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  1. Hi again after a lengthy absence I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this kit and if any reviews exist Thanks in avance Chuck
  2. Still got it and still haven't found the time or energy to start doing anything to it
  3. I think I'd like to try it but I wouldn't know how to go about it
  4. True enough about the A/C... the lady who let me take the pics said her grandfather had it installed right after he bought it, because of the flowers the delivered with it
  5. Very nice people at Joe Wheeler Electric Co-Op allowed me to climb around and shoot these for a model idea, using the Revell/ Monogram kit.
  6. took these of a local florist's vehicle, parked intact since the mid-70's I've been told. I would dearly love to find a resin body to convert a Revell 65 pickup!
  7. It'll be behind this thing if I can ever get motivated enough to finish it:
  8. Thanks for all the positive comments, guys To answer the questions I saw... The welding cables are a tiny resin-core solder that I've had so long I don't remember what kind or size it is... or where I got it. The C-channel for the frame and the trailer are actually modified H-column beams. I used this just because I had it on hand and for the added depth over ordinary channel. If I have any left on the workbench, I'll update this later with the sizes Thanks again for the feedback Chuck
  9. Very nice! I'm wondering what state specific decals you'll use
  10. Hi all, I'm working on a fleet version of the Revell '97 F150 standard cab pick-up. I was wondering a few things about this 1/1 vehicle. 1) Did Ford paint the underside of the cab and bed body color or was there some sort of galvanized coating? 2) where can I find a fleet sales brochure with interior colors and options? Ebay is a LAST resort 3) Does the glove compartment door drop to horizontal or does it only open to expose a box top? Thanks, Chuck
  11. I know it's an old thread but I need some help... Does Ford paint the undersides of the cab and bed? I'm working on the Revell 1997 F150 standard cab pickup
  12. Awesome!... plus the zombies won't be able reach up that high
  13. I have to agree with all the above opinions. I would add that if there is an upcoming model club contest or meeting in your area I'd at least drop bye with them. My uncle and I took his grandson to a local IPMS contest 5 years ago and he wouldn't shut-up about it... He hasn't missed one since
  14. Well, an update of sorts... Wifey is a very patient lady but after looking for the cordless phone for 20 minutes she finally found it, right in the middle of our kitchen table/ my workbench... after a few choice phrases she declared, rather forcefully, "I'm ordering you those paint thingies on payday!!!" the phrase you're looking for is "Method to his madness"
  15. In my incident it wasn't upside-down. or even horizontal, although I had turned it upside-down a second before. It came off with a pop, went about 4 inches straight up, then into a nose-dive onto the freshly mown grass. I may be able to get to the drill-press tomorrow afternoon
  16. The inside of the top piece tapers in at the top. You can't really tell by looking. I hope airplane modelers aren't using it because most of their painting is after construction and a four or five foot drop would be catastrophic to them... You know? most of the plane builders I've run into are kinda snobs, so...Nevermind! just joking
  17. Yeah I had just gotten back into building and a buddy warned me to keep an eye on it because of this. But did I listen? Out back on the grass I had just sprayed a really nice slick second coat of Metallic Purple on my new, wonderful Revell '49 Merc. I was turning it round to check inside the fenders and rocker panels and... Pop!!! I think I'm going to use my cousin's drill press and bore an off-center hole through both pieces and insert a small pin. They should still be able to rotate and still be taken apart for cleaning.
  18. Yeah, Richard... very convincing overhead door... looking good!
  19. If anyone wants to try and use these, PM me. I bought them YEARS ago and promptly lost track of them. The pic is from ebay cause my camera isn't working at the moment.
  20. Nice truck, Riley! Is it going to get commercial decals like a company logo or anything?
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