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  1. Patrick very nice work my friend
  2. Alright Brian that's what we like keep your enthusiasm high,and build on!.cool that u decided to upgrade,your turbo/intercooler, I was thinking you were gonna go that way.
  3. Brian, theres a few tutorials on how to build your own and how to replicate a more realistic looking trbo on you tube , maybe try there.
  4. hey Brian,,,, this is looking good! i like that u touch up the intake and the other bits .one thing, maybe i would think about would be that turbo? it seems a little underdressed for the level that you are building this one to.looks awesome bro!
  5. DEECEE DEECEE!!!!! wow awesome work bro i especially like the BMF where you wanted NOT THE FACTORY (lol)
  6. well well,very nice work sir! i ts amazing how moch massaging went into building just one car ? yeah
  7. Dude, or should i say EINSTEIN? wow super super impressive skills and imagineering!
  8. wow Carl bout time you march on with this one,LOL this is so awesome! one thing though I would like to see is that trans painted in an aluminum or some sort of metallic just to break up the purple, lavender?.looks great Carl.
  9. WOW Randy,Just WOWWWWWWWWW. very awesome detail, when i looked at your post, i was crosseyed trying to follow the plumbing. MY GOODNESS!
  10. hey Ace. cool project! ive got 3 of these Gunze Sanyo kits but they arent the curbside kits.
  11. HI martin,,,, this is looking ace my friend!
  12. Ty,great stuff here,my friend, try not to get distracted grasshopper! Lol
  13. Hi Geee,can you tell us what colors you used for that interior,.Thanks,Shaun
  14. Hey Briz, I have some advice for you about your back Please email me@ superbike-shaun@live.come.
  15. Wow,this has held up like a Sherman tank .I actually hve an italeri kit,that has the Drivetrain,i also got a set of the Japanese spoked knockoffs for it as well. I MUST SAY this build came out spoktakular(lol).
  16. Hi Eric, very nice work!, which bears out good things come to those w/ patience!
  17. Randy,that paint looks miles deep! What paint did you spray?,,, thanks
  18. wow that is cool that the were allowed to arbitrarily move MAJOR components around like that.
  19. hi mark, I just meant that's all cause I always wish there is more awesomeness to view(LOL)
  20. Shoot, r u ok? Your car?drunk driver, (cell phone)?,, by 996 u mean I need a 996?Thanks Shaun
  21. Hey RR Roger, (lol) I love your choice to build this one!
  22. aww man thats all???? BTW.im sure we can trust your judgement as far as ,,,,,,well everything , how about some pics of the 1/1???? nice brush technique on the chassis,!
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