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  1. jwrass added a post in a topic JJ King of the Burn Outs   

    Jesse, I don't know if the apology was directed at me or the forum or me either way it's all good, However I do want to clarify a few things
    1) The photos I posted were from my research folder for this build.... All depicting a four port injector. Back in he early 70s when Revell was making a small fortune off the backs of race car drivers. Purported Sponsorships were 1 body per year (Approx. $1,500.00) and 1 paint job (Approx. $1,000.00) plus contingency $$$$ based on  national ratings.
  2. jwrass added a post in a topic JJ King of the Burn Outs   

    And your point would be what? That you are a expert on all things JJ. I can call Big himself, Mr J or Glen.... All personal friends (see Profile)
    Based on my Posts you mostly look as if you are not a expert!!! At least not on this car!!!!!! I'm here to share modeling with a bunch of great builders and friends. Not to prove my race car prowess.................ENOUGH.... Go Hassle some other thread!
    Respectfully, Jimmy "RASS" 
  3. jwrass added a post in a topic JJ King of the Burn Outs   

    I don't think so...... Of course I was absent the day we learned to count to eight........ lol

    I just saw this car on display at Big Daddy's Museum In Ocala, Fla (1971 Vega) Yep Four Port Hilbourn
  4. jwrass added a post in a topic JJ King of the Burn Outs   

    Saw JJ many times back the day myself! If anyone could stand on the loud pedal for 1/8 (sometimes longer) mile Burnouts it was JJ. He truly had NO FEAR and Pam............
    Love Your Products and builds..... Many PROTECH goodies will be on this one!!!
    Jimmy "RASS"
  5. jwrass added a post in a topic 1969 Jungle Jim Nova?   

    Southern Motor Sports Hobbies has a 1969/70 resin body & Decals (SMH resins pg 1)
    I have a few of their bodies and they are very nice! I would agree that a Polar Lights would make for a great platform.
    Other bodies would be from Revell 69 COPO and Revell 69 Yenko
    IMO Tin work will need to be modified or fabricated to depict 1:1 That's half the fun!
    Hope this helps!
    Jimmy "RASS" 
  6. jwrass added a post in a topic Alternative to BMF/ Imitation Silver Leaf   

    BMF/Leaf Update # 2)                            .....................  Laying The Leaf......................
    In the last installment I stated that before you lay down the size for your shinny bits you have to paint a patch of size off to the side
    This step is very CRTICAL as this will make or break how the leaf lays down! I also stated that you need to record the time at which
    you laid that patch of size down. This patch and time will be the measure of when you lay the leaf down!
    Much like BMF, leafing is a skill that will have to be practiced to achieve success. it's not magic! However IMO the results give you
    more options and flexibility as compared to BMF as you will see as we progress.

    In my initial post I failed to mention the Body I selected  for this tutorial it is a 1959 El Camino. The reason I chose this body is if you look at the trim it has concave, convex and compound curves, Also the windscreen post has a very
    complex curvature. 
    NOTE: I will return to continue, I got a important phone call I had to take Sorry

  7. jwrass added a post in a topic JJ King of the Burn Outs   

    JJ Update #3
    Got some bench time in today while watching the play-offs

    Buy lowering the body the upper tin work now sat on the injector hat. This needs to be fixed

    Cut upper tin work to raise opening for injector hat clearance.


     Modification to tin work complete (to scale) Injector hat in kit is incorrect. JJ ran a four port Hilbourn injector hat not a eight

    Kit supplied injector hat incorrect. Eight port

    Aftermarket four port Hilbourn correct

    Thank You for looking
    Jimmy "RASS"
  8. jwrass added a post in a topic Barry Setzer 1/16 "Monocoque" Dragster: On the Workbench 12/6/15   

    John, Curious: What is the 1:1 Wheel Base? Look'in great! Jimmy "RASS"
  9. jwrass added a post in a topic Opel GT Gasser   

    Very Nice!! Period correct paint (decals) looks Great!
    Jimmy "RASS"
  10. jwrass added a post in a topic Name That Tune....   

    Geeeeez That was quick like two minutes
  11. jwrass added a post in a topic Name That Tune....   

    They got little baby legs
    That stand so low
    You got to pick'em up
    Just to say hello
  12. jwrass added a post in a topic testors ez clip airbrush   

    If that pushes unreduced paint, I'll stick my tongue on my flag poll and post it
  13. jwrass added a post in a topic JJ King of the Burn Outs   

    JJ Update #2)
    I was able to get some bench time in last night. I'm putting the worms back in the can!

    As stated in last post, when I lower the rear end mounting points the seat no longer fit down in the chassis, it was resting on top
    of the torque tube. I had to take a section out the seat to get it to fit back on the chassis. while I was at it I removed the molded in
    seat belts as am going add after market belts.

