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  1. Hey. So it séems as though Hobby Boi ( in the Uk(dont panic) have enabled an fully self service ( think 2 yr old. accessable) online print store! You just go online go thru your Requirements and voila! Hope this helps?
  2. Greetings everyone.i am an owner of a new" Curbside" NU NU ROWE. Liveried styrene kit and would like to accquire an Resin Copy or 3D printed M6 Race version of the Factory engine to give it a bit more realism???? Any help is very welcomed!!## Thank you My Peeps!
  3. Gonna be a very cool build my bro! Good luck!
  4. Very nice handling of this fiddily Revell kit.you have done well with all of the fixes to make this a pretty,,,,,,nice kit!
  5. Hey guys I guess I must be low man on the you know what, i just ordered mine from tokyo Hobby. I will post when mine shows!
  6. I'm Say go ahead as close as you want cause I did and ITs looking Brilliant!
  7. Oh me gosh, Scot, I think this is coming along, nicely, is this Build for Paul- ISM also?
  8. Love Love this Livery, it's a breath of fresh air for the Ford Performance G.T.! thank
  9. Just your everyday scratch built car dolly in Pagani style in 1/24 scale,,,,,,,,,, Great work Dan!
  10. Tyler, looking badass!! Specially like the Engine compartment,,,,,
  11. Hey guys I just received one of these, so thank you for the heads up for both flaws! How do I fix the rear bumper problem!,,,,,,,, Thank you, Shaun.
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