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  1. jwrass added a post in a topic Our Harry needs help   

    A lot of interest, However no bids as of yet! I have them at $35.00 each. I hope to get more, however if they sell a $35 each it will be $105 to the fund.
    Better than a sharp stick in the eye! lol
  2. jwrass added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    That is fantastic! From AJ and I thank your son for is commitment to serve. I'm sure you and your wife are so very proud!
    I echo your thoughts on the manners and respect that is taught in programs like JROTC.
    I had the same experience with the letters as well, I could feel and sense the growth with each letter.
    So they are kicking his butt up, down and sideways around Ft Leonard. The first time see your son or talk to him on the phone after boot camp he will be a changed MAN, the transformation is incredible.
    Mike, thanks for sharing your story with me and for the support.... It is truly a honor to have a child who serves. I'm happy that he found his calling, it will serve him well!
    With much respect!
    James Rasmussen
  3. jwrass added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    Ray, C,E, Ace, Charlie.
    All of you guys are so awesome!!!! The response to my post gives me faith that their are still so many great people who respect and honor our Men and Women who serve our country.... At times it can be a thank less job. When AJ was living in Manhatten Beach, CA. She couldn't hardly go out in her uniform without getting hassled by some nut job... It got to the point where she would wear street clothes and change into uniform at the gym on base.
    Most of her friends are Military...... Most Civilians her age don't get it.
    When I have visited her I always get a chance to spend time with her friends and it's so refreshing to hear Yes Ma'am and Yes Sir..... Please and Thank You.
    Great bunch of young people serving and protecting..... I'm happy to report we are in good hands!
    Again thanks mates...... You guys get it..... It warms my soul!
    James Rasmussen. AKA Jimmy "RASS" 
  4. jwrass added a post in a topic Our Harry needs help   

    I had to copy this quote in full..... Right on Cato
    You want to feel some joy in your life..... Weed out that stash and send those proceeds to the fund! I have a number in my mind of what I hope my kits should bring.... if they don't meet that goal I'll make up the difference and continue to give as it truly is the right thing to do, models can be replaced..... They are insignificant!!!! We need more skin in the game! Lets make this Happen!
  5. jwrass added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    Nick, Jim, Harry, Carl:
    Thanks so much for your comments! I am so truly proud of her.
    All she has every wanted to do since she was a child is be a Fighter Pilot ( Actually a astronaut but we all know where our space program is)
    Graduated from the USAFA in 2006 and earned her wings at Wright Patterson AFB
    Upon returning to the mainland she will no longer be behind the stick of the mighty fighting Falcon.
    She has been assigned a position at the Pentagon in intelligence with the focus of air support ( can't tell you much more than that... I don't even know.... as it's classified)
    The Military is her calling..... She serves every day with joy for our country and flag.
    Thanks again gentlemen for your comments.... it means so much to me
    Jimmy "RASS"
  6. jwrass added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

      A call from this wonderful Woman who happens to be my Amazing Daughter Air Force Major Amanda Jane Rasmussen (AJ as in Foyt) She has returned to the mainland after a three year deployment... Safe and sound!
    AJ F16.bmp
  7. jwrass added a post in a topic Our Harry needs help   

    Kits are on EBAY and ready to roll.
    I'm all in with Bill and Cato!
    I have made monetary donations and will remain anonymous on that end.
    I will continue to support this cause!
    I can't remain anonymous on the EBAY auction.
    The messages of support here and through Harry's initial post are great.. If you can't support monetarily, drop Harry a Personal message of support (make it personal of conviction) 
    The numbers keep growing..... Great Job but I know we can do better......Lets dig deep....We will hit 7k by midnight guaranteed!!!! We truly are at critical mass!
    Cato.... I respectfully disagree.... I wish you never had to start this thread as well....However I'm thankful you did!
    Jimmy "RASS"
  8. jwrass added a post in a topic Our Harry needs help   

    Hey Gang!
    I want to give a heartfelt shout out to Cato for getting this thread started......Great job mate!
    I accomplished a couple of things yesterday.... I took a good sized pile of scrap metals to the recycler yesterday..... cleaned up a eyesore behind the garage
    I rounded up the proceeds of the scrap and the funds have been pledged.
    WIN WIN...... Nice clean area behind the garage..... More importantly the numbers $$$$$$ continue to grow!
    Just my opinion......with the number of members we have on this site..... We need more skin in the game!!!!
    Skip a vice this week (we all have them) donate those monies.
    Keep it rolling Gang!
    Jimmy "RASS" 
  9. jwrass added a post in a topic Our Harry needs help   

    This is so awesome and a great start.
    Here is my submission for EBAY auction on Harry's behalf.
    I decided to auction three different genre's
    1) Nascar: Ford Thunderbird from Model Empire
    2) Drag Racing: Wild Willie Borsch Altered 
    3) Indy Cars: Rick Mears Penske PC-6
    All kits are sealed and I feel would be very desirable.
    May Lady Luck be with us........ Great job gang $1,000 dollars today!
    Lets' keep this train rolling.........
    Jimmy "RASS"

  10. jwrass added a post in a topic Our Harry needs help   

    Sisters and Brothers of the Modeling community.
    Cato has a link to a very inspirational read....... I urge you to contact him for the link.
    The ring leader of this rag tag motley crew needs our help..... Time to pay forward my friends.
    I understand that some can't just freely give cash.... I get it...... Been there!
    I'm reasonably certain we all have a stash of kits..... I went through mine today and picked out two that I would consider to be very desirable on the open market.
    These kits will be posted on EBAY with all proceeds going towards Harrys treatment.
    Grab a couple Holy Grails off the shelf and lets raise some funds.....You know you'll never build all the kits in the stash if you live two life times..... What a perfect opportunity to help save one!
    Respectfully Submitted,
    James W. Rasmussen......AKA Jimmy "RASS"
  11. jwrass added a post in a topic Our Harry needs help   

    I'm in!!!! PM sent
    Jimmy "RASS"
  12. jwrass added a post in a topic Emblems? Foil, paint...   

    I actually did do the emblems, I also did the other side with real silver leaf to show the comparison of the sheen between real silver and the imitation silver. I have it in the can with text and pictures.... I tried to load it and had problems so I basically said screw it as it didn't seem that there was that much interest in the process.
    For emblems you can pick on the size just like say detailing a dash. Let the size tack, apply the leaf, burnish off the excess...... perfect! 
    The picking process and gluing small parts require some amount of steadiness, if a builder has those skills, leafing emblems IMO would be easy.
    Jimmy "RASS"
  13. jwrass added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    I know the History of MCM'S contest issues.
    I'm over joyed for those who enjoy the contest issue.... "Apparently not everyone in the world views it the same way you do" I seriously doubt every subscriber has the same view you do on the contest issue.... I would be one of them!
    Last time I checked I have no control over any ones happiness.... Enjoy Issue 202
    Jimmy "RASS"
    I enjoy the Magazine and Forum as much as the next Guy/Gal and contribute often. I'm just not a fan of the annual contest issue.
    I harassed no one..... I stated my opinion! You way over estimate my powers! I'm just guessing..... I seriously doubt my opinion will be the demise of MCM's publication.
    Jimmy "RASS"
  14. jwrass added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    Really...Your Irked at my Irked! Hmmmm everyone who purchases this publication or is on this forum shares your opinion.... Surely you jest
  15. jwrass added a post in a topic '25 Ford T, Fuel Altered. Motor Almost Done..   

    Nicely played Mate...... The proportion issues look great!
    Great Build.... Keep E'm coming!
    Jimmy "RASS"