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  1. Is there any way to get factory stock wheels for it, like Steve posted a closeup of? I'll get one then. I like it a lot but I'm not going to spend money on a resin I won't build.
  2. I began this adventure on November 7th, 1999. I know this because I painted it on the back of the cab, where it's hidden by the bed. I finished it the next day, then built am AMT 1994 Mustang that I had recievd for a Christmas gift when it was new, 5 years previous. Then I went to Wal-Maart and got what would be kits #3 and 4, Revell's 48 Woody and 66 GTO respectivly. Then, another trip to Wal-Mart and a cart full of models-my stash was born. (I have saved one of those kits unbuilt, although it does have a poorly applied paint job). Then, I discovered my LHS... I have MOST of my models. Some went missing. Some fell apart. I hope to find the missing ones someday but I'm not overly concerned about them because they were the AMT prepaints which were the only thing I could bring myself to do in 2002. I was 15 when I started, by about a week less than a month. I have not stopped yet but I have gotten close a few times. I doubt I'll ever stop totally, the longest I've gone without doing something in the hobby was about 8 months. Finished 272 models to date, including one in 2011 already. Of that number maybe 1/3 could be considered good if being generous, but I don't care, I am having fun. I built cars only until 2009 but since then I have tried a little of pretty much anything. http://public.fotki.com/ElCaminoBilly/my_models_in_order/
  3. I plan to get one at the NNL East come April...most likely will be built in the Smokey Yunick-owned #3 that won the last Daytona beach race, eventually. So, in about 8-10 months, I hope to have a photo to share...but as I always do as soon as I get my hands on it I'll take pictures of what you get!
  4. It builds up fairly well, too. Watch the wheels...the attachment points are tough and they don't fit the tires all that well. The attachment points on the spoiler aren't great either. I'll say, once again, that I prefer molded in color kits...
  5. It kind of looks like a futuristic hearse...which is kind of cool, in and of it's own right!
  6. I'm surprised no one has mentioned RMR, Race Motor Replicas. They do a lot of interesting stuff, and although all I have is trucks, they do others as well. Some of these pictures are old and of poor quality, but... Dodge Power Wagon Jeep Wagoneer 1941 Dodge Panel One of the things that really stinks about the hobby for me is that I totally missed out on AAM. I didn't start building until it was too late, and if I had gotten here earlier, I would have wanted almost everything Art offered! That's my biggest problem with resin. I want so many of them, and I can only afford to get about 2 a year! If I had the money, I could probably order 2 a week and not get all I wanted for a few year's time! I actually sometimes would rather have what's available in resin than what's in plastic...I prefer the obscure! Here's my one and only AAM piece, which I do plan to build, perhaps even in 2011. I have an entire section on my website for resin kits. Each company has it's own album. http://public.fotki.com/ElCaminoBilly/model-car-aftermarket/
  7. The 49/50 Olds were ubiquitus in the first few years of NASCAR, until the Hudsons came on the scene, after that, Olds never regained it's dominance in the sport. They were the cars driven to the first two Championships. Eventually I will build this with one of the resins out there, Red Byron's 1949 Stricktly Stock champion car. For those of you who don't know, that is the series known today as Sprint Cup. The Bullit-nose Studebaker is one of my all time favorite cars, I'm still dissapointed that it was never kitted. (And a factory stock has never been available in resin, either, as far as I know!) Here's one I photographed at the Studebaker Museum in 2003. I joined the world of modeling message boards in August 2000 and it was right around that time that it was found out that these would not be made, in fact, I think I learned that they were announced in the same post I learned they were cancelled I THINK that the proposed Studebaker art had a bright red car on it, but it's going on a decade now since I've seen the boxart so I could be wrong.
  8. Unfortunatly the Falcon doesn't do that much for me. I don't really think it's an exciting car. I am not sure I can justify spending $30-$50 for something I'm not really that much of a fan of. When the Ranchero comes out, that'll be another story...I have no doubt I'll get one of them. I have all the previous Trumpeter offerings except the 1/12th scale GT, (Don't forget the Reg Flag Limo!) so it would be nice to have a complete collection of one company's offerings, at least in a particular scale, but I'm not sure it'll happen here. Of all the other kits...I only started the Bonneville convertible, giving it a decent paint job but having it turn out to be not really buildable due to the Grand Canyon like sink marks on the trunk in particular, and the Red Flag Limo, which was molded in a plastic that would not bond by the strength of any glue. (That was before I used superglue so I should try it again). I think I got as far as the engine and interior. It's one of the few projects I've started and didn't take any pictures of.
  9. It's funny...I started building in 1999, and I added (and built) one of the hardtops very early on- by mid 2000. But I to this day have never seen one of the convertible kits for sale, in person. I recall in building the kit that I had some issues getting the engine/hood to work right- but keep in mind I was still new to the hobby back then. Unfortunatly for me I dropped one of the wheel assemblies down behind my bookcase. Since the bookcase probably weighs as much as a real Oldsmobile, I would say it's gone for good! This isn't the greatest picture, either. I uploaded it to Fotki in summer of 2006 so I was really still learning with that aspect, too...The build predates my use of BMF. Believe it or not, it is brush painted! Does anyone know if that notch in the grill is accurate? I'm not very familiar with the real cars, I guessed it was for the hood release latch, but I really have no clue for sure.
  10. A very belated thanks for the comments guys! Kinda dropped out of the message board scene cold turkey for a while there and didn't see your posts until just now!
  11. I am dissapointed that it's not glowing orange plastic. I might have actually bought one then. (Believe it or not, it would have been my first kit of the General - love the show, never had the kit!) I do have one of Cooter's Tow Truck kits though...
  12. Sorry to whoever will take offence at my bumping an old thread, but... The Facebook video game called CarTown just came out with a Prius this week...and I made the exact car that I said I would model way back when this thread was new! There is no way I'm going to spend money on a Prius, but a digital version...oh yeah! I think if I had a real one it would be slightly more legible, doing this with the Car Town paint program- not easy.
  13. Mikesdecals.com has all 4 cars...I have the Toyota. Not really the best choice for a beginner, though I don't think! It requires resin work, it also requires scratchbuilding parts and working with white metal, which is included. I would suggest if you want to do a resin NASCAR car for your first get something older from Mike, like the 2005-06 Dodge Charger, or 2007-10 Fusion.
  14. That looks really nice. When you finish all the parts I'll order one.
  15. Very nice, I wonder what they could be...LOL I never did fab up any chassis to use, I'm a slacker.
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