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  1. jwrass added a post in a topic Changes at Model Cars Magazine   

    I thought long and hard before I made a comment on this topic........ Like most everyone else here I want Gregg and the Magazine to succeed.....(not digital, although that would be better than nothing at all)  That's the good news! However I think Bob is spot on with all his posts.... I don't mean to pee on he parade but at some point you may have to pull the pin. I have what I consider a very successful business, However I failed twice before I got to where I am today!  I've heard all the stories which are unfortunate and I appreciate Greg keeping us informed, However MCM (whom ever that is) has a fiduciary duty (not in the sense of a share holder) to deliver a product or service that has been paid for on time and on schedule!
    I certainly hope not......... but I too see the hand writing on the wall!
    With this statement I am not looking for any confrontation or snarky remarks and not interested in a hostile debate........ Theirs more than enough of that on the forum already!
    Even though we may disagree....... I respect your opinion. It is my hope you respect mine!
    Respectfully, James Rasmussen.  AKA Jimmy "RASS"  
  2. jwrass added a post in a topic What is the point...   

    The Johnson Rod ......Lol
    We Love you too Snake
  3. jwrass added a post in a topic What is the point...   

  4. jwrass added a post in a topic Front-Blown "Potvin"-style fuel injection plumbing.   

    Well that was easy...... Clear, Concise and very informative.... No???? here!
    Great Post!
  5. jwrass added a post in a topic Why resin kits are expensive - with actual numbers   

    Thank you for the excellent post and information...... I have a decent collection of cast INDY CARS (I'm sure you know the names) I honestly don't know how they sell their works of art at $110/$130 per unit. IMO they indeed are works of art!
    I would easily pay more for the artisanship of these rare gems!
    May you have continued success in your endeavor, I wish you all the best!
    Much Respect!
    Jimmy "RASS"
  6. jwrass added a post in a topic Our Harry needs help   

    I have personally made three what I feel are substantial donations and will continue to do so, I do it as anonymous.
    I certainly don't want to offend anyone as I want the $$$$$ to keep coming.
    I really don't know why donators feel the need to be recognized by name which in inevitably shows a dollar amount.
    I am assuming Harry knows the amount we give as each time I have made a contribution I have received a personal Thank You from Harry!
    Perhaps their are a few who can't give as much as others and may feel awkward, Perhaps they can afford say $5, If everyone on this forum and subscribed to the magazine gave just $5 dollars IMO the amount would be much higher.
    IMO this is not a competition, It's about saving a life....... I personally don't care to see the amount that one is giving! If you have the means please give as much as you can!!!!!!! If we ALL are giving perhaps the total would be much higher.
    No amount is to small! It all adds up!
    Harry has been a huge asset to this site as a voice of reason! I have much respect for the man (full disclosure Harry and I have had our issues) If I had the power he wouldn't be in the situation he is in, unfortunately I don't!
    A example of how important he was to this site is the lack of civility here since his absence that has kept me away from this site since October. He looked after the fold.... played no favorites and was the traffic cop of the site! He did the best he could to weed out the trolls and trouble makers. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers and give as you can!
    Just a thought!
    Respectfully Submitted,
    James Rasmussen AKA Jimmy "RASS" 
  7. jwrass added a post in a topic Laski Scale Specialties   

    Dear Forum Members,
    I have had the pleasure to deal with Laski Scale Specialties. This has been one of the most pleasurable experiences I have ever had with a vendor.
    serv-ice: "The action of helping or doing work for others" Websters
    LSS has a great website and a very nice offering of goodies
    Not only does LSS have a nice offering of parts it is service oriented, Art has a wealth of first hand knowledge in many forms of racing, with that said he has the ability to help you choose those parts to make those special builds period correct. (see service)
    I highly recommend LSS for any of your modeling needs. Check out his website..... I know Art would be willing to help in any way he can!
    IMO Rating A++++
    Respectfully Submitted,
    James Rasmussen AKA Jimmy "RASS"
  8. jwrass added a post in a topic Laski Scale Specialties   

    The site looks great....... Well played!
    May you have much success in your expanded endeavor. I just finished putting my wish list together.
    You certainly have a patron in me!
    Jimmy "RASS"
  9. jwrass added a post in a topic PSI for airbrush and House of Kolor   

    Pete is right on!!!! Their would be fewer trips to the pond if any! IMO if more builders would prepare like 1:1 you wouldn't see as many paint problems on the forum.
    Mix the paint as per recommended instructions... They really do print the directions for a reason..... It works! 
    Little adjustments can be made to reduction, I try not to add more than 10% more reducer than recommended....The only exception to that rule I break is when doing fine detail Airbrush work with White, However that is 1:1.
    Pete, Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Great post!
    Jimmy "RASS" 
  10. jwrass added a post in a topic 10 thumbs   

