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  1. Well, lost a leg about a year ago. Stuck in a wheelchair for the forseeable future. I read a lot, and tinker in the model room sometimes.
  2. Hi folks, been off-site for awhile. Missed y'all. Funny, when the Internet first started to catch on, I figured it would make people want to be MORE literate..
  3. ,,Halving ripped around streets for many year in a fender-less VW sandrail, I can emphatically say "nyet: to no fenders. If it gets wet out, yer eatin' it.
  4. Safe to say.. I live in a "wild" part of town, but last night VERY few gunshots.. just a lot of BIG $$$ firework mortars. Way over a hundred in a couple hours!
  5. I like that! Hope to have a few entries there.
  6. I have a Dremel , therefore I RULE the wheel-mounting Galaxy.
  7. Calnaga Castings has quite a few trick parts for this kit, including a Jacuzzi Jet Drive.
  8. I thought that was the Foredom holder at first sight, good job.
  9. PsychoShagadelicSam is gonna plug that Dutch Boy.... The .50 needs some ammo.
  10. You'll like it, though the model won't tolerate too much handling. G-S Hypo is also stocked in Michael's.
  11. Just a wild thought.. What if Tom Lowe bought it and started another Round 2 department?
  12. Bill, what's with the exhaust system on "D"?
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