, glue, super glue, spray paint, thinner, brushes, and etc. I was carded.....lol. Really? they carded me as if I was buying beer. I guess too many people like sniffing model glue.
    Anyway, please be patient with me as I am wanting to learn this high detail model building. If my questions seem stupid, well I guess consider the source....lol.

    Thanks all!
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