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  1. Tyler, Great job for a first timer! One suggestion I would have is make you fades a bit softer... (meaning give your fades more space... Have them gradually fade from one color (colors) to the next) doing this will give more dimension. If you have any questions PM me.. I'd be happy tp help! Again Super Job! Jimmy "RASS"
  2. I agree with Flatout…. if it's the 60s vib your looking for! Also popular of the time.. endless line, panel painting with some type graphic noise inside the panel, lace, acetylene smoke, fades, scallops.....I've been a 1:1 custom painter since the early 70s (see profile) What is old is new again.. I have done more old school paint in the last two years than ever before. I cut my teeth on the afore mentioned techniques. Pinterest is great source of inspiration for ideas. Good Luck with your build! Jimmy "Rass"
  3. Ouch..... I've done my share of sheet time as well... Legs, Foot and Arms.... In fact I tilted the screening machine at the airport just this AM. Since I retired (semi) last February I haven't done squat Modeling. Until this thread I haven't posted anything here in over a year. I like to hang with the boys on the open wheel forums...Great People. Many great folks here as well! Cheers Mate.....Jimmy "RASS"
  4. I love it Tom..... You can Hi-Jack any of my posts anytime mate! The 250 is borderline insane... a buck seventy into five at Road America with one inch of ground clearance... It keeps you busy! Good to hear from you Tom it's been awhile! I'm at my house in D.C. all week consulting at the Pentagon with my former employer. I'll PM you with some photos when I get home (either Wisconsin or Arizona) My Girl and I both flew out this AM. I went East and she went South...The photos are still in albums, I'll have to ask Georgie if their In WI or AZ. I don't want to pollute this thread more than I already have. Jmmy "RASS"
  5. The question of this post is how old are you? Instead of answering the question (your age) in a polite manner you just couldn't help yourself by trying to be cute with a response that had no relevance! I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, perhaps its a comprehension issue. I knew I'd get some type of juvenile response from you complete with shouting. I didn't shout at you! "The older generation ALWAYS has something to complain about in regards to new technology." That's a pretty large blanket statement! Hmmmm I've been involved with a Fortune 500 company at the highest levels of commercial building automation and security systems for 40 years in the design, programing and commissioning of said systems. I embrace technology each day. As department head of BAS & S (retired 2017) I found the younger people that I hired where the BEST EVER and I made it a point to hire young people whom I deemed more intelligent than I. I tried to be a good mentor and team leader as when it came to bonus time I wanted my team to be rewarded. The biggest challenge I had the last ten years of my tenure was work ethic.....Many of them if they had a hang nail they would call in sick. (they didn't last long) The graduate's I interviewed I always asked what their Mothers and Fathers did as an occupation..... The best employee's I had were the ones whom were raised on farms.... (Male and Female) Superior work ethics! As far as consumer automotive technology bring it on! Racing technology, some I embrace others not so much (like paddle shifters). I've been racing since age nine and am a hard card carrier of SCCA, UDRA, WKA, NHRA. I still have my 1978 TIGA FF and 1986 ZIP Bandit 250cc Super Kart of which both were new purchases that I actively vintage race. I also do four to five arrive and drives a year in different genres. I am a Race Fan of.....All genres. Some more than others, I have no prejudice! My roots are in Road Racing with a deep love for anything open wheel and that's where I like to compete. The technology of driver, car, track safety, data acquisition I'm all in.... In the age of data acquisition your simply changing algorithm's and or turning wrenches as based on your data and driver feedback.... Its just another tool in the form of a PC nothing more nothing less.... it's not rocket science! Having driven paddle shift and sequential cars..... I'll take the later... Yes you can run faster lap times with a paddle..... Matching revs with heel and toe techniques IMHO makes for a more skillful driver. I used to enjoy your YOUTUBE channel... not so much anymore (if you want to be a Sally go ahead and block me) One thing I have found since the New Year is that if your lips are moving there surely with be half truths, bias, libel, slander and an overall tone of a know it all. It's your channel and you obviously can do what ever you want "Be that as it may" The single biggest clue is the faster you talk the more slippery the slope gets. It seems like as of late if your not stirring the turd punch bowl your not happy! Your Hobbico videos were Great comic relief with your Ouija Board and Eight Ball religion. They held as much water as a colander and somehow you managed to twist in the wind like a wet blanket when you were wrong which was most of the time. Whom ever your so called insider was, was more like tinkling in your ear than whispering. I believe you had no real inside information....(just my personal take which I'm entitled to) Only speculation! "A Corporate Report and stuff like that" (your words not mine..... very professional) or Prospectus does not tell you the financials of a company..... It's called an Income Statement.... Gross Revenues, Minus Expense's, Equals Net Revenues, Minus Taxes, Equals Profit or Loss. Simple Arithmetic! Your Welcome. You mention how many kits you have on a regular basis in your New Acquisitions series (yawn) Do you really think anyone remotely cares, is intimidated or jealous of how many kits you have? If you do you may want to check the visons of grandeur column. Based on your sensitivity (The Gravity Video) Perhaps I'll even get an honorable mention and 15 seconds of fame On an Exciting Issue of The Stash Report as one of the morons on the forums...(" None of which are any good") again your words not mine... yet you participate..... Interesting.... That makes you one of us! Welcome to the club! Proud to have made it to geezerhood with humility. Jimmy "RASS" P.S. Loose the Air Quotes..... It's so Breakfast Club!
