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  1. jwrass added a post in a topic Big thank you to Gregg for the forum   

    Jimmy "RASS"
  2. jwrass added a post in a topic Fiat Fuel Altered....Metal Pouring, not Casting   

    Looking Good!!!! Great information on the jig process! Congratulations on your design award LOL.
    Check your email, Package did a boomerang and came back to me. What to do ?
  3. jwrass added a post in a topic Bending wood or styrene   


    Great tutorial!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Jimmy "RASS"
  4. jwrass added a post in a topic Suggest air pressure regulator for airbrush?   


    I totally agree with a regulator/oil and water trap.

    I only way to know the true pressure at your Airbrush is to have a regulator at or near the brush itself as the pressure will change from the compressor to the airbrush through fiction loss of the air traveling through the hose.

    Most airbrush outlets carry these gauges with all the bells and whistles yada yada. I use a simple regulator that most people have on air tools, I really don't need to know the pressure as I adjust that by how the paint is flowing through the brush and by sound.

    I hope this helps!

  5. jwrass added a post in a topic Name That Tune....   

    Post # 6063 #4, Hint # 6071 The Band was the Cuff Links. A few got the title right

    Post # 0675 #1 I didn't think anyone would get this unless your taste in music went a bit underground, He was the lead singer in Roxy Music which was not mainstream but a great band. The answer is Right Stuff by Brian Ferry

    I would recommend anything Brian Ferry. IMO great artist!!!

    Most likely won't have a W.B.W way to much going on.

    Jimmy "RASS"
  6. jwrass added a post in a topic '32 Bantam Fuel Altered....FINISHED!   


    This is just my opinion, Back in the day allot of the top cars were built in home garages, their were very few chassis builder like the Loggies, R&B and the list go's on and on. My point is that most of the parts made in that era weren't clamped in a special jig so it was almost perfect, if it was off here or there it wasn't a big deal. IMO it gave the cars some character as ingenuity was always the deal, Don Garlits proclaimed he and T.C Lemons never ran the same car twice, granted that was before any real rules were in place.

    I respect and admire the people who take years to build a model and have the latest and greatest machinery to do their modeling, lathes, mills, printing, yada, yada. Much skill is involved, I would rather spent my money on my 1:1 equipment than for modeling but that's just me. I think more people should build a OOTB every once in awhile just for fun, no stress

    I have been to Don Schumacers shop a few times and it like a surgical suite, but when those guy hit the road it's anything go's.

    I have seen some mighty cobbled pit repairs due to damage on the pro circuit. It's a necessity. Sponsors, points, blah blah, it's not like Indy Cars or F-1 those car are perfect from start to finish.

    Drag Race Cars are the ultimate work horse of the breed, that's what makes them so awesome, I wish they would loosen the reins a bit as they are all pretty much spec cars, and I get it, it's all about driver safety, because went someone dies the media is all over it, I mean who doesn't like a good train wreck or plane crash with all the gory details (not me)

    I think you hand made parts are awesome and the castings really interest me. I hope you do start producing parts!!! I'm in, but leave them with the flash for me, as it will bring back great memories of all the filing I did on my fathers Hubby kits.

    Keep up the get work mate!!

    Jimmy "RASS"
  7. jwrass added a post in a topic '32 Bantam Fuel Altered....FINISHED!   


    Very Fine!!!!! Looks like that doggie wants to bark!!!!

    Off to prep and paint,

    The finish line is near!!!! Keep plugging man! Looks awesome!!!

    Jimmy "RASS"
  8. jwrass added a post in a topic Hit songs that are actually covers (that nobody knows are covers)   


    Thanks for the information! Just checked it out.... AWESOME!!!!
  9. jwrass added a post in a topic Name That Tune....   

    Great job, Again Snake and Crazy Ed quick to the draw.

    #s 2,3 & 5) Crazy Ed

    #4) Snake. "And our love will surely grow Buuuuuuurrrrrrrrrt" (Always loved that part of the song)
  10. jwrass added a post in a topic Name That Tune....   

    Saturday Morning Wake Me Up

    This is like a piñata you never know what your going to get

    #1) Got your money on the table
    And the devil in your eye
    Who is that woman with the crooked smile

    #2) But you say it's time we moved in together
    And raised a family of our own, you and me

    #3) Dreaming about the world as one
    And I believe it could be done
    Something goods bound to come

    #4) Life's to short to make a mistake
    Let's think of each other and hesitate

    #5) Do you know?
    Don't you wonder?
    What's going on
    Down under you
  11. jwrass added a post in a topic New Revell NASCAR kits   

    I'll wait until next year when you can buy a whole lot for a $ 1.99.

    I think they would have better luck with 60's and 70's cars. Would love to see new and reissues for the open wheel cars. With open wheel cars gaining momentum again (almost dead for 20 years, thank you Tony George) I think that may pay more dividends.

    Don't get me wrong, I love all types racing but just can't seem to get through a NASCAR race without dosing off the last couple of years. Must be old age.
  12. jwrass added a post in a topic Name That Tune....   

    Great Job Gents!!!

    #)1 The Snake

    #s) 2,3,4 & 5 Capt Reverb

    Crazy Ed! I can relate to having Idiot songs tormenting me. My semi cure is to think of anything Helen Reddy, but then I get migraines and nightmares :blink:

    Tracy reminds me of Sting-Ray Bicycles, Skate boards with Steel Wheels (sidewalk surfing) and not much skin on my elbows and knees all summer long. I wear those scars like a badge of honor (not like kids of today dressed up like they are going to a SWAT raid) I do think that helmets are a good thing. Knowing me If they had them when I was a kid I would have ditched mine as soon as I was out of my parents site.

    Hint for Tracy, Many of us have a stash of these somewhere. The last time I wore these was at my Daughters wedding.

    Think shirt sleeve! Now that's answered.

    Working on Wake me up Saturday! I think it may be on a theme of songs that can make your ears bleed.

    TGIF! Everyone have a safe day and night .

    Peace Jimmy "RASS"
  13. jwrass added a post in a topic RIP BB King   

    The Thrill will never be gone BB,RIP
  14. jwrass added a post in a topic Name That Tune....   

    ..........................Way Back Wednesday.................................

    #1) You wonder if this heart of mine
    Will lose it's desire for you

    #2) What good is the dawn
    That grows into day
    The sunset at night

    #3) He can make you love
    He can make you cry
    He will bring you down
    Then he'll get you high

    #4) Happy with me, I'll build my world around you
    Filled with love everywhere

    #5) It's much too groovy a summers day
    To waste runnin' round the city
  15. jwrass added a post in a topic New from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin   


    The great state of Wisconsin welcomes you! (Racine)

    I too had a hiatus from modeling, mine was 30 years! My problem is I have like 6 going right now and none of them are near completion, in hindsight I wish I would have kept it to one or two.

    Great site with much talent!! If you ever need any paint or body advice I can help (see profile)

    Again, welcome!!!

    Jimmy "RASS"