    Steve; Thank you so much.....It's not good bye.... Just a break from posting any information for public consumption. My phone is linked to the site for PMs. I will respond to all PMs. I receive.
    When I see some of he behaviors here change I will contribute. Until then I choose to be on sites that have much more mutual respect for each other!
    I believe that 95% of the people on this site are great and well intentioned, It's the 5% of jag wads and trolls I choose not to deal with.
    Much Respect Steve! 
    Michael Michael........The God Father of the Altered Trend on this site.... FACT!!!!!! Thank You for your kind words my friend.
    Michael first got my attention when he started his Altered builds as they are near and dear to me!
    Now that the cats out of the bag I was indeed a owner and driver (more like passenger) of a Fuel Altered in he glory days of the class, my tenure in that class was from 1970 to 1975.
    Though Personal messages I shared pictures of our car, the antics of the day and what it was like to strap on a Fueled Altered. I also shared the mechanics of what we did back in the day and why!
    It was very satisfying sharing my experience behind the wheel of the WlLD and WOOLY... He was always so curious as he had a real passion and fascination for the beasts.
    IMO He is probably the one of the most knowledgeable people on this site as it pertains to the Altered class as he has first hand knowledge from a owner, driver of what it takes to Build, Maintain, Fund and Drive a Fuel Altered, I personally know he did much research on said class through magazines and social media..... When he had a question he would PM me and I would answer his questions based on my team and car, It was a fascinating journey for me as I was able to relive the days of the run what ya brung era and my time in the seat! 
    In the five years I was a pilot I don't ever recall making a straight pass..... I may have I just don't recall one! Back in the day when you mashed the loud pedal, It was like a box of chocolates you never knew what you were going to get. I'm sure many have seen coverage or witnessed modern day pedal fests...... Pretty much every pass in a F/A was a pedal fest, that's why spectators loved the class.
    I don't really know if it took Big Stones...... It was more like being certifiably half insane.... The car never really scared me, however I always had the utmost respect for what it could do to me in the event it broke or I drove beyond what she was going to give me! We always ran hard and tipped the can to the max.... We didn't pay to much attention to using up parts as when we formed the team we made sure we had the necessary inventory of parts to run hard... I mean what's the sense in running a car if you are not prepaired to make a full pull each time you stage. Did I have some anxious moments in the seat..... Absolutely, however it was one of the best E tickets going. 
    Michael, again thank you! Our journey was so much fun for me..... You and I will be lifetime brothers from another Mother........ Our communications will continue via other mediums other than this forum.
    Respectfully Submitted,
    Jimmy "RASS"
  11. jwrass added a post in a topic PSI for airbrush and House of Kolor   

    Drew, Nice job! you'll get it! I have over 40 years in the 1:1 custom paint field...... Take a look at my profile... I'll help you any way I can!
    Cheers Jimmy "RASS"
  12. jwrass added a post in a topic 10 thumbs   

    I hear you Michael, I check this site maybe once a week but had not signed in since October, I did last week one day because a member PM'd me and my phone is linked to pm's so I did the courteous thing and replied
    I have been hanging out on the open wheel sites and another publications site..... Those folks seem to be a bit more friendly and receptive to Suggestions and Tutorials.
    This site was starting to bum me out with all the back biting and know it all's..... IMO with all the financial woes that continue to plague the publication the days of this site are numbered unless someone with deep pockets ponies up.
    The shame of it is for me at least is there are some really great builders and people here that I miss following and communicating with!
    I had a lot of ideas and a few tutorials in the can but won't post them here.....I learned my lesson with my BMF/ Leafing Tutorial. The original pictures I posted with that one turned out really bad, I took some more and they turn out awesome but I never posted them because hardly anyone seemed interested in the process (I'll email you the Photos) I did the other side of the model I was using with 23 karat silver and it was unbelievable... The thing with that process which I didn't show is you can literally put the leaf on in pieces and it's seemless. BMF doesn't hold a candle to leafing..... scripts and door handles are so easy.... Brush on some size throw some leaf on it, brush off the excess and done! No cutting YADA YADA.....
    I too have moved on from sillyville.......I'll be in touch via email
    Jimmy "RASS"

  13. jwrass added a topic in Where's Waldo?   

    10 thumbs
    Has anyone heard from 10 thumbs..... love his casting processes and Altereds
    • 8 replies
  14. jwrass added a post in a topic PSI for airbrush and House of Kolor   

    Big Tall Dad and Peteski....... Pretty much summed it up!
    Follow their advice and you will be a pro in very little time!
    Good luck and have fun!
    Jimmy "RASS"
  15. jwrass added a post in a topic Troublemaker Funny Car.   

    Nicely played.... Great build and theme. GOD bless our Military
    Grateful for all who have served......... Active duty......Those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice
    Jimmy "RASS"