  6. And your point would be what......As A satirist, sarcasm, or ignorance! I realize this is not a scientific poll however it looks like us old geezers are winning the race in spades. James, I don't want to mince words with you.... here's the thing you don't understand...... Many of us built muscle and race cars of our favorite brands and racing hero's of the era in hopes that maybe we could own one of those car or race them in some type of formula. We were gear heads of styrene and many of us did go on to buy some Real Muscle when we became of age to drive. Back in the Day If you weren't kit bashing or robbing your Mothers sewing box to detail your monsters of the midway you were just a kit assembler period. That made for hard times in my neighborhood as all of my friends built models. It was a blast to get the latest issue of Hot Rod, Car Craft Yada Yada to try to duplicate your favorite whatever..... Many of us would go to office supply stores and buy letraset or chartpack rub on lettering to simulate the best we could our favorite race cars as we had no cottage industries to support our needs. It was a magical time in 1:1 car history and modeling as well...... which will never be duplicated. One of the real bonuses of that era was when the shelf got to full or you got tired of looking at a particular build....... It had to be sacrificed at the alter of Black Cats, Lighter Fluid or your favorite accelerant of choice. Pure magic! My deepest Sympathy's you missed the Party Respectfully Submitted, JImmy "RASS"
  7. Pete, Great Pictures....... I have always enjoyed you builds! Cheers Mate! JImmy "RASS"
  8. 63 years young! Building since age 7. First model was a B-25 Mitchell Bomber molded in lite brown that my Grandfather bought me when I stayed a weekend with my Grandparents when my Mom & Dad took an R&R from my sister and I. I think it was Monogram with Monogram glue? The glue was a funky tan color made for Models..... I remember it was really stringy and didn't stick very well (does anyone remember that glue?) I worked on it all weekend and didn't finish it. I left it at my Grandparents house and did finally finish it.... Huge Glue Bomb. But I was hooked!
  9. The Johnson Rod ......Lol We Love you too Snake "RASS"
  10. Ace, Well that was easy...... Clear, Concise and very informative.... No???? here! Great Post! "RASS"
  11. Sandy, Thank you for the excellent post and information...... I have a decent collection of cast INDY CARS (I'm sure you know the names) I honestly don't know how they sell their works of art at $110/$130 per unit. IMO they indeed are works of art! I would easily pay more for the artisanship of these rare gems! May you have continued success in your endeavor, I wish you all the best! Much Respect! Jimmy "RASS"
  12. I have personally made three what I feel are substantial donations and will continue to do so, I do it as anonymous. I certainly don't want to offend anyone as I want the $$$$$ to keep coming. I really don't know why donators feel the need to be recognized by name which in inevitably shows a dollar amount. I am assuming Harry knows the amount we give as each time I have made a contribution I have received a personal Thank You from Harry! Perhaps their are a few who can't give as much as others and may feel awkward, Perhaps they can afford say $5, If everyone on this forum and subscribed to the magazine gave just $5 dollars IMO the amount would be much higher. IMO this is not a competition, It's about saving a life....... I personally don't care to see the amount that one is giving! If you have the means please give as much as you can!!!!!!! If we ALL are giving perhaps the total would be much higher. No amount is to small! It all adds up! Harry has been a huge asset to this site as a voice of reason! I have much respect for the man (full disclosure Harry and I have had our issues) If I had the power he wouldn't be in the situation he is in, unfortunately I don't! A example of how important he was to this site is the lack of civility here since his absence that has kept me away from this site since October. He looked after the fold.... played no favorites and was the traffic cop of the site! He did the best he could to weed out the trolls and trouble makers. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers and give as you can! Just a thought! Respectfully Submitted, James Rasmussen AKA Jimmy "RASS"
  13. Dear Forum Members, I have had the pleasure to deal with Laski Scale Specialties. This has been one of the most pleasurable experiences I have ever had with a vendor. serv-ice: "The action of helping or doing work for others" Websters LSS has a great website and a very nice offering of goodies Not only does LSS have a nice offering of parts it is service oriented, Art has a wealth of first hand knowledge in many forms of racing, with that said he has the ability to help you choose those parts to make those special builds period correct. (see service) I highly recommend LSS for any of your modeling needs. Check out his website..... I know Art would be willing to help in any way he can! IMO Rating A++++ Respectfully Submitted, James Rasmussen AKA Jimmy "RASS"
  14. Art, The site looks great....... Well played! May you have much success in your expanded endeavor. I just finished putting my wish list together. You certainly have a patron in me! Jimmy "RASS"
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