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  1. guys, i was told that i could find him here, (fury 3) i have some brain picking subjects as usual.
  2. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW x infinity!!!!!!!!!!. your ability is amazing not only do you have to be a great draftsman, an engineer, a builder.youget what imean,,,,,,,simply amazing.shaun.s.
  3. James, nice work, we dont mind seeing pics, thats what this is all about any ways?. lookin good. shaun.s.
  4. hey mademan, just a suggestion, try using silly putty,to mask those stupid contours, you can get it at (...)almart,toys r us etc.it leavesa perfect line no bleed thru.so you dont have to cut up any more of those bitchen kits.shaun.s
  5. LFG your cars are so shiny i can tell you need a shave HA HA HA what an awesome display!!!!!!!!! shaun.s.
  6. ithink you did a good job with the kits but the pucs are blurry.
  7. chris very uncommon subject, very clean build, any motor pics? shaun.s.
  8. hey G.B., that is agood lookin' mopar, any engine or undercarriage pics?' shaun.s.
  9. hey jeffk i think the interior came out better than the outside did,(lol).great job on the color choices, and the build itself, shaun.s.
  10. It looks kinda like an early vette rear,with an amc matador front.cool model, really nice build!!!!!!! shaun.s
  11. so was your previous screen name love57chevy??????????? awesome work, i had to look twice b4 i figured what was up.awesome cats b.t.w.shaun.s.
  12. dude, thats super kool!!!!!!!! when are you gonna update us? shaun.s
  13. hey fury where are ya im missin you over on that other web site. email me @ superbike-shaun@live.com thanks alot, shaun.s.
  14. hey lingham, may i make a suggestion you can go down to the store and buy a can of either brake fluid or oven cleaner, and throw the body in there for at least 24 hours ( check) after 24 hrs and see wht it looks like.you should be able to take a tooth brush to it and youll have an extra body to practice on.hope it helps , shaun.s. BTW dont be afraid to ask for help,
  15. excellent build i like the way the front bumper turned out, and in general the whole car is very convincing, do you have a diorama for it? shaun.s
  16. woow, i glad that car is at least 18 yrs old!!!!!!.looks like you had fun with it!.shaun.s
  17. WOW awesome X infinity for sure!!!!!!!! great build and thank you for being so gracious in sharing your build with all of us .shaun.s.
  18. very funny!!!!! at least you didnt fault my spelng(ha ha) i think i chose the wrong font.sorry! shaun.s
  19. hey carmann thats a beauty, i ve got one in my pile to do ,awesome job! detail on the motor is phenominal! shaun.s
  20. Hi every one in plastic land, my name is shaun swesey, ihave been a memmber over @ the other site for a while now, and discovered this one and,,,,,,,,,,, well lets say ive seen some pretty cool and amazing stuff, imoho,.any way ive been trying to get the ground rule to be a member on this site, and today, i finally was given the okay to,,(start a topic).any way enough babble, hi to all and thanks in advance for your advice and input, shaun.s
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