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  1. Hey Guys, I think any ' 40 Ford coupe looks awesome in Primer , w/ a 427 BB.in it and Corresponding deep Steelies fr/ RR, and the Driprail ,and the 3 window thing .
  2. The build turned out very clean! Yes Tamiya kits do go together very easily but,,,,,,, There is a lot we can do to mess them up! Ummmmm jus dont ask me how i know that!
  3. Art Hey Shaun Swesey here i actually have a sister kit F3000.w/6cylinder powerplant. They are pretty cool kits to be sure! Looking at the way the headstays/ camcovers are exactly the way the front of the engine is mounted in mine (lol) anyway I got notice that you were building somthing (lol). Looking great and loving all of your mods so far
  4. Hey. So it séems as though Hobby Boi ( in the Uk(dont panic) have enabled an fully self service ( think 2 yr old. accessable) online print store! You just go online go thru your Requirements and voila! Hope this helps?
  5. Greetings everyone.i am an owner of a new" Curbside" NU NU ROWE. Liveried styrene kit and would like to accquire an Resin Copy or 3D printed M6 Race version of the Factory engine to give it a bit more realism???? Any help is very welcomed!!## Thank you My Peeps!
  6. Gonna be a very cool build my bro! Good luck!
  7. Very nice handling of this fiddily Revell kit.you have done well with all of the fixes to make this a pretty,,,,,,nice kit!
  8. Hey guys I guess I must be low man on the you know what, i just ordered mine from tokyo Hobby. I will post when mine shows!
  9. I'm Say go ahead as close as you want cause I did and ITs looking Brilliant!
  10. Oh me gosh, Scot, I think this is coming along, nicely, is this Build for Paul- ISM also?
  11. Love Love this Livery, it's a breath of fresh air for the Ford Performance G.T.! thank
  12. Just your everyday scratch built car dolly in Pagani style in 1/24 scale,,,,,,,,,, Great work Dan!
  13. Tyler, looking badass!! Specially like the Engine compartment,,,,,
  14. Hey guys I just received one of these, so thank you for the heads up for both flaws! How do I fix the rear bumper problem!,,,,,,,, Thank you, Shaun.
  15. hey BEN FROM right here lol excellent progress,,, thought I might mention in the pic that has all of your front end goodies,brakes front subf on the lower "A" arms, threre are a cpuple of sink marks facing directly up,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, usually what I will do im not an Expert LOL, is try to approximate the size of the diameter. and hole in one that baby!,, thanks lookin great
  16. Dan,i love all of the colors n textures in this build, very accurate!,subbed!
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