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  1. Wow I can't thank all you guys enough for the compliments. I know there is much to be learned still. As far as foiling before weathering I've never used foil before and this original just started out as an idea until I found this forum and kind of became a passion. I work on a very limited budget and just can't afford a lot of the things that would have made this a better build but I figure the next one will turn out a little better and the one after that and the one after that. LoL but it's all the amazing builders on this forum that really got me all jazzed up about building models again so thanks you for the kind words and inspiring me to try building better models. I was that kid that threw models together in one night and thought they were great. Of course that's why I haven't built a model in 15-20 years. Thanks again for everything.
  2. Thanks guy I am inspired to build another that will be even better then this one and the next one will be better and so on and so forth. It being my first in so long and my very first ever detailed and weathered model I know there are things that experienced builders may look at and wonder what the heck I was thinking but if I use one new trick on every build then I can't wait to see my tenth build after this. Thanks again for the kind words and inspiration to keep going.
  3. Where do I get it? I need styrene of all sorts and have in idea where to get It. I've hit the BIG stores around such as ac more michaels amd hobby lobby and I came up short. Can someone or every new help me here.
  4. That's a great idea. Wish I would have thought to do that years ago before my ex launched of the balcony into a dumpster. 20-40 kits smashed and launched. The end wa near. LoL.
  5. Thanks a lot. It was one of the details I tried and really liked the outcome but know I could get it better next time then realized you can hardly see it with the windows weathered. LoL oh well it was a blast.
  6. Love it and I loved that movie.
  7. Yes it is. I'm very happy with it being my first weathered build and first build in over 15 years. I always glued stuff together and painted it cause I was too young to appreciate it. Thank you for the kind words.
  8. First build in over 15 years first semi detailed model ever and first ever weathering job. Hope you guys like it and offer advise for my next one. I'm doing a ratted out chop top dodge l-700 cab over. before the headliner got weathered.
  9. Well she's all done! Just buttoned everything up and snapped these pics. Hope it meets approval of the talented builders on this forum.
  10. Well she's coming together now. Hit almost the whole chassis and interior with pastels I picked up today. Not sure if I got the right stuff chalk seemed a bit too hard to just brush on had to sand blocks down and use the powder but I dig the results either way. Let me know what you think. Got the motor weathered pretty good Chassis is getting closer Got the sagging headliner in
  11. Ignore a couple of those questions as I see you already answered them.
  12. Hey Marcus I just read this and saw the pics and I love it. I have a couple questions though if you don't mind. How much salt to how much water? Can I use this technique over what I already have to add more character? And is this your method or someone else's? And I keep hearing about pastels and chalks, being new I'm not sure I know exactly what everyone is talking about? Help! LoL
  13. Well I couldn't be happier with all the support and kind words I'm getting on my first real detailed model. This is also my first ever weathered / barn find style build. Having been away from model for almost 20 years and even back then I was just gluing it together and not caring what it looked like it was just fun. This has blown my mind with how excited I get with each new step. And the tips and techniques I'm learning on this forum are great. I'm a ways off from finishing this one but already looking forward to the next build. Here's how this baby sits now. I sprayed a flat coat over the whole body. If anyone can give me tips on how to weather the windows as I don't have an airbrush I would be greatfull. Hope you like it so far.
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