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  1. Hi again after a lengthy absence I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this kit and if any reviews exist Thanks in avance Chuck
  2. Still got it and still haven't found the time or energy to start doing anything to it
  3. I think I'd like to try it but I wouldn't know how to go about it
  4. True enough about the A/C... the lady who let me take the pics said her grandfather had it installed right after he bought it, because of the flowers the delivered with it
  5. Very nice people at Joe Wheeler Electric Co-Op allowed me to climb around and shoot these for a model idea, using the Revell/ Monogram kit.
  6. took these of a local florist's vehicle, parked intact since the mid-70's I've been told. I would dearly love to find a resin body to convert a Revell 65 pickup!
  7. It'll be behind this thing if I can ever get motivated enough to finish it:
  8. Thanks for all the positive comments, guys To answer the questions I saw... The welding cables are a tiny resin-core solder that I've had so long I don't remember what kind or size it is... or where I got it. The C-channel for the frame and the trailer are actually modified H-column beams. I used this just because I had it on hand and for the added depth over ordinary channel. If I have any left on the workbench, I'll update this later with the sizes Thanks again for the feedback Chuck
  9. Very nice! I'm wondering what state specific decals you'll use
  10. Hi all, I'm working on a fleet version of the Revell '97 F150 standard cab pick-up. I was wondering a few things about this 1/1 vehicle. 1) Did Ford paint the underside of the cab and bed body color or was there some sort of galvanized coating? 2) where can I find a fleet sales brochure with interior colors and options? Ebay is a LAST resort 3) Does the glove compartment door drop to horizontal or does it only open to expose a box top? Thanks, Chuck
  11. I know it's an old thread but I need some help... Does Ford paint the undersides of the cab and bed? I'm working on the Revell 1997 F150 standard cab pickup
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