    The sectioned seat stitched back together. I didn't like the fitment of how the seat sat on the rails so I add 020 to the back and sides.
    The kits lower seat was incorrect as it didn't mate to the lower sheet metal pan. I extended what would be the lower sheet metal with
    020 to mate with the lower pan. The kits inaccuracy would have left the driver exposed to fire and a weenie roast.........
    I also re-scribed the tucks in the seat, and gave them more texture the kits were to linear. 

    Modified seat back between the rails.
    If I get some bench time today I'm going to correct the bulge in the upper tin as it now sits on top of the injector hat.
    I want to thank all who have looked and given me help!
    I want to give Randy AKA dragcars a special thanks!!! Your information was most useful!
    I know for many of you what I'm doing is no big deal (modifications) not having built a kit in 25 years and they were all pretty much box stock
    I'm having a blast!!!! Much of it has to do with the talent on this forum. I'm taking baby steps! however at least I'm not warming the bench any longer!
    Thank you!
    Jimmy "RASS" 
  14. jwrass added a post in a topic Barry Setzer 1/16 "Monocoque" Dragster: On the Workbench 12/6/15   

    John, It was my pleasure............Lil would be very proud of such a fine tribute
    Brother........ I know John is shining down on this one!
    Jimmy "RASS"
  15. jwrass added a post in a topic Barry Setzer 1/16 "Monocoque" Dragster: On the Workbench 12/6/15   

    Lil John Buttera
    Before I get into this post I want it to be known that this is not a HIGHJACK on this most awesome build and thread.
    John Teresi and I have exchanged numerous emails on Lil John Buttera and the wedge. I told John T that I had first hand knowledge of the 1:1 car and my association with Lil John as a customer that developed into a friendship.
     I sent John T a email about my knowledge of the car as it came from the man himself who built the car. I suggested it would be interesting that a bit of history on Lil John and the car would be a nice Touch to the thread. 
    After John T read what I sent him he thought it was awesome and he said he would love to have the information on the thread, however he asked me if I would write it to which I agreed. Thank You John T for allowing me to share some inside information on what I feel is a car that will go down as one of the most unique cars in the history of drag racings run what you brung era.
    Out of respect for this thread and John Teresi. I WILL NOT answer any additional questions on the 1:1 car here! If you have any additional questions you can P.M. me.
    I dedicate this entry to the late Lil John Buttera.
    Lil Johns Roots in the Mid-West
    When most people hear the name Lil John Buttera they think of Southern California Master Race Car Builder, The Father of Bullet, Street Rod Builder, Motorcycle Builder
    Johns roots are actually in a Mid Sized town in Kenosha, WI. Where he and Dennis Roland formed R&B Race Cars in the Mid 60s. As a team they built many popular Drag Race Cars from the Midwest
    John and Dennis also had a F.E.T.F car that they used as a test bed and often ran the car at their home town track Great Lakes Dragway in Union Grove, WI. With Lil dong the driving on many occasions John was actually
    a very good shoe. 
    A little unknown fact about lil John was his love for the INDY 500 and Indy Cars themselves. His dream was to always field a car in the INDY 500 and in 1982 his dream came true in a highly modified Stock Block Buttera/ Dan Gurney Eagle
    with Dennis Firestone as the driver. That same year I was part of a rag tag crew from my home town trying to make the show in a four year old Lightning Chassis (we didn't have a chance but we had a lot of fun) I hadn't seen John in years, his garage stall was a few down from ours and one day after practice I walked down to Johns garage to get reacquainted, he invited me into their garage and offered me a beverage (we had more than one)  we sat down and did a bit of bench racing.
    At some point the conversation it turned to the WEDGE as I was fascinated with the car as it got alot of ink back when it was unveiled.
    The car was a stealth product of John and a partner and the concept was that of a INDY CAR Monocoque Chassis. At The time John had built a whole fleet of cars for a very wealthy business man Barry Setzer and Barry wanted a piece of the
    action as this car looked like it was going be legendary with it's unconventional design.
    Unfortunately the car was never a success on the track, as Lil put it, the car was to short or not long enough, the Mono design proved to be to stiff for drag racing. At the hit of the loud pedal the car typically would strike the tires as the chassis
    was to stiff resulting in lack of grip off the line. Lil said the car had some very impressive trap speeds because of the wedge shape and the stiffness of the Mono design ( (Ying and Yang)  the problem was getting a clean pass from point A to point B.
    The car vanished from the scene it short order as Setzer pulled the plug on the project as he thought it was going to give his race efforts a bad name.
    I have seen the 1:1 car at Big Daddy's Museum in Ocala, Fla. I don't know what the wheel base is however the car looks much smaller in person than in photos.
    I can only imagine what that car would run today with the slipper clutches, advancement in tire technology and track preparation.......... My Guess............ FAST
    RIP Lii John Buttera
    Respectfully Submitted,
    Jimmy Rasmussen "RASS"