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  1. Art Hey Shaun Swesey here i actually have a sister kit F3000.w/6cylinder powerplant. They are pretty cool kits to be sure! Looking at the way the headstays/ camcovers are exactly the way the front of the engine is mounted in mine (lol) anyway I got notice that you were building somthing (lol). Looking great and loving all of your mods so far




  2. hey BEN FROM right here lol excellent progress,,, thought I might mention in the pic that has all of your front end goodies,brakes front subf on the lower "A" arms, threre are a cpuple of sink marks facing  directly up,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, usually what I will do im not an Expert LOL, is try to approximate the size of the diameter. and hole in one that baby!,, thanks lookin